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Gonna start making pancakes soon. Edit: I am now making pancakes.


How do you like your pancakes? And damn now I want some lol


I made some and ate them... forget the vanilla and put in baking soda no clue why. Not my best dinner...


Have you ever tried them with peanut butter and syrup? If not you gotta try them just once.


Mixed into the batter or spread on top?


On top. It’s the best.


I'll be making pancakes for lunch then Brownies later on. Gotta love a baking day.


Making bacon pancakes? Put some bacon in a pancake that's what its gonna take


Now I have a birb in my head singing bacon bacon paaancakes


🎶Making pancakes, making making pancakes, making pancakes, making making pancakes🎶.


🎶 Baacooon paannCaAaAaAaAaAaKeSsSsSs! 🎶


I can hear this comment


Should I go pee one more time, or is it too comfy to leave the bed?


Always go


Yup,not worth the discomfort and you'll probably need to go before you wake up anyways


100% what happened to me this morning


>you'll probably need to go before you wake up anyways It's called bedwetting


"I am just a big toasty cinnamon bun" -Homer Simpson


Now I want a cinnamon bun!


Let me consult with my OCD. *go piss*


Check list before sleeping. Bladder must be at 0% level.


Staying at family members home for a wedding and they have a Chihuahua that likes to wait and watch more me to leave the guest room to start it's routine of bark, attack, and make the whole family mad every time I leave that room. Folks, get a hotel room if you're visiting family out of town. Even if they don't have Chihuahuas.


I always have that struggle. Usually I just go pee because I think I will fall back to sleep faster if I do, but hey, here I am Redditing at 5am when I woke up at 4 to pee so maybe don't listen to me.


Pee the bed. Will give you relief and help you get out of bed.


Why not both?


What the hell I was thinking about before seeing this post, all I can now think about is this god damn post


What the hell I was thinking about before seeing this comment, all I can now think about is this god damn comment


this comment


No this one


Definitely not this one, stop looking at or thinking about the comment you are reading this very moment. STOP.


read this one instead




Green elephant


What the hell…


i saw a post of this guy quitting a job and his boss called him a lazy cracker. Then, the screen refreshed and this post appeared, i feel obligated.


Oh is it [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/q82vqk/quit_my_job_last_night_it_was_nice_to_be_home_to/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) one?




Where does it say lazy cracker?


Yeah I didn’t see that either


There was another post very similar in that same subreddit with the lazy cracker comment yesterday, that’s probably where the confusion is coming from


I saw this yesterday. I've never had such a satisfying guilty pleasure boner as watching this power tripping cock gobbler get put in his place. Fuck him, and everyone like him.


I've never seen a post with so many awards, either.


Me either, when i clicked on the link i was like woooooooooah


I'm not a fan of the stop working page but I do love seeing employees get back at shitty employers


The stupid boy I like. Stupid


But is he cute?


Yeah :/


Stupid boy being stupid cute


Tell that stoopid boi you like him cause a guy will only realize you liked him when he's laying awake in the middle of the night 10 years later


He knows. And I have my theories he likes me back. He’s just massively emotionally unavailable


Sometimes just isn't the right time, life can get in the way. There's a girl friend of mine that I know likes me and I've had to tell her I like her too, but am in no spot to be in a relationship after the shape I'm in from my last one. Lots of hurt people out there 🥲


I hope you get better and the next one is better than the last. Good luck.


Stupid boy being stupid with all his stupif


The stupid girl I like. Same.


I’m a stupid boy thinking about the girl he likes


My husband. Been having a lot of problems lately but fuck, I just want him to know I love him like crazy.


TELL him. Then show him... but make sure he notices. That might sound callous, but people show and feel love differently depending on personality, upbringing, life experience, etc.


This is so underrated. Just a couple kind words from someone you love will bring you out of darkest of places. TELL HIM!


It's called a love language, there are 5. 1. Physical Touch 2. Words of affirmation 3. Acts of service 4. Gift giving 5. Quality Time It's incredibly important to know what yours are and what your SOs are. For example my GF gives gifts but doesn't like them much in return. She loves words of affirmation while for me there do very little because I am into quality time instead. Not knowing each other's is a significant reason why relationships fail. This can also apply to non-romantic partners like family and friends.


