Misconceptions about Kanata's mom, "Sayuri"

Misconceptions about Kanata's mom, "Sayuri"


>Those clips (mostly Iroha Translation's) are overly and deliberately anxiety-provoking, while leaving out context. Also reminder that Iroha was the one who [twisted Flare not wanting to be called a dark elf into a racial thing](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMtJnmX6bgOdk7eIYi2c7Q/community?lb=UgxJCszc6ci3GpFp99p4AaABCQ) and completely made a misunderstanding and artificial drama from nothing, similar to when they [tried to fabricate drama between Lamy and Polka](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMtJnmX6bgOdk7eIYi2c7Q/community?lb=Ugy6wEQp8_5bgrPWhXZ4AaABCQ).


Yep. Public PSA: not all clip qualities are equal. Otakmori and Iroha are EXTREMELY BAD clippers. When in doubt, it's better to ask a fellow fan with high JP proficiency for clarification.


I've seen some of Iroha translations clips but I never knew he was a bad clipper(sorry for my ignorance), and since I just watch clips I see without regard for the clipper, can you recommend me any good translation clipper's? I love Hololive JP and I wanna see more especially clips of Polka.


Kowkarot is my favorite, they make really long stream highlight clips. 20 minute vtuber clips are my favorite and they provide!


I like me my 20 minute clips


Vtuber bits also does it. But sadly he/she still haven't discovered the beauty of Polka.


Kowkarot is frickin legend


Sure! I'll edit this comment with channels I follow that I think are decent. Check back in an hr or so. Edit: Here it is Edit 1: scrolling through the comments I found the [Good VTuber Subs](https://goodvtubersubs.com/) website. It's super cool. Has a [List of channels with good subs](https://goodvtubersubs.com/list). Also has a link to all [Officially subbed streams](https://goodvtubersubs.com/streams). Edit 2: Editing the list to include channels suggested by others Welcome to the Hololive rabbit hole! Hope you enjoy your stay. Here's what you'll need to know to enjoy the contents that JP girls put out. 1. LiveTL App or Browser Extension. The way it works is that, a lot of amazing people in the community sometimes translate what the JP girls are saying into English by starting their sentence with [EN] to tag it. Extensions like LiveTL basically filters through the live chat and pick up any and all sentences that start with [EN] so you understand what the girls are saying in real time. Keep in mind this only work is there's someone actually live translating in the chat, and a lot of girls will have 1 or more dedicated fans that do that. [This is the reddit post the made about the App/Extension](https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/ob1gvi/livetl_vtuber_translation_filter_appextension_news/) 2. HoloDex: This website is loaded with features. You can see who's streaming right now. Find all clips for a specific stream. Find songs sang in a karaoke stream, etc etc. I'll leave it up to you to explore. [HoloDex](https://holodex.net/) 3. It is standard practice for all clips to link to the original stream in the clip description. You can often find time stamps of a stream in the comment section, and sift through the stream that way. One example would be for Flare's streams, Kang ALWAYS ALWAYS puts out insanely detailed timestamps. Shoutout to Kang and also [Flare's channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvInZx9h3jC2JzsIzoOebWg). [Here's her adventure to the EN server with Kiara](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352MT2Im9b4) 4. There are a lot of official content that have subtitles. For example [Legend of Polka](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWGY2acU-ZeQQOdp1rukMK8MW_DgkMhds), and a lot of streams from the [official Hololive channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFZiqLMntJufDCHc6bQixg). Always check if the CC button has the English option. Friendly PSA that Coco's reddit shitpost review always ALWAYS has live translation. Also Coco's Asacoco series season 2 onward are ALL subbed with English 5. CHECK OUT HOLOLIVE GIRL'S ORIGINAL SONGS AND COVERS!!!. Many times Hololive girl keep a playlist of all their songs in their channel, so just check the playlist tab and see what's there. For example here's [Kanata's playlist](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNvxSJodVoAu5ABQjfuPGnzqkRMLtN0y2) Preface: These are just the channels I subbed to. Whether they are active or not is a different matter. My subscription box is loaded as is so I haven't really subbed to any new channels lately. Also Nowadays I try to watch the archive/live stream. Again, keep in mind that translators make mistakes. Clips are not always right. Always consult someone with high JP proficiency to double check Open to suggestions/recommendations for all decent JP/EN/TW clip channels. General Clippers (there's a more than a couple of girls they focus on) EN: - [blub](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaDyXwdL4eYDSJnszYeFMZA) - [Dran](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1G4dJoHNJvArUk907sc0Cw) - [Sushi](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Fh9OcvIEWK405Cvg25jDw) - [Ene Chan](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN8oVIzaSGqNVm3IUZuC2OA) - [Hensei Production](https://www.youtube.com/c/HenseiProductions/) - [Holo Master](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJE0w7N67x4p5d2JbUtpEww) - [Kiriku Translation](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsYcCwDqv6Sg8KMIIMF54SA) - [Osekkai](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzJTbxs5kTvxgAklhCwh3A) - [Phantom Subtitles](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4Sb0LAoidZFuybLyfPqZQ) - [Raiko Translation](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYHPvkAAyw2h-RtszmpMlQ) - [Ritore Translation](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoe3QLdQk2TTJd8iXJkQLmA) - [Saki Subs](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7fKYLOhNUD7RnV1ogYf4g) - [Slow Berry](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_r5wO_TLANP2th2UzBRYw) - [smolhane](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwk7NGJtot_62xpSyAJ_lw) - [Strawberry Marui](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVq2OwD4UJyLrOmVXojG6DA) - [teatimeUK](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxSF6v33a_qh97zu4IdAQtQ) - [VTuber Zaibatsu](https://www.youtube.com/c/VTuberZaibatsu) JP: - [VTuber listener clip ch](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGRc9mXYMi6zvQ84Esid0-A) - [ホロライブ切り抜き/なめたけ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUbAVVpHteGtGQPPN9lM3oQ) CN/TW: - [油鼠的ペッタン焼き屋台](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnDXxrU7i96Az3n_GvOPKwQ) - [焼きホットココア](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK5J88fk1iOb1AlfO7Qv8pg) Not really clips but just cute animations: - [FuwaFuwa ch](https://www.youtube.com/user/zox125368) - [Mochimiko](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCek3RW88tX22DDIqfuCgYzg) - [Kai](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXbtH-LX74-P1YVaK9NgWVQ) - [Haimeta](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKibwuHYxU70FiSj4IXMmfA) - [ayasaka](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcokOru-8XxGI9KY02l3H5Q) - [momonofu](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOjBUPKe4lv9k8aEW525RA) Channels with a specific focus (ordered roughly by gen) Miko: EN: - [35P Nakama](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDXFwA86OIQFa-8dF-M7cDw) Roboco: EN: - [Steve H](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzJfECagyJ7743Fs6CVkKgw) (live translator for roboco) Suisei: EN: - [TumbleweedPretzel_JR](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx1iD9UdTBDMfzcHvHjVy2A) - [Jurunrishi](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGJQ4PCq-1oekH4AqLYFziA) Matsuri: EN: - [Lyger](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0Z5716wQX8IIZVna7G0zg) Subaru: EN: - [Gundamfinal](https://www.youtube.com/user/Gundamfinal) (also a live translator for Subaru) CN/TW: - [姬同鴨講 hololive切り抜き](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUjiewGYVBQe74rQSTKkiFQ) (SubaLuna clips) Shion: EN: - [Kusogaclips](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKqDfb0a9juRzmHxBx8UJPQ) Okayu: EN: - [Jin Teramachi](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvfBcwJvQKu2RJKSUocuseg) Korone: EN: - [JShay](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtia5cQdXSWH7GLMWxo9UQ) (anyone that ever mentions Korone, and sometimes Okayu) Mio: EN: - [Major Arcana](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCz-_ns0sn7fppx35HMznFw) Flare: EN: - [Darkhilt](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8jT8l7FCTfFbfMt-vj9UQ) (Shoutout to Darkhilt for always live translating for Flare too) - [Merin](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxnVt6Gi-nLrMvn8miTV_cQ) - [Mofuzilla Translation](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCft61YXKhrHq9n-WSrWko4w) JP: - [ERAN](https://www.youtube.com/user/eranplus) - [TaGの推し事部屋](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YOZVJSQbu6CquLyL4-Bwg) Noel: EN: - [Virtualyzm](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48wDIKM2u9_KkNUcar4MTw) Marine: EN: - [ShabbySubz](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV3YNkdduRRbk5stehiA_mw) TW: - [Keiji](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPcLKruXUnbZ_5uN06Xztw) Pekora: EN: - [Neko Mikuri](https://www.youtube.com/c/NekoMikuri) - [Peko Mains](https://www.youtube.com/c/PekoSubs) Coco: EN: - [Felix](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcu2MmRsHNV7IkFZjSCDhIQ) - [Crippling Depression](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM-Q80OAqasw8CK4U_w9j6g) JP: - [切り取ったり](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcdr6-T2sAbJsCQFtz_v17g) Kanata: EN: - [FloatingGhost](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKbDwVDdOGWj6LRBeF1_mQ) (For all of Kanata's idol fangirling) - [PPang](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpLYwcf9wRB-C4gnNlIcog) JP: - [天音かなた切り抜きch](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3hgtnaYTTIQVD32zZxx3A) Polka: EN: - [VTJ Clips](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFN7Ks_mbmydh7y1Jv8xRtw) (live translates for Polka. Also provides a lot of summary/context in comment section) Nene: EN: - [Maple Leaf Translation](https://www.youtube.com/user/thesunisone)


