Rest in Peace, Taiwanese Hololive fan and translator.

Rest in Peace, Taiwanese Hololive fan and translator.




This is why i could not bother tbh. I simple love living too much


Yup. Driving the same distance, you are 37x more likely do die on a motorcycle compared to a car - and cars are dangerous enough.


Agree. I can understand and appreciate the fun and freedom (and economics) of owning a bike, but if you ever get into an accident, no matter whose fault it is, the biker will always pay for it. :(


Yeah, seriously. My earliest memory ever was that of a horrific motorcycle crash, caused by a car driven by some old man suddenly turning a corner without warning. Poor motorcycle dude got launched off his bike and slammed right into the glass partition of the stairwell of our apartment building. Only took a split second. He lived, but I heard it took him half a year to even walk again. The son of one of my mother's colleagues wasn't so lucky. He crashed while going to his mother's birthday. He was 21. Meanwhile, I've seen (and have had family members involved in) plenty of car accidents that everyone walked away from with only light injuries. So I can understand the appeal of motorcycles, but holy hell are you vulnerable out on the road.


I don't even drive, I go everywhere by public transport (mostly rail, sometimes bus). While it's mostly for cost and convenience reasons, I have to say that the fear of car accidents certainly helped in that direction.


I can drive 2 wheels and 4 wheels but sometimes I wonder how am I still alive with so many close calls I had


Me too, I have experienced a lot of close call, some I did it because my fault, some are because others fault. Still wondering how much time my life would be ended in the streets. Still remember one day I almost hit a pickup truck in front of me and almost got hit from my back from my friend in other bikes. I have a promise to myself I'll ride as safe as possible.


I feel ya


They don't call us .. donors for no reason. It's a risk we take, a calculated risk for the freedom it gives back. Best we can do is be hyper aware and loud, that way we're more visible. But yeah, sucks. So young too, too young. :( What a damned shame.


Yup. Was thinking of a QI clip in which Stephen Fry mentioned the same thing.


It's not really the freedom aspect, in Taiwan, in a lot of the urban and suburban areas the streets are way too cramped for a car, so there's a huge moped culture there as cars are impractical in a lot of areas. Admittedly, the last time I was there was the early 2000s visiting relatives. None of them owned a car, just mopeds, and if they needed things done that can't be done with mopeds (uncommon), they'd call a taxi. Things could have changed, but I can't imagine the culture changing overnight.


Yes, i'm generalizing. Obviously some places have different means and things that follow. In this particular case, he had a motorcycle, so made my statement based on that. The scariest experience on two wheels was in 2014, in India, in a sea of maddening chaos, cars, bikes, scooters, trucks, and everything in between. In there, it didn't even matter how loud my touring bike was. The cacophony was deafening regardless.


Yep, I was providing a bit of context for Taiwan and how common motorcycles/mopeds are there, as there's inevitably going to be some people who will think it's it's just another thrill seeker who forgoes the safer option.


Yeah I get pissed at how loud motorcycles are but then I realized, wait, that's how we know they're coming and to get out of the way. Built in safety mechanism! A small number of them weave into and out of traffic on the highway. I noticed those big motorcycle groups do have strength in numbers, we have a Harley Davison riding club that drives around where I live and you KNOW they're there, and because they stay together it keeps them safe since other drivers don't try to get in between them.


Yup. Safety in numbers and being moderately loud. One of the biggest issues with EV motorcycles, no sound. I test rode one a couple of years ago, and it whilst it was cool, it scared the living daylights out of me. I wouldn't ride one without a loudspeaker announcing my presence. :))


Tbh that's a concern for all EV. Electric Cars are also very silent, and while it's nice for the surrounding, you quickly realize the safety concern is extremely prevalent. Especially in urban area where there are other sounds and many people walk their eyes on their phones.


Yeah, i got spooked by a Tesla a year or so ago, the usual whine (which is intentional, mind you) was blocked out by the drone of traffic, and i nearly jumped out of my skin. I'm genuinely curious what things will be like in a few years, regs and all, when more EVs will be on the road.


My parents were lifetime riders, now in their 60’s. They got into an accident on vacation. My dad nearly lost his foot (the doctor he sees back home for checkups said that if my dad came into his operating room in that condition, he wouldn’t have been able to save his foot), and my mom fractured multiple vertebrae in her neck and wrecked her shoulder so bad that she has to have an artificial one put in. They’re not riders anymore.


>Based on the comments of some Taiwanese Holo-fans under the video, he was apparently also a translator, with links to his channel. Found [one of those comments](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f3zbolCZak&lc=UgxvlZN75t93uZ1pXsR4AaABAg) that provides [**a link to the relevant channel**](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQQkeCV9PDix7gmMopTTw3g/videos) for those who wish to visit it. People paying their respects in the comments of [his last video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTTjZ7osI20).