Can confirm! Identifying your own love language and your partner's love language is a matter of life and death for a relationship! Loving your partner incorrectly will leave them feeling unloved and you feeling frustrated.


I’m so glad someone had mentioned this. Love language is real and can help couples navigate there relationship. It’s to bad it’s not more commonly known or talked about.


Thanks for this! I am going to show this to my bf tonight. This is great to know.


YELL OUT “HEY!” he responds “WHAT?!” You respond “I love you.” then do something weird. Trust me, our brains love this shit


this man for president please


Yes, this is good.


How wonderful! I pray he loves you the same!


Are you providing validation? Everyone needs validation. As others mentioned it means one thing to tell someone thank you, it’s another to show him. Howard Stern gave a good description of his version of validation. At the end of the day dudes just want someone to bang their brains out regularly. Are you spending a lot of time on your phone? go seduce him instead. Let him know that you notice him banging out that mortgage payment every month while also keeping the house running smoothly.


I've been having alot of issues lately myself, wife had noticed immediately and went into extra loving mode. Got me a Dr. Appt and went with me to handle all the conversations as she knows I just shut down. Checking in on me, letting me know she loves me constantly. Tell your husband all the time, even if he acts annoyed at it, like I do, it still means the world. Dunno what I would do without her right now.


Hold him.


Does anyone actually know what they’re doing


Easy. No.


No. No one


Absolutely not.


We make it look like it. But, especially as parents, we pretend even more and end up googling a ton of questions about the tiniest thing or potential problem and still end up worrying.


Gluing vampire teeth on a pumpkin


i saw that post too!!! i just want to know, why do you still think about it? edit: the post https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/q85c84/my_bffs_mom_tried_to_glue_vampire_teeth_on_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Because it’s hilarious


You mean the cumpkin?


My shoulder, it always seems to be hurting


Maybe get that checked ?


I don’t have health insurance & doctors visits are too expensive at the moment


America amirite


Have you thought about seeing a physiotherapist? They have really helped me for shoulder, back and neck pain with remedial massage and strengthening exercises.


My fish. Had an incident this morning. Fish is fine so don’t worry.


What incident ?


My preferred goldfish food brand, NLS, didn’t have regular size pellets so I got large because my fish are easy big enough. The flow caught the larger pellets differently and some ended up under the driftwood. After releasing a stuck fish from under the wood twice I took out the wood. Looks a little barren but aesthetics come after health. I’ll figure something out that is safer. Edit: The tank can be seen not too far back in my post history.


Wow fish problems are blowing my mind


If you set up your tank well you only have little problems like mine. Fish are beautiful, if you watch them you’ll know them and notice any concerning developments. My fish would have been fine there all night if it happened soon after I went to bed. A few scales off maybe but nothing good water wouldn’t heal. Fish keeping isn’t stressful if you study the easy to learn basics and set everything up in a best practice manner.


I've been feelin really sad today. I've just been wondering why...


Sorry that your feeling sad, I hope you will be okay *hugs* ❤️‍🩹


Thank you for your kindness 😊 I'll be fine, just get sad sometimes without really knowing the main cause.


Brains do be bullying us sometimes


When I have days like this I like to snuggle into a blanket and binge watch, maybe take a nap, and just be lazy. I know this won’t be helpful for everyone but I hope you feel better.


My cat that just spilled a whole cup of coffee on my counter 2 inches from my tablet and switch


At least you have a cat that can hold a cup of coffee. My cat is too fucking incompetent.


I want to crawl into bed… but I should take a shower first… but I want to be in my bed *now* and I just can’t make up my mind…


The shower feels so good right before bad and sleeping gross is awful.


My husband is a shower every morning kind of person, whereas I'm a shower every night before bed kind of person. The sheets just feel so soft and cozy after a hot shower.


I shower before and after work. I just feel like I have world on me after a day but can’t function right without one in the morning.


I wish I could do this but holy dry skin


Shower in the morning? As long as you're not really sweaty or gross


A 2 minute shower does wonders. Helps you enjoy being in bed that little bit more. Take the shower.