Woah your too kind, Im just some random stranger, new to Hololive and your willing to do that much? Thank you so much dude. I just love this community.


https://youtube.com/c/NekoMikuri this channel have also good clips, he mostly do Pekora clips, but he also do some for nisisanji and Nene. And I know that we are talking about translations, but if someone wants a good EN Irys clipper check him [Holozilla](https://youtube.com/channel/UCQ9lz9S-4YyEUyyT1BuplLg)


Can I shill my channel for Suisei clips? (I'm also on that list that's been going around too) [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx1iD9UdTBDMfzcHvHjVy2A](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx1iD9UdTBDMfzcHvHjVy2A)


Yeah of course! Thank you so much for doing some amazing work! I've edited my post to put Good Vtuber List at the very top. I'll edit to put your channel in too for more visibility




Oh Shout out to my boi: [Peko Mains](https://www.youtube.com/c/PekoSubs) If you're like me who like Pekora, Memes and Metal Gear gameplay, take time to visit. Also translates the other girls watching movies.


Please, be quiet, or we may never see Pekora's MGS streams fully subbed. He's using as much raw footage as the last guy who tried and maybe you know what happened to him.


What the last guy did is almost full translating (w/ edits) coco's meme review, at some point some viewers just waited for the subbed. He got a strike from cover called it quits.


Another to add to the list of cute animations is Momonofu. He/she has subs via youtube closed caption on most of the animations. Here's a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOjBUPKe4lv9k8aEW525RA


Done. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!


Virtualyzm for Noel and Maple Leaf Translation for Nene


hey is Vtube Tengoku a good clipper? I've been watching those clips alot, and I want to know if Vtube Tengoku is a good clipper.


>hey is Vtube Tengoku a good clipper? I've been watching those clips alot, and I want to know if Vtube Tengoku is a good clipper. I think the word "good" is kind of loaded. Good in terms of morality? Good in terms of strictly translation quality? For me personally, I see channels like Vtube Tengoku and Sushi in the same category. They are fine for the most part. Their clips are usually short, funny moments anyways, so it mostly harmless. Translation quality isn't the greatest of great by any means. (I'm considering unsubbing from sushi's channel because I think lately translation quality dropped. But again that's personal preference). But OtakMori and Iroha are definitely in the morally bankrupt category that I'd suggest everyone to stay away from. Even CMT was at one point kinda morally questionable, so I don't sub to them. I think it's more important to exercise caution, especially when it comes to more personal/serious topics regarding the girls. And equally important, keep in mind of the cultural differences between Japan and elsewhere. What might seem out of place to you might be very normal in Japan, and we should not be viewing them through our own colored cultural lenses.


I'd say they are better than Sushi atm. Sushi's TL quality has dropped massively in recent weeks


oh okay so they're fine, but not the best. Thanks for the long reply by the way.


Is Vtube Tengoku still good?


[See my longer response here](https://reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/q8p8f7/_/hgrhvrq/?context=1). Not all translations qualities are equal. They seem okay? I personally don't sub to them. And no one else commented to recommend Vtube Tengoku as a channel to subscribe to so that says a lot. Watch clips and read translations with a large heap of salt and exercise caution.


Nowadays, Aqua got a main clipper too, 0 clickbaits title or thunbnails: [HAI Translation](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjyUkNVAFsZtDgHurtBtTw/videos)


Because I used to watch a lot of their clips when I had more time, what about vtube tengoku? Mostly clips of subaru but also a couple of others every now and then


Osekkai and Sushi is my go to clippers for a while now. Glad I'm not misplacing my trust. Edit: also for ID > EN clippers I would recommend [FanFare Ch](https://www.youtube.com/c/FanfareCh) but I can only vouch for the ID translation, I'm not sure about their JP translation accuracy cuz I can't.


That is a lot of info. Thank you.


I find Murasaki Ringo to be pretty okay, they have pretty consistent uploads and no clickbait drama that I've seen


michaeL does subs of pekora's jrpg playthroughs. https://youtube.com/channel/UCcVKr6RasthkICFOylmmhXg


I don't see mention of Kai Translations. Granted not every translators will be here but he translates mostly Towa clips in CN and EN. His EN level may not be the best but it's understandable and gets the gist through


Check out ShabbySubz' past uploads (they aren't shabby, I promise!). Lots of interesting Marine content that isn't just about the horni.


Shabby is actually god-tier imo. Very under-appreciated clipper. The dude made clips about Rilakkuma merch (cute bears that Marine likes to collect), different kind of Japanese sweets/snacks and clips talking about medical stuff, including words for "thyroid gland" and "throat nodule", ... And much more. Always quite detailed and informative clips. I trust him to be quite reliable.


