What are your thoughts on Hookups/ fuck and forget sex?

What are your thoughts on Hookups/ fuck and forget sex?


Have you run into the problem of getting attached too easily already? Or is it just something you think might happen? What happened after your first hookup? There's also a vast area in between "sex with partner/s" and "sex with complete strangers". I find myself more comfortable with sex with people I know somewhat (i.e. friends with benefits, or even just fuck buddies/"regulars") than with complete strangers usually, unless it's specifically in a cruising type situation (saunas and other sex-on-premises venues/parties), or I'm just really horny. Though it also seems to be a pretty common theme on here that people sometimes develop feelings for their fwb which may not be mutual, so perhaps if you really are prone to overattachment that's something to watch out for.


NSA hookup is essentially masturbation with extra steps. Occasionally I'm in the mood for that. Usually my concern for my health and the health of others im regularly with keeps me from indulging that impulse.


If that is really what you want, then it should be easy


If you want to do it do it. I hook up a lot, it’s better with someone you love but until I find that person hook ups will work


To each their own. Sometimes, you can be looking for more but the person you're hooking up with is just there for the sex. Communication helps to clear the air.


You're young, so the best advice is just to be true to yourself. If you want to go have one-time hookups, then just go do it (and be safe). If you find yourself catching feelings from stuff like that, then just acknowledge that it's who you are and don't try to change it. You won't be happier as a "casual person" if it's not really who you are anyway. Pretending to be something you're not is never fun.


Don’t let this countries puritanical roots control you. There is nothing wrong with having some fun as long as you are safe and don’t let people use you. You DO matter. Communicate. If you both want some casual fun then have some. Given you just lost your virginity I’m going to guess you recently accepted who you are so I’d suggest getting some FWB (friends with benefits). No romantic relationships at least at the start, but you can build up a network of friends while still having fun.