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I was with this girl when I was 16, she started getting extreme itches in a place you can probably figure out. So at 16 obviously I’m assuming the worst and that I have HIV or some shit. She goes to the doctors and turns out she had insanely high blood sugar levels. So what happened was her urine was so sugary that it made her itch there uncontrollably whenever she used the toilet. Possibly the most embarrassing way to find out you have type 1 diabetes. But at least I came out unscathed :D




When I realized she had the girth of a coke can...


Seeing her post she's pregnant on social media a few months later. All good it's her boyfriends.


"I've forgotten the pill!" and proceed to lock legs around me. >!she hadn't forgotten, and we had some back and forth banter around this, but the time I believed it, that was a scare.!<


Met up with a significantly older man who said "I could kill you and no one would know you were here,". Needless to say, no one came that night... Fucking awful.


She was one of those who had rape fantasies, the one that really scared and scarred me, she tried to suffocate me


Condom break. Probably vanilla but damn did it scare me.


Having sex without a condom just to see how it was. Continuing because it was hot as fuck but not climaxing and then getting paranoid when her period would be a week late.


Age 8 and age 16. I’m sure you can figure it out.


Was having a 4some, and it was really hot and heated, aggressive sex. Was doing doggy when she shifted her weight forward as I was pulling back. I thrusted forward and it went straight into her ass. She shot across the bed, over the woman who has been eating her out, and knocked over the 2nd lad who was doing the other woman in missionary. There was a red blood streak across the woman who was eating her out, and my dick was bright red. She needed a few stitches. I was scarred that she would bleed out of her ass too much and die, and I would be charged with some weird sexual murder.


Agreed to bondage play with a hookup, that's usually something I only do with trusted partners. Not the smartest decision, but I was super horny and he busted out his own gear, couldn't help myself!


Idk if this is the right question but I was taken advantage of.


I think rape is pole position on this one by far 🤔


Dated a goth girl who revealed to me that she was a necrophiliac (note, at the time, we were both 17ish years old) She had her own collection of dead taxidermy animals, including her own "fun time bone" which she swore was a cow leg, but I still have my doubts. The scary bit was that she wanted to do a scene where I was "dead" in a coffin and she would ride my stiffy. She promised me it would be a one time thing, and that if we did this, she would do a scene that I wanted to do. Honestly it wasn't bad at first, basically was just me laying in a somewhat comfy padded box, eyes closed, dressed in a suit with my dick sticking out, and she would be the "woeful bride" giving her "husband" one last fun time. Well, mid-way thru this fun scene, we hear her parents pull into the driveway. I "technically" wasn't suppose to be there, since she was being grounded for a unrelated incident. Plus me and her father never really got along very well, and he was known for being a bit overprotective (think shotgun loaded with rock salt waiting on the front porch for you to bring home his daughter by 9). So, in her haste, she closed the lid on the coffin, and pretended that she was studying when her parents came in to check on her. That coffin was definately not designed for people to stay alive in. It got hard to breathe quietly, and the suit was hot and itchy within the hour. Whats worse, she accidentally latched the coffin lid shut and went down to help her mom cook supper, so I was stuck in there for about 2 hours! Thankfully she returned and got me out of there, and I made my escape out her window. We are still friends, and she still has that coffin, which she does still lock people in "accidentally"...