Nice, thank you so much I also wanna see more of senchou not just the horni cuz that's basically the first thing I knew about her


Shabby is perfect for that. He clips a lot of the more "mundane" moments of just everyday chats from Marine's streams.


Agreed! Shabby is top tier


[This list](https://goodvtubersubs.com/7f8ca4d7cdb84730a1ff11a1ded08709) is a good place to start for trustworthy clippers (you can read the blurb at the top for what qualifies people for the list). That being said, as long as you make sure to take **ALL** subs with a grain of salt (understanding that translations are not perfect due to language differences), and stick to non-serious clips, *most* translators will be "close enough". It's when clippers start translating serious clips, where it's incredibly important that translations are correct and context is added, that you will want to stick to trustworthy clippers. As stated above, Iroha in particular clips very serious content, and has a history of purposely leaving out content and mistranslating to fit narratives, so definitely one to avoid.


Really need to add a date of last video added category. Many of the channels listed haven't uploaded in quite a while, some longer than 6 months. Would be nice to be able to weed those out more easily.


Hi there! Main dev for the list here. I'd really like to find a way to automate that, so I'll yoink this idea and implement it when I can. (The answer is that I can't right now, given limitations with the automation used, but should those limitations disappear, you'll see the feature.) Right now, the entire list is manually maintained.


That is an extensive list of inactive clippers unfortunately.


It's not the best, for sure, but like I said it's just a starting point. It would be nice to have a more up-to-date list, but I imagine getting that together would be a tough job.


The fact of the matter is that a lot of new aspiring subbers fail to meet or don't even bother trying with the [requirements laid out in the list](https://goodvtubersubs.com/2456590ac33c4ed4b9d0dd3a277665da#7d7b09686d7c453db0777b3999e968d3), so they never even get the chance to get in. It's also sad that some of the good subbers have chosen to retire from subbing altogether. Nonetheless, I keep the site and the list up in the hopes of finding more subbers who will eventually be part of the list.


Never been happier to read Neko Mikuri's name


I still use folks like Iroha and OtakMori but I take a heavy grain of salt with those. Generally if the clip is involving something funny I am ok with it but I generally ignore or disregard the "heavy" topics with those channels or those that might involve potential drama because they've been known to misinterpret/mistranslate.


Rule of thumb. Don't take ANY stance when watching SPEED subber/clippers. SPECIALLY when it's related to more serious topics. If something serious happens, you'll probable see it spread across several channels and surely enough you'll find a thread about it here.


Iroha is a drama clipper and should be avoided.


I'd reccomend [VTuber Zaibatsu](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMtJnmX6bgOdk7eIYi2c7Q), who's posts I linked above. They've got a lot of good clips from a variety of members. Also, [Slow Berry](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_r5wO_TLANP2th2UzBRYw) for some longer clips/compilations, mostly of Minecraft talks and adventures.


Should be obvious that Iroha is bad just by looking at his thumbnail....Most of em are clickbait like" I hate my fellow member!!!"


Iroha's issue is English, Japanese is his(?) first language. They might also be intentionally using clickbait titles. Can somebody with better Japanese than me verify if Otakmori has gotten any better since the earlier controversies? My impression is they have, but I'm not fluent in 日本語。


Very bold of you to ask for an Otakmori subscriber, but I'm also very bold to be coming out. As someone who's still subscribed to Otakmori and have done translations myself, he has indeed improved since then. I personally don't shame him because I let his work do the talking. His last incident that I can remember was Minato Aqua nose bleeding, which was actually just runny nose, iirc. He still does clip important information, most recently being Shion's pet(hamster iirc), and I found no problems with the translation. People may think he's morally bad, but there's so much worse out there. His titles are engaging without being clickbaity either. The dude's not bad, just not good at dealing with people. ​ I still do agree that speedsubbing should be taken with a grain of salt just in case. Because speedsubbing can be imperfect and I don't know if he has someone to quality check him when it comes to the important/drama stuff. But I can give him credit that out of any speedsubber I've seen, he's the best. I'm an outlier because at least I can tell when he translates something wrong most of the time. He used to make a lot of obvious mistakes. Like 2 mistakes every 3 videos or something. Also I give translators the respect they truly deserve. A certain nijisanji EN vtuber talks about her respect for translators in a way that's completely aligned with my outlook of them. Translating is hard. It's cool that translators have a high standard, and for a good reason, but afa I've seen, nothing TRULY problematic will come out of mistranslating. Not only will the community later on correct it, it's not like the fanbase being misinformed on a little detail will truly affect the streamer. For example, what am I going to do with the misinformation that Aqua's having a nosebleed or Kanata's mom hating her "real voice"? Nothing. It doesn't affect my life and it doesn't affect their lives either. I don't even live in Japan. And I can always trust the community to do their best to clear up misunderstandings because Hololive managed to grow a healthy community. Being brutally honest, I wish people would learn to forgive and move on from Otakmori's mistakes. He's a hololive fan just like anybody else. He clips moving speeches and personal talk too. Anybody who's clipping those things do it because they're touched by what their saying. If he was truly a morally bad person, he'd just look for the haha funnies and sexually suggestive and skip out on the feels talk. Trust me, there are so many funny clips and sometimes suggestive clips that could be found that one doesn't have to look for the personal talk stuff. And personal talk stuff take a lot longer to translate too because they have so much more to say. ​ TL;DR Otakmori puts in work and they're the best quality of any speedsubber I know. Mad respect for him. He's up there with Osekkai and Neko Mikuri for me. Man works harder than most.


The reason why people shun Otakmori is not because of accuracy problems, but because of how he has responded to getting shut down by Cover for clipping things he shouldn't have. The Aloe graduation announcement was when it started, and the second time was the Rushia account leak. Both times he got struck by Cover, and both times he basically went "wait, why am I in the wrong?" He has shown no ounce of regret since those incidents, and he has often outright deleted comments on his videos for criticizing his translations. If that's not a sign of a bad faith clipper, I don't know what is. Translation quality doesn't matter at that point.


> He's a hololive fan just like anybody else. I don't think he's doing this purely because of fandom; he's also shown he cares more about earning ad revenue from these clips than making sure his content is kosher.


Rather than bad, Iroha is a malicious clipper. Bad implies incompetence and/or ignorance. If there were only one or two clips that confuse people it would be one thing, but he's done this far too many times for it to be anything other than deliberate.


With low quality translation too. That one with Marine saying artist to not block her if they're posting lewds of her is malicious as if worded in a way that make it look like those artist are on the extreme fault but failed. Not to mention the translation "paint lewd art" ,bruh Google translate is that you? It is common knowledge that those artists would block the person they are drawing lewds of and also won't tag it under their tags so Marine is just requesting not to do that so she can see it. I think I already saw this clip from someone else with better translation too.


I agree bad is an over simplification. But in order to land on my bad list you have to have subpar translations AND be morally corrupt. And honestly their translation is probably the worst of all clippers, with horrible spelling and grammar mistake. Calling them bad is an understatement.