Working night shift sucks. I wanna go home and be with my family.


about the date I have later. I'm excited.


Hope it goes well!


Good luck!


My boyfriend having a great job interview tomorrow.


You seem like a good girlfriend


Thank you so much. He worked very hard in life and I want nothing but positive things for him.


a pretty lady just sat by me on the train


What do you call a typo on a tombstone? A grave mistake.


How I can get a 3060ti founders edition for anything close to msrp.


Go to your electronics store and ask when they're getting their next shipment in and be there that day with the money ready to go. If it doesn't work, repeat.


Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for fears because that’s what is currently playing




Happy cake day fellow friend






Fellow cake dayer. We made it


Keep my posture straight and correct


Why the fuck I still exist. Depression has been insane on me lately.


Sorry to hear your going through shit times. I have severe depression too *hugs*


Thanks mate, I appreciate it. Hopefully we'll get through this together. *hugs*


Just don't be depressed, easy. /s Seriously though, hope you feel better soon.


Yeah for me it’s gotten so bad. I just started on my new medications today…


Get well soon


I’m sorry. I just got out of a pretty bad episode. I hope you are in treatment. Hang in there.


In therapy but I think I need to get back on anti-depressants. I've had weird side effects that made it worse but we'll see.


I had to change my meds 4 times until I got the right one and dosage with minimal side effects. Went off meds for 3 years and had another relapse, my worst one ever. Only had like 5 relapses so far… One medication I was on during my stay in the psych ward gave me nightmares for 12 days straight. I didn’t sleep for almost 2 weeks. Changing and finding the right meds sucks and they take a few weeks to work which doesn’t help.


Sending good vibes to you as well dude, it’s tough and I hope your getting helpful mental health treatment too. 💗


Hmu if you need someone to talk buddy.


You’re not alone on that boat.




Thinking what I was thinking about just this second.


Now I'm thinking about what you were thinking about just that second.


My birthday! It's tomorrow and I'm pretty sure no one is gonna do anything about it 😔


YOU can do something about it. Make food you like, go to a park or a movie and be intentional that you are honoring your birthday.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday 🎁🎉


I don’t want to go to work and I hate my job.


Been thinking about suicide alot recently. Not in a depressed "I want to actually seek this out" sort of way, but more in a "I can't really see why I shouldn't" sort of way. There's something new and dispiriting every day to hear A celeb you like turned out to be the worst kind of pervert, or worse a person you actually know. Climate change's a coming and we're fucked Corporations are exactly as evil as you thought and worse Evil and apathy are winning over people fighting heart and soul for collective betterment etc.... There's very little to look forward to and that's been the case for me for the past twenty or so years(i'm currently 31) ------------------- I've a decent enough life and i've plenty to be thankful for really But I know that even with hard work and determination I wont really improve my circumstances, hell i've gone through a few life experiences and milestones purely to see if it would change my mental state at all. -I look forward to nothing, I actually made a list of things i've got to look forward to and Better call Saul's final season and a book I want coming out were the only things bar "Getting drunk on Friday" -I love my Mum but the rest of my family I either don't care about or in one select case actively wish harm upon... so i've not much in the way of familial ties to preserve or care about -I'm not entirely asocial but this last year of basically not seeing my friends was surprisingly inside my comfort zone I like them and all just apparently don't really care about seeing them in person -I'm borderline asexual/aromantic(after ten years of not even trying/outright rejecting chances maybe I should probably remove the "borderline") so i've no kind of love of that sort to hope for or even crave ------------------------ Basically there's no difference between if i'd died ten years ago, ten seconds ago or have another decade to go I'm just kinda done with life and have been since I was about twelve, but i'm still here kinda shuffling through the motions and living for "the little things" that take up maybe 1% of conscious life on a good day. I might give myself some kind of difficult time-consuming task just to eat up some of the time quicker, as stated above I understand from experience I wont have any moment of exhilaration or accomplishment that i've often been told to come by well-meaning but tiresome people. For today though i'll be getting drunk Cheers.


Have you talked to a professional about this yet?


