Some shit on reddit. Gruesome, violent, and sad.


One of my family members died and his son was around 7ish when it happened. The son was at the funeral and was kept in a lounge area with the other kids. He was being a kid and played with the other boy there. Other kid ran into the parlor and he followed suite — but froze at the sight of his dad in the casket. Eyes wide and unmoving. So so fucking sad to witness it all and him loosing his dad so young. The saddest thing to ever see.


My cousin committed suicide when I was 12. It broke pretty much everyone’s hearts cause he was someone who could get along with everyone in the extended family even with how much everyone kept fighting about the dumbest shit. My mom and dad both had to grapple with guilt because he stayed with us and they kept wondering if they could have done something different to prevent it, maybe notice signs that things weren’t well and they could have gotten ahead of it. But the most heartbreaking thing was his mom coming home from overseas and just getting utterly broken that her son committed suicide while she was working to provide for him. His dad was an irresponsible piece of shit and his twin brother got by with hanging with the wrong crowd, so mostly they only had each other. I can’t get the image of her wailing at the funeral because she lost her son and she blamed herself for it. I’ve had to struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts for most of my life, but committing suicide just isn’t a step I could ever take (and I’ve wanted to, enough that I came so close to doing it a few times in the past) just because I’ve seen what it does to the people you leave behind, and I’d never want to hurt my own mom like that.


That's heartbreaking and tragic. One thing to look out for is change in personality, such as mood, even if the mood changes to happiness from sadness (without medical intervention).


Children disrespecting their parents.