Posting them can get you banned for a reason on multiple discords Still I see them sometimes getting linked here or do those high quality centipete posts to farm some karma


Within my Facebook friends, I still see some of them watch those god-awful Otakmori clips. I don't watch the video, but I absolutely recognize those horribly-made thumbnails with their colored border.


And also their outro, especially when it comes right after a serious clip, it's out of touch with the rest of the video. So annoying I had to use SponsorBlock manually on it.


>Otakmori Sorry to ask, because I don't really know, what did Otakmori did?


This is just 1 example, but link to a comment that summarized 1 controversy: [OtakMori Aloe Controversy](https://reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/ifkomp/_/g2q8vbz/?context=1) There's a lot, lot more examples of this. TLDR subpar, inconsistent translation on top of morally corrupt. Definitely would not support.


>Public PSA Is that like an ATM Machine or a PIN Number?


Yes lmao. I'll leave that in.


All good. Lol. I just found it funny.


Not to really defend them but to soften the edges of your comment, they're bad IF you're looking into their drama oriented clip, which is the main problem here with Iroha. Because while they both really have a bad history, so long as it's not about any serious topic, there's wayyyy less chance at misunderstading anything. Though I'm saying this mostly for otakmori tbh, while not fluent I know japanese quite well and I haven't seen any recent clip of them fucking up.


My personal stance is that OtakMori is morally bankrupt. So I won't support him. His translations are also subpar and there are better translators so it's not like I have no choice. Them recently not fucking up doesn't erase their past, many many horrible fuck ups. They really don't have a good track record. There's a really detailed post somewhere on this sub that lists all of OtakMori's fuck ups. I'll edit this when I find it


>When in doubt, it's better to ask a fellow fan with high JP proficiency for clarification. Would be nice if there was a single place where such fans can be easily found and asked such questions. Not like there's a channel on the Discord server dedicated to such inquiries. And I've had questions posted on Holomem-specific channels be seemingly ignored (I assume because nobody had **any** answer to give). And I can't just join every Holomem-dedicated server for better chances of finding such people, as I'm already hitting my 100 servers limit and currently can't afford to pay for Nitro privileges.


Yeah. Member specific servers can be hit or miss unfortunately. Try joining holofans server. I think they are the biggest fan server. If you already have access to some holomen dedicated servers, they'll probably have an invite link to holofans somewhere.


TL;DR : go follow osekkai sensei


>Iroha Shiet, that's all homie had to say.


Just wanted to say for those people who watches random clips (like me) in youtube about Hololive and sometimes you can't avoid them, just remember to always doubt the translations given. It would be preferably better to learn japanese, but if you're busy and you can't do that, then don't make impression on things you don't know based on text of the clippers, since context is the most preferable choice. Not all clippers are perfect and good, but just so you know for viewers out there is that the only thing you can trust is yourself in the internet world, so we should think as well and if you're having doubts, watch the original stream. That is all for me.


I'd like to add that people should enjoy those funny Hololive TL clips, **but** when the clip is about a serious topic, don't just take it with a grain of salt, but with a whole tablet. I don't think we need to be so guarded all the time, but when the tone gets serious, we need to able to switch gears and treat it like a minefield.


I'm pretty sure we can still have fun because of their reaction, but I can agree with you as well on that!


take everything with a grain of salt on the internet as a rule lol, this doesn’t just apply to hololive clips


And a reminder that this clipper freely admits they don't know Japanese very well yet continues to do translation clips anyway.


Wasn't it the other way around? They are Japanese and don't speak English well? Either way, it's clear that they don't do clips because they genuinely like the holos.


I get the impression that they are neither. It says that they're practicing English as a reason to clip, it just isn't believable since it would make more sense to translate English into Japanese. The other way they have no input on language, just output. In addition, they don't even try to fix and learn from any mistakes the commenters are pointing out. Why I don't think they're Japanese is that they would understand what was said better on trivial things, even though they intend to twist the message.


Failing your translation at either end makes the translation worthless. If you understand one language but cannot express in another or vice versa, then the translation is inherently flawed and may cause issue. Any purposeful changing is inexcusable.


I remember other clippers who said he/she is japanese and learn english with doing clipping, what is name again ? Hololive etc cuts, forgot the name, not Iroha for sure


I think that one is already improving and is getting inputs from other translator unlike Iroha.


I mean, either is bad lmao.


Time to block Iroha.


Idk if Iroha meant malice like OtakMori, but they definitely have the SEVERE case of miscontexting what the talent said. I dont think they care about "learning English while translating Hololive" anymore tho...what a shame, when they first started, they readily accepting correction and basically only clipping some fun-no context needed-kind of monent.


> Also reminder that Iroha was the one who twisted Flare not wanting to be called a dark elf into a racial thing Let's be honest that this sub was just as ready to jump into calling people racist as any other left leaning sub here. Especially when they started using DnD/Western Dark Elves rather than Anime/Eastern Dark elves as justification.


Like a lot of folks, I too was misinformed, and I was surprised when I saw a clip of Kanata talking about "Sayuri" visiting KanaCoco house and how pleasant it was. Thanks for helping to clear things up OP.


Oh, I don't think I've seen that one, ya got a link?


This was the clip I saw = [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbuKXmiU-js](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbuKXmiU-js) OP's even the pinned comment on it


When I see any drama like this I don't pay it much mind because I don't have context or understand Japanese. Besides the point that it's their personal matters and I have no place interjecting or giving my thoughts where not asked or warranted. These people are entertainers who skirt a fine line and I treat them as such. It's not healthy for either side to start shit where there is none.


This is pretty much how I approach YouTubers/Streamers in general as well. Their personal life/relationship is none of my business, so I don't bother with clips/rumours dwelling on stuff related to that. I'd like the say the same about drama in general, but occasionally curiosity gets the better of me..... Still, I try my best to keep those topics where relevant (thread/post where it was brought up) and not fanning the flame beyond that.


Honestly it's so exhausting. I have enough shit to deal with in MY life. I don't have time or mental space to worry about someone else either. I'd rather read a good book. Watch a good show/movie. Or heck play a game. People are so angry and such busybodies. There is no conversation anymore just "debates" devolved into shouting matches.


I think the best thing to do if there's drama is ignore it. If it's family matters, they have friends they can discuss it with, not random fans. If it's two Youtubers fighting and you think one is in the wrong, then just stop watching them, simple as that. No need to start a war over it or anything.


Oh, don't get me wrong here, I don't actually get involved with the drama itself. If it's issues with their private life, I leave that alone and be supportive where I can. If it's a fight between two people, I take a neutral stands unless someone is REALLY in the wrong, but I won't pursue any issue beyond that. I will occasionally look into it out of curiousity and *maybe* engaged in a light discussion where it was mentioned, but ultimately move on. No need to invest yourself in something that would do more harm than good. Edit: I'm still not sure if I describe it well, but essentially what I'm saying is curiousity sometimes get the better of me, but I don't dwell on it more than I need to and definitely never try to start shit with people elsewhere over the drama.