[If I can be cheesy and recommend you a book] (https://www.amazon.com/Mans-Search-Meaning-Viktor-Frankl/dp/0807014273/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=man%27s+search+for+meaning&qid=1634330973&sr=8-1), the psychologists I've had conversations recommend it highly to people who are in a low place from I guess what you could call lack of purpose/things to look forward to (as opposed to neurochemical imbalances). Goes to dark places to find hope, but it more or less boils down to... nothing is inherently meaningful, but the ways we invest our time are choices. If you aren't finding meaning in your routine, try new things. Start a new hobby. Volunteer. Go to a coffeeshop and make yourself start small talk with someone new. You probably aren't going to change the evils of the world, but you can control your own environment. And even that isn't going to be a silver bullet. But worst case scenario, you'll have lost nothing and gotten some novelty out of it. And there's a chance it can lead to a new purpose or interest or environment. And having a purpose (or at least some structured thing to do) can help process or contextualize dark times. In the meantime, enjoy the drinks. (I may partially be talking to myself)


Ass tbh


Same, Shrek had a great pal


Honestly, oral sex


Sex: Honestly Oral


Oral: Sex Honestly


Sex : Oral honesty


I feel like I'm always coming up with interesting and thoughtful ways to tell my girlfriend how much she means to me and how I feel about her, but she never does the same for me. I know she feels the same way about me, but she's not good at verbalizing it. It wouldn't bother me but she's such a smart and sociable person, I know she has the ability to be creative with her words, but she claims she can't, and that confuses me.


Maybe people have different ways of showing how much they love you. If not verbally, then maybe some other creative way


People have different love languages. It can hurt when you need something to feel loved and the other person isn't understanding what you need. So read up on the different love languages, figure out which one applies to each of you, and then have a serious talk about what you need to feel loved. You'll both be happier for it.


I don't think I'll help you at all but just giving you some info on me: my husband compliments me all day long and sometimes complains that I don't say thank you or acknowledge him at all sometimes. It's not his fault, I just don't take compliments well. Even at my work, my coworkers know I get really awkward when I'm given a compliment. I don't know what it is and I can't kick it. When I try to say thank you or just smile, I'm more afraid that they'll know it's fake. That's one thing I hate is being fake. I'd rather be honest and let you know how awkward I feel. Anyway, I'm sorry you're going through this and I know how it is because my husband goes through the same thing.


I felt this way for a long time when I first started dating my current girlfriend. But then I realized that she shows me in all sorts of different ways. Even when she brings me a glass of water after a long work day I know that means she loves me. She’s bad with words too. Just find out the little things she does to say she cares. Shift your focus on to the things she does instead of what she doesn’t. Have a conversation about love languages!


Ask for what you need. People who love you will adjust to treat you how you want to be treated. My #1 love language is acts of service. My ex could praise me up and down, spend time with me etc, if he doesn’t help me without me asking for help with a task that I am clearly struggling with, I don’t feel the words mean anything. So while the other stuff was nice, my needs weren’t being met. We’d talk about it, he’d do some things right after our conversations but he’d inevitably fall back in his patterns of telling me how wonderful I am while letting me do everything by myself. I lost interest and broke up with him. I don’t need words; I need action. Conversely, it sounds like you need words of encouragement, verbal acknowledgment of your value to her. Ask her for it. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.


Some people (including myself) find saying “i love you” or expressing love as cringeworthy. Not that the expression is a a bad thing, I just hate saying the word for some reason because I feel almost embarrassed to like its a cliche of some sort.


Damn I'm lonely but at least I'm drunk


Have one for me dude can’t go anywhere atm


Getting drunk alone while listening to music is not really alone 🙂


I'm lonely but sober. I think you win this one.


How I've got to pick up my dog's ashes from the vet tomorrow.


Had to put mine down, today, exactly a month ago. He was 17.5 years and I miss him like crazy. My husband and I are still balling our eyes out every now and again. Strongs for you


How that black tomato in the post above is kind of freaking me out.