This is what I was saying like a week ago when the topic of Sayuri was brought up in a thread: We really don't have the full picture of their relationship. Kanata tells us what she wants to tell us, we don't necessarily get all the details. And Kanata doesn't really express hate or dislike, she just tends to talk about the weird or sarcastically funny stories. Remember: We as fans don't have the authority to judge a talent's home life or family relationships, because we aren't them.


This also applies to inter-talent relationships. Some fans like to think some members are the best of friends, or even that there are problems between them. We don’t know either way, we just know what we see and get told on stream.


Prime example being PekoMiko


Are people back to thinking they dislike each other again?


While it's obvious those rumors are fake, imagine how annoying it'd be if you were a talent who just didn't vibe that well with a coworker (not dislike) or mildly ticked off them off, and suddenly there are hundreds of thousands of people claiming you two hate each other and you're both trying to get the other fired or something.


Seems crazy to me that people, total strangers to Kanata, would just judge people in her personal life based on a couple of clips. Like sure her mom comes across badly in some clips, but to outright call her a bad mom, or even worse a horrible person (as I’ve seen in some yt comments), even though we have no idea what their personal lives is actually like, is just disrespectful. While bad clippers have a significant role in these things happening, the Hololive fanbase in general is way too trigger happy in wanting to white knight their girls.


> Seems crazy to me that people, total strangers to Kanata, would just judge people in her personal life based on a couple of clips. Like sure her mom comes across badly in some clips, but to outright call her a bad mom, or even worse a horrible person (as I’ve seen in some yt comments), even though we have no idea what their personal lives is actually like, is just disrespectful. Doesn't help that comparatively, whenever we have parent stories/interactions they are mostly in a positive/fun side of the spectrum for all talents (with Watame's father exception and to my knowledge it was never brought up again). This makes it contrast and be looked much more negatively than it should, but it's still negative/neutral either way.


Parasocial relationships are a bitch. As viewers, we only see one aspect of Kanata's life, but it feels as though viewers have a connection with her or can at least understand her. In reality, because we can only see her streamer personality, we can't actually understand her fully. Or any vtuber, or streamer, or internet personality, for that matter.


Since you mentioned a clipper named Iroha translations... is there any clipper we don't like? Because I'm really addicted to hololive clips recently and I don't want to support someone who makes wrong translations.


Iroha Translation and Otakmori are the worst offenders basically. Birdkun also made some pretty bad clips. For most others it's fine, as long it is harmless funny clips and not serious topics. In those cases, take *everything* with a big grain of salt.


Remember HoloLive Moments? Peperidge farm remembers.


I mean, their *content* wasn't outright terrible, but their morality on the other hand....


The only thing that made them great was re-uploading those Bilibili-exclusive clips to YouTube, but their downfall was when they go all-out with their political ideology. I hope they go away forever, together with their braindead trolls & bots.


> is there any clipper we don't like? Rather than focussing on what we don't like, there's a [list of translators that meet certain standards](https://goodvtubersubs.com/list). I added the channels in one of the versions of that list to an RSS reader, and now get my daily dose without Youtube's algorithm clickbaiting me to hell and back. YMMV, but the list was a good starting point for me, and I'm quite happy with what I'm getting that way.


>I don't want to support someone who makes wrong translations See, the thing is it's not that simple. Translators are just people, they're going to make mistakes. The issue is that much of the "fandom" treats translators and clippers like they're beyond criticism. The translators who would be most trustworthy are the ones who have regular QC (i.e. have their work checked), fix their mistakes, and frames the subject honestly. [The @GoodVtuberSubs list](https://goodvtubersubs.com/7f8ca4d7cdb84730a1ff11a1ded08709) is a good start, although I wouldn't say everyone there is great. The important thing is to remember that every clip (including ones on that list) is subject to bias and criticism, and to take all translations with a grain of salt.


Yeah, true. Even though lyger has been on a lot of the 'good' lists himself, even he at one point spread bad information based on wrong assumptions about a hiatus Matsuri announced on her twitter (where the translators are also active), to the point Matsuri herself had to set the record straight. It's best not to get whipped into a fervour in general when bad things happen, because you rarely know the full story.


The thing is, yes they make mistakes, but do they learn from mistakes and criticism? Below are a few clippers that I look down upon. ​ * OtakMori is labelled as untrustworthy since they; >\- Speedsub (compromising quality) > >\- Make a lot of translation errors (once instance translating "prank" as "hidden camera") > >\- Using type II clickbait: withholding info and misleading (using the title "Shion announces really bad news" for when her cat died > >\- Using drama to attract views (Aloe translation was speedsubbed) > >\- Refusing to change amidst criticism (calling Cover the badguys when his Aloe video was taken down) ​ * Iroha is the most well known offender >\- Lack of proficiency in English (compromising quality) > >\- Use of type II clickbait on titles: withholding info and misleading > >\- Twisted narrative/Creating drama in the lack of any (Kanata-Mother relationship) > >\- Refusal to change by deflecting criticism (he uses his lack of English proficiency to excuse his translation mistakes) ​ I look down upon this two the most because they can easily change their ways but still haven't; doing this style of clipping for almost a year now. Low quality subs would be acceptable for low-controversy moments but these two target controversial moments instead (with Iroha being worse since he creates drama out of thin air). They'd be more than welcome to change their ways (Ritore and Kiriku are good examples of clippers who changed for the better) but until then they'd be considered as the worst of the worse (the only ones worse than these would be the face doxxers like >!Historian !!Researcher!<).


> - Using drama to attract views (Aloe translation was speedsubbed) you can add Shion's announcement about her cat as another example of this


>See, the thing is it's not that simple. Translators are just people, they're going to make mistakes. It's not just "making mistakes" If you do not have the skills to translate consistently without mistakes, then you should not be constantly uploading clips of deep or serious topics. Not to mention some of those clippers are specificallt clickbaiting and twisting translations to get more views by creating drama. These people *are* bad. For casual just random funny clips, some slightly inaccurate subs don't matter. But for serious topics, then you should simply not clip it at all if you are not confident in your ability to portray the situation properly. But some of those clippers don't care about the talent, they just care about using them to farm clout.


I understand all that. The person I was responding to specifically asked for translators who don't make mistakes, and I wanted to make sure I got across that there are no such translators.


Sometimes i'll check the clippers "About" tab and they sometimes admit that neither English or Japanese are their first language lol.


It's surprising how many people there are that subtitle HoloEN streams in EN subs and still mess it up.


>is there any clipper we don't like? All of them. Basically the moment you bring up a clipper on this sub someone will have a negative thing to say and claim that as a reason to not watch them. While there are some who are at a certain level of bad where they make up translations for drama and are the worst offenders there are others who's worst crime are using clickbait, erotic thumbnails, english spelling errors, and even doing short clips that are exactly what the title says and nothing more. Honestly recently this anti-clipper crusade is getting annoying and unless the clipper is doing something like this or like the Rushia pettan jokes thing there's really no need to get that worked up over it.


I recalled that one clip of Kanata worry about her mom recognizing her in that baseball stream and the comments there were ridiculous. Stuff like how Yagoo or Coco should intervene, Coco doing a dogeza to Sayuri, Sayuri *blackmailing or doxxing the Holohouse,* like sheesh.


Yea, I distinctly recall that clip video too. I’ve tried to diplomatically convey some of the points OP has made here in the replies a few times, but generally there’s just a lot of people that want to reject it and just dogpile on Sayuri instead. I hope with this, maybe more people can help out writing careful replies to somewhat clear the air over time.


Feel free to copy paste the relevant parts of this post in the future if you find a new clip with another dogpile!


Yeah, that clip was what prompted me to finally make this post. It has been bothering me for a while. Some people from the Heimin discord are working on making a compilation of positive Sayuri moments, hopefully that will help in stamping out the misinformation.


And good that you did. That clip soured my view of clippers for good. These individuals are there for the trend, not for the group, and they're harming the image of hololive, and making it difficult for clippers that do it for the group. Like with all things of this nature, it's going to force Cover to do something about it, i think that you, and others who step up to the plate and call these people out, on their bullshit, are doing a great service to the community. We don't want clippers gone, we want them to do things without the bullshit they're accustomed perhaps from other places that accept this kind of behavior/attitude.


god I remember that clip (or that moment since there might be multiple clip about the baseball thing). A lot of people are hellbent on believing that Sayuri is like Cinderella step mother or something, a cruel manipulative witch. In the same clip Kanata said that she pretty much have an interest in baseball thank to her mother, that show that despite Sayuri being a tough mother there are still plenty of mother-daughter bonding moment.


afaik kanata's irl mother is quite strict but seems to care about her in her own way. like after kanata got her second dose recently "sayuri" went all the way to kanacoco house just to check on her and bring her some water. kanata and her mother might not have the best relationship but just from the fact that they regularly talk to each together, they at the very least don't hate each other. from what i know kanata's comments on her mother are more like people (typically young people) "complain" about their parents when they regularly interact, regardless of how close they are.


I also remember when Kanata was in the hospital a way back, "Sayuri" would often visit her and she brought Kanata her laptop and various pc gear from kanacoco house to the hospital.


I think it's easier to contextualize their relationship if you think of it this way: For some parents, strictness is a form of love. It's not necessarily the correct way to raise a child but they don't do it out of hatred or malice. I was watching Cinema Therapy recently and they were covering Terminator 2. Sarah Connor was too busy trying to train and prepare John Connor as a leader and freedom fighter that she didn't properly raise him with love. It's not because Sarah Connor didn't love John Connor. She just wants to protect John from harm by preparing him as strictly as possible.


This can explain Kanata's strength. She was unknowingly trained for the coming troubles


Yea this kind of reminds me of the difference between how Asian parents are in general compared to what English speaking/white audiences might have with their parents. The way Asian parents interact with their kids might come off as too much to the other side while we find it just kinda normal.


Makes total sense. It might not be the ideal parent-children bound everyone thinks it is the norm, but the bound is still there. If Kanatan was ashamed of or really hated her mother she would not even talk about her. Remembering the social interactions before the pandemic, it is not that unusual for people to complain about their parents/close relatives strictness or quirks even in adulthood. I think Kanatan is just too open with chat regarding her rants about her mother. Personally it feels a bit awkward since I'm just a fan of hers, and not a close friend whom which people usually make those kind of rants. Though knowing how Kanata is more open now on how she interacts with her colleagues and friends when telling chat her off stream anedoctes, I would not be surprised anymore if she starts ranting about her mother out of the blue lmao


Classic Iroha clipping. They warp everything completely out of proportion. The dark elf mistranslation, inserting their own politics and beliefs into the clips, misrepresentation of Coco, etc. Cover needs to deal with them and prevent any more incidents from that channel. I (and most other reputable clippers I've talked to) don't touch sensitive stuff like that. It's just too much of a risk for misrepresentation and I also don't think it is ethical to try to get views (or even money for monetized clippers) on sensitive issues.


This isn't just Iroha to be fair. Every time I've seen her mentioned on this sub it is instantly people saying she is the worst person ever. Best advice for anyone is to not take every translation at face value.


The amount of hate that gets thrown towards Kanata's Mom is ridiculous, like I know I've seen it happen here a lot whenever someone brings up Kanata's "rough childhood". And it's all mostly coming from overseas fans who don't know Japanese jumping to conclusions because they watched those two Iroha clips.




Honestly there was a time I remember seeing almost copy-paste comments about 'it's gotten so bad she call hers by name' and having to correct people. I remember one of her older streams had a confused chat because she was talking about her mama whilst Oshio was commenting. So she switched it to Sayuri so people weren't confused. I've heard her (I assume) more natural voice when she's excited. I've not seen that Flare video you linked though, her voice is so pleasant in that stream. Thanks. Edit: spelling


Thank you for writing this, a lot of ppl seem to fully believe Iroha's TL clips gives them the whole picture regarding Sayuri. It kinda sucked to see ppl badmouthing her in the Youtube comments... Although Sayuri is flawed, she really does care for Kanatan, a recent example would be when Kanatan got her vaccine jab, she visited her as she was worried and brought a bunch of stuff with her. In the end, I feel what we should do is support Kanatan, not judge her family as it's also not any of our business.


I do remember seeing those clips and just a few people going on how not all stories about Sayori are THAT bad (the voice one). Good to have confirmation tho, my lack of japanese would have left me just knowing Kanata and her mom were on very bad terms.


Yeah this makes sense. I always found it weird how despite people keep saying Kanata and her mom’s relationship is really bad, Kanata herself still mentions Sayuri quite often and crack jokes about her like inviting her to come on stream. Then again, Kanata is a strong girl and would definitely crack jokes about her even if she disliked her mom, we know too little about their actual relationship to say whether it’s actually good or bad really.


I didn't think it's too weird to call her mother by her name, aqua sometimes call her mom kumiko and they have good relationship between them, kumiko is actually a good mom


That's a running joke because Aqua accidentally leaked her mom's name and her own weight in a RingFit stream. It might not be her real name anyway.


I never really saw Sayuri as an explicitly bad or unloving mother. Yes, there are certain things that Kanata tells about her that make me go yikes, but at the end of the day I don't notice any kind of real resentment or hatred from Kanata towards her, after all, if she was on bad terms with her mom she would not talk about her as often and in the way she does. And about the clips, I think this is a general problem with the community, with them influencing and even distorting the image that the western fandom has about the members and how we interact with them to the point that it starts to affect the talents themselves (the biggest example I can think of is Rushia), after all, reducing the dozens of hours of content produced by each streamer to 1-4 min. clips is bound to produce problems like this. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than thankful for the work that is put into them, but at the same time I think that things like clickbait titles, out of context moments, only focusing and clipping one aspect of the members, etc, is a HUGE problem.