I know I have to quit weed, but after just one day I get so depressed, anxious and angry that I buy something again. Just to feel even more miserable afterwards. It's a vicious circle and soon as I try to be sober, even the smallest things frustrate me to no end, everything feels pointless and annoying. I know this is due to my addiction and the only way to feel better in the long term is to quit. But I just don't know how to deal with it. If I could just quit and do something else and feel decent, it would be fine. But even the thought of not being able to smoke weed makes me depressed, angry and suicidal. I mean, I can make it through the day without weed, but I regard that day as trash then. Even if I get something done and I feel productive, I don't feel happy. I can accomplish great things, but if I don't have something to smoke in the evening to get in the zone, it all feels pointless. If quitting weed makes me feel depressed, even if it's just for a few days, it doesn't seem worth it to me. Those few days are enough to make me go from "yeah, life is pretty chill" to "I want to kill myself". I had a large break a few months ago and even though I felt good most of the time and definitely more active, the days never felt complete without weed. Getting stuff done and being productive has never worked as motivation for me. I'm short-term focused, mid-term at best. If getting sober means I have to sit through a week of depression and massive anxiety, fuck it, I'll never quit.


Hey, I stopped smoking weed about 4 days ago. Started to get nightmares and dreams again just last night. At least i plan to not smoke again until after Christmas. It's important to realise that you are allowed to smoke it if you choose to. But remain in control :) my weed is in a box right next to me. But i need a break. I am very suicidal, depression and anxious. And I don't mean to detract from your own personal difficulties but, it's just weed. It makes you feel nice in the mean time while using it but you know you can live just fine without it too since you did right up to the point until you tried it ever for the first time! Taking a break and re-balancing your brains chemistry a bit will help you feel more positive. Spend the time you aren't smoking it getting exercise. It's hard work, but it feels nice. Stops you being bored and it's good for you! You can do it :)


The glazed donut that looks like a butt hole.


Listening to new music while patting the dog and thinking "man I hope the kids stay upstairs and don't ruin this tranquillity"


Sliders, i.e., very small hamburgers


Osu sliders


Those are good burgers, Walter.


The game and how I just lost.


I cannot believe you've done this.


Why am I on reddit?


The eye is one the strongest muscles in the body, the tongue one of the fastest healing muscles. It is better to speak kind words of healing, rather than to look on with strong judgement.


My love


“I should be asleep”


Thinking about calling my wife and wishing her a happy Friday and telling her I love her. We got married last Saturday. 😉




I've had this a couple times when visiting Germany. I'll be honest, if I hadn't still been drunk from the night before, I would not have tried it. But I'm glad I did and I still think fondly of it and wish it was easily accessable in my country.




How hungry I am. No food in the cupboards rn but at least payday is tomorrow.


no thoughts head empty


Another 10 min and then im REALLY getting out of the bed


How the American markets are so fraudulent and that people are greedy enough to bring the whole world into another economic collapse as long as they keep themselves on top.


Dang dude, if only we loved each other more


"THAT SON OF A BI-" tl;dr-, someone pulled a "prank" and poofed for a few weeks then came back and said "haha jk I just got some upgrades." and I'm not sure whether to be impressed or mad.


If it’s a potential romantic partner, abandon hope. You don’t want to have feelings and be ghosted.


Hacking, especially since im re-watching mr robot


"I don't want to go to this concert" I got tickets to a concert but it's like a 2 hour drive both ways and I have to pay for parking and gas and I'll have to eat out. and it's Friday so I'll be stuck in traffic. And honestly I am not really up for it. I would rather just make some enchiladas and hang out at home and watch some anime. I may just give my ticket to my brother and have him invite one of his friends. I am just not in the mood for it at all.


Animal Crossing direct is in 4 minutes how do I watch it at work?


My exxxxxx


Just don’t. You can think all you like. Just don’t do.


One of my friends and how he sometimes doesn't fully think things through before doing making decisions.


It's hot in here I need to turn down the thermostat


not really thinking, more on wondering what that awful feeling is. that awful feeling that just claws my chest yk? but maybe its just the lack of sleep...


That my apple I am eating is a bit too sour, which will give me a bad taste in my mouth afterwards


I’m feeling pastel orange right now. Watching the morning news, sipping on coffee, doggo is by my side snoring away


How awesome my coffee tastes and whether I'll have to poop later. I'm always anxious about pooping even though I have no bowel issues. Maybe I'm afraid of the slight inconvenience of doing it. Idk.