Thank you for clearing this up. I know some clippers use the whole "I am still learning" as an excuse. And there may be honest mis-translation because of slang or other reasons. But from the couple (tl clippers) I sub, most at least accept or acknowledge when they may have mis-TLed something. Two (now blocked,, but still keep popping up) seem to take way to high an offense to corrections and, of those two, one sadly.. because of how they game the system, Google directs to them far too much (even a whole website is put up with Hololive all over the place :/). But back to point. Thank you for clearing this up. I won't lie I was worried. But now with because I try to avoid such tl clippers, I hadn't heard it brought up in a while. If only we had startrek translators... heh, better off learning Japanese at this point. But sadly I suck even at my native language of English.


Iroha uses this excuse and its not a good excuse when he clips serious stuff that he mistranslates.


To summarize, for people with ADHD like me, don't fight other people's battles, especially when people are not certain about the real relationship between those people, especially when it comes to a different cultures and languages from yours. As things can get lost in translation.


I find, in general, it's best not to take any personal information or potentially controversial information from clippers. I really don't care if the clipper I'm watching translates pekoras screams of pain when she falls in lava right or wrong, but if it's someone clipping a talent upset or sad or talking about something serious, I generally don't trust it. Accurate summaries of what's going on are usually on here where the mods will purge bad information in the case of anything actually serious, like a graduation or a pet death or something.


I remember before I jumped down the rabbit hole, someone posted to a TV Tropes cleanup forum thread about how someone else added a laundry list of things Kanata has said on the matter to Hololive's Tear Jerker page. I ordered all of it slashed since TV Tropes doesn't allow real-world stuff in that category. It's disheartening to learn it may have also been a product of misinformation as well.


Thank you for making this post, I have always wanted to address this issue but unsure how to write it. Even though I don't follow Kanata too closely, I've always feel like the relationship between Kanata and her mother is too dramatized by the community


I only know a handful of Japanese words I can't read any Japanese and because of this I never jump the gun with some of these clips. Some other posts like this have been like "Hey don't watch Clipper X, they are just trying to create drama. Clippers Y and Z are great translators." I have to say that I really appreciate and I'm quite grateful to those of you, like OP, who understand the languages spoken and inform people like me who have little to no understanding what is actually going on. Thank you OP


Thanks for this, I do have that impression of her from the clips I saw but ever since i fell for the mistranslated clip from Flare I always take watch JP clips from clippers with a grain of salt.


Hey man i watched a clip about her mom disliking her voices a couple of months ago and since i cant understand japanese clippers are the only way i can understand streams. Thanks for clearing it up atleast for me because i watched it from iroha. Glad you cleared it up that kanata's mom is just a strict parent, mistakes are made but that is par for the course i guess when parenting no one really has a sure fire method. So once again thanks!


Oh wow thank you, this is very enlightening, and changes my opinion on the subject quite a bit.


I’m glad to be privileged enough to know Japanese to know there’s different meanings to what some of the girls says as opposed to what some clippers ascribe in their videos. I tend to stay away from clippers unless I miss a stream or something funny happens and wanna check out an animation or someone recognized by the community as being trustworthy. It’s kinda sad seeing some of their stories being twisted and translated oddly sometimes to make something seem bad, when that’s not what the purpose of the story is. Glad to see you hit the fish in the barrel with this post! I know it’s a touchy subject that we shouldn’t really comment on but I’m happy to see someone clear up some misconceptions about Kanatan.


Thanks for the thread and infos, Kanata is also my favorite and in my opinion one of the most talented vTubers in Hololive, I really love her voice (the real one too, thanks for that link btw) but also the voice she regularly uses during her streams. I love her dedication, the amount of time she invests in making nice stuff like her colleagues characters (I can't remember if it was for miitopia or mario kart), the way she can speak non stop alone and entertain viewers, her singing skills, which in my opinion are the best of all in Hololive... she also seems to be a very good person judging by her streams. I think she's underrated for the amount of talent and dedication she puts on her streams, but as long as she's happy and keeps doing it the way she currently does I'm also happy to watch her streams. To be honest, it's hard to name a favorite out of the many talents in Hololive but if I had to choose one I'd say that would be Kanatan, I really wish her the best and a lot of success, and of course I hope she keeps making original songs and eventually releases a full album of her own


Keep fighting the good fight kanata poster.


This is great to hear, while I never commented anything about it or tried to bring it up ever, I was under the impression that Kanata and her mom we basically estranged Thank you for this post and clearing this up this false idea, you at least helped one person who didn’t know this


I wish people understood nuance more, and that clippers were less ready to pounce on topics like this just to bleed views out of manufactured drama. I barely understand Japanese outside of a few frequently used words, but even I could tell she doesn't hate her mom. It felt to me, given how she was speaking, that there's some tension between the two occasionally and they can maybe butt heads like pretty much every parent and child do at some point, but not that she's some awful monster. It's a bummer that this needs to be said to anyone, but I hope this can reach at least one person who has a warped view of Kanata and her mother's relationship and shed more light on the reality of the situation. Thank you for posting this.


Honestly, the bad clips are bad in of itself but people somehow twist even further. The other day I read a comment on YT saying (like if it was a fact) that Kanata had been disowned by her mother. Some people read way too much into people’s lives without knowing anything.


Appreciate the post. Clears things up. I'm sure there's some cultural misunderstandings too.


Thanks for saying this. I've known for some time that the situation with her mother was more a result of their circumstances rather than just being a bad person, but I still caught some trending comments every now and then that seemed to fully believe she hates her mom. I don't blame those comments necessarily, if I only saw those few clips I would think the same, but when you continue to clip and leave out context to create drama, you show that you genuinely don't care about Kanata or these idols/vtubers, you just want to stoke the flames and get clicks.


I mean the thing is, maybe its an Asian thing... because as a SEA-(ni)gang I sometimes bad mouth my dad in good fun when talking to friends. We're close but he's got quirks (and general strictness when I was a child) that I didn't particularly like and same to me if he ever talks about me in front of his colleagues lmao No parent is perfect but yeah I get that people will parrot misinformation and I also fall victim to these things sadly. Just take translations with a grain of salt I suppose.


Quite interesting seeing something like this right after I watched the clip of Kanata already, maybe or maybe not, trying to change that mentioning how she visited the KanaCoco house to bring stuff because the was worried of Kanata (that already had me: "Oh nice! That's a really good thing for them then!"). But I guess there's more to it then I thought. Thanks for making this.


Yeah, that clip was a pleasant surprise. We were joking on discord that it wouldn't get subbed by any relevant clipper. But even in this positive clip there were lots of unpleasant comments at first.


Hope this post (and that clip) is part of something new then. Gj !


So another clippers drama...


While I'm definitely calling out clippers and Iroha in particular, this post isn't intended as the "newest hot clipper drama". I just want to correct the wrong impression many clip-only watchers have of Sayuri.


My Japanese is not peak, but i understand enough and have followed Kanata enough to approve of this message. I also changed my mind on clippers as of late and think that this affair needs some stricter rules, it's unfortunate, but some of them are taking things too far. In closing, i think we should also refrain from forming opinions on the personal lives of our favorites when it comes to their familial stuff. Not our place, and we're looking from around the corner, unable to see the whole picture (as it should be). We're a great community, but we can do better, misinformation is something that stops with us. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the info. Honestly this is nice to hear too. I had only seen.... Negative interactions with Sayuri, as well as hearing about them from others, so I think it's safe to say my opinion was a bit skewed. I've been avoiding Iroha Translations for a while but I wasn't always aware of how bad they were, so it's quite possible I'd seen some of those clips and not known the source was untrustworthy.


yeah, thats something i kinda of noticed in the comments under every clip where kanatan mentioned her mother, that people only repeated the negative things and it got amplified into her being a bad mother or them hating eachother over time. personally never had that impression. while not the brightest relationship, my personal opinion is that if you really hate someone, you dont talk about them. yet kanatan mentions her every now and again. we also dont know what went on in her mothers personal life, maybe there is a reason shes so strict and possibly distant. things arent just black or white and we'll never know which shade of grey they might have. for this same reason im also concerned about seeing more and more comments being extremely negative towards watames father, to put it mildly. we dont know the full story, only the little bit she told us, altered by her personal point of view.


Just did the quick check up on Iroha Translation channel and saw a bunch of BAD CLICK-BAIT TITLE. Seriously this need to pin at the top of this subreddit to warn people, It is that bad.


Thank you for talking about this. I didn't realize this misconception in the community was an issue but I guess that's the privilege of having pretty good Japanese knowledge.


It's damn sad when a post like this needs to be made. Some of these viewers really take the parasocial relationship and dial it up to 11.


yeah, her relationship with sayuri is... hard to translate correctly. I spent ages the one time I covered it making sure I put across kanata's 'yeah she's not bad, I just wanted to move out' sort of attitude it's one of those situations wherein if you can't get the nuances of it across you probably shouldn't even try to TL it


Seems like another case of horrible translations feeding a subset of the fandom that is unhealthily attached to the members. There's this weird need by some people to help or save streamers when they share personal stories even though they're in no position to help anyone and just make things worse. They share these stories because they think they're interesting or because they need to vent, they don't need a thousand white knights regurgitating the same lines over and over again to validate them. Some people need to really check themselves, that shit ain't healthy. And these channels that have repeatedly proven themselves to be unreliable need to be removed entirely, Cover doesn't seem to realize how bad it is to have sizeable channels spreading wrong information about their streamers with impunity in the long run. The total viewership of Hololive channels eclipse this subreddit massively, even if the ones here are aware of bad actors and avoid them, the vast majority of viewers will still be misled and end up with massive misunderstandings going forward. All it takes is one or two big incidents to ruin a streamer's reputation and it seems like they're just going to ignore this problem until the worst happens.


There really needs to be a list of approved clippers and proper rules against the use of the blacklisted clippers as well as an obligation to clip the same scenes that the blacklisted clippers clip in order to make people less likely to use the blacklisted clippers.


thats assuming that everyone knows about this suggested list. it just about works in a small\~ish community like here on reddit (while the overall number of members is quite large, the number of actually active users is likely far lower), but for people casually enjoying the content on youtube? no chance.


Ya know what, this is one of those things where I’m gonna invoke talent privacy and erase this info from my memory. This is why too involved in Kanata’s personal life.


Thank you for clarifying this. I was one of the people under the impression that she had a bad relationship with her mother.


thanks op for the explaination


Yess!!! Everyone needs to know this. Im sick of seeing so much comments on youtube spreading the false shit about kanatas mom


Ah, noted. Thank you for the heads up.


Thanks for the writeup. I don't follow Kanatan as much as I would like, but I did always wonder about the whole situation with Sayuri. And extra thanks for the link to the acapella!


Yeah Kanatan personal business is not ours to meddle and if some idiots do try to attack "sayuri" not only do they do some damage on hololive, kanatan would be also held accountable to it because she is the one who told that story and mind you shes telling us those story so we can connect with her not be some guardian angel and in the truth were still strangers to her so don't go doing some dumb stuff to damage her public image


Thanks for the clarification


Random sidenote: I like Kanata's normal speaking voice and wish she uses it more often. Her hamster pitch voice can get a bit grating when on earphones...


Thanks for the post, I definitely had the wrong impression of Kanatan’s mom. Whoever made me that way is unforgivable.


Initially, I thought Kanata calling her mom by her first name was kind of wrong but as I watch her and hear her stories involving her mom, it just didn't seem like they're super close but it's not like they dislike each other either. Then I remembered the various seiyuu radio shows I've listened to and a lot of them also refer to their mothers by first name instead of saying okasan when speaking about them to a third party so if anything, it doesn't seem to be considered rude.


Its a classic tough love mother, ive got one very similar, can't do anything right by her but id die for her and i know she'd die for me. People need to be less judgemental all the time. Humans are more complex then you think.




I feel like I really need to start asking anytime these drama threads come up "How are the JP viewers reacting?" I feel like i've thought at least a few times that if it was really as bad as it was being said in the clip, there would be a lot more pushback than what's said on this subreddit or youtube.


Ok this is kind of an eye opener for me. I remember seeing in one clip kanata saying that coco was scarred of sayuri because she kept track of all the things that kanata owed her (I went back to look for it and of course the [clip](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzMCV73O-PI) was irohas). Can someone who is more literate in Japanese tell me what she actually said.


People always love to judge how others interact with their family while knowing nothing about them personally.


Just a few hours ago i've seen the clip about Kanata's mom visiting her KanaCoco house, and was kinda caught off guard, given what i've heard about their relationship in the past. Cheers to you for clearing up misconceptions about it.


Another reason for learning Japanese.


Beyond just appreciating you clearing up a serious issue, I have to thank you for revealing Kanata's lower pitch voice to me. I ... kinda wish she'd use it more as it was extremely nice.


Good stuff, thanks for this


I gotta thank you for clearing this up way better than the clippers and that video I saw that someone mentioned I was kinda thinking this seems interesting but I'll have to dig deeper into lessons or have someone else translate it to me


You’ve done the community a great service. Thank you!


Pardon me for being uninformed but why is OtakMori considered a bad translator? Is there any scandal that they had caused or is their translation is just bad? I've watched quite a lot of their videos and I'm kinda conflicted by this and is considering to stop watching them...


They're a speedsubber who prioritizes speed over accuracy, and is also known to be antagonistic at any criticism of their work. Such conduct got so bad that T-Chan, this subreddit's official Cover Corp. employed moderator, specifically called out OtakMori as an "unreliable" translator.


She didn't just do that, she copyright striked his Aloe clip.


[Exhibit A](https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/ibb865/mano_aloe_update_video_translation_thanks_to/) [Exhibit B](https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/j2iy8w/otakmori_translations_uploads_with_an_incorrect/) Those are the most "famous" older ones, but I assure you they haven't really improved their ways since.


It's easy to say you're aware of parasocial relationships and the dangers of them, but still fall victim to them. I'm quite a bit disappointed in myself for hating this person who I don't even know anything besides some very biased information, all of which came after I was already made aware of how biased and sensationalist some clippers can be for clicks. ​ I'm happy there are people willing to let us know what we're doing is bad in a reasonable way. The whole Sayuri hating Kanata's voice misinterpretation really messed my perception up on this one.