Thank you, wasn't sure if we could link TL channels in posts. Edit: Link to a [Taiwanese forum post](https://forum.gamer.com.tw/Co.php?bsn=60076&sn=78798586&subbsn=1&bPage=0), which transcribed what a friend of the deceased had posted about the incident in a Taiwanese Hololive FB fanclub. Included is a photo of the translator, geared and posing with his bike.


his channel was slowly gaining traction too. my god what tragic news this is. o7


All the outpouring of love and support on the original news video attracted the notice of the news station, and another report was made. See my second edit in the OP.


Rest in Peace, fellow Hololive fan.


Farewell fellow MioFa. May you watch over the Holomem and HoloStars from wherever you may be.


he was a man with good taste may he rest in peace


I do feel like the danger of big rigs is not nearly covered enough when getting your license. Basically everything around them in a 20 ft radius is a blind spot, and truckers basically spend half their lives on the road. I nearly got pushed into a ditch once because we were both heading for the same off-ramp. I had to floor it and squeeze into the closing gap of the truck and the guardrail.


Not to mention, by default you're immensely more vulnerable riding a bike. Yes you can be "safe" whilst riding, you're still tempting fate. There's a reason why both funeral directors and doctors both hate them. I hope his family finds some solace in the coming weeks, and hope they mourn properly. Not mourning properly will FUCK you up trust me I know. **edit:** I know that some cultures prefer bikes because of population density, and Taiwan definitely counts. Doesn't help that service type trucks and big rig trucks are deathtraps on wheels, and a bike is WAAAAAAAY more vulnerable. It's the prime reason why I don't do the bike thing, too many idiot drivers. Nobody can be that aware 100% of the time.


I have to get it out here. Road is dangerous and you **need** to be on your guard especially if you are riding a bike. You are not the only one and only things on the road and accident can happen at anytime. And **always** wear protective gears, helmet at least. It can change the situation from dead by brain injury to just a couple of bruise. I lose one of my friend from bike accident before. And having to see his unmoving body get send into emergency room, see how worried their parents are when they arrive at hospital just to see them broken down in tear later on when doctor told them he didn't make it. It is such a gut wrenching scene to me. Remember, you never be too careful when you are on the road. Be safe is much better than dead. Not only for you but everyone around you as well.


This comment here is just a story about me and him and what happen in the day that he passed. This make me remind of him so much I just have to get it out here. This will be long you don't have to read it. This happen almost 4 years ago. His name is Mai. He studied engineer in the same university as I am. We don't know each other before but the first time we met was in the 2nd year in uni where he was playing with his band on uni concert event and he asking me to take picture for his band performance since I am in photographer club. I take picture for him we talk to each other a bit and after that we don't talk to each other for a while. Until in 3rd year in uni. Me and my other friends are decide to go to celebrate at local bar after finishing hard midterm exam. And that's where I met him again. He was working part time at that bar as a guitarist. He notice me right away and join our table while he takes a break from stage. He is such a fun guy to talk to. We stay with him until the bar closed that day. Since that bar sells their stuff at pretty decent price and it has good atmosphere me and my friends are usually go hang out at that bar now and we start to get close to Mai. He is such a lovely dude and easy to talk to. On the day that incident happen. Me and my 2 other friends are hang out with Mai as usual but Mai said that tomorrow he has a class in early morning so he has go back to his apartment before us unlike normally when we go back together. It was around midnight when he get on his bike to go back to his apartment. He don't drink much and we know that he's a strong drinker so a couple glass of beer won't really dent him at all so we think he can handle himself back to his apartment no problem. A couple of minute later. We heard a faint of a crashing noise but since we are in the bar with music we can't really hear it well and thought it was just someone dropping something. We see a bar guard rushing into manager room and quickly rushing out with manager to the front of the bar. At that point we still have no clue what happen and we start to get a bit tipsy from beers we drink too so we don't really put much attention to what happen. Until manager comes to talk to us. He said there's a bike accident not too far away from the bar and he suspect it was Mai. My heart absolute sink to the bottom and I feel like my other friends do too. We immediately rush out from the bar to where accident happen. We only see ambulance and a bike crashing behind a truck. It was Mai's bike. We immediately rush to hospital after that and since it's pretty close to where we are, we arrived at the same time the ambulance did. We see Mai body on Stretchers getting send into emergency room. We know from ambulance driver that Mai crash his bike into the back of the truck that parked on the side of the road and since the street light in that area are bad. He might not notice it until it's too late. He also doesn't wear helmet and probably speeding for a bit too. He's totally unconscious when ambulance arrived. We are in total panic at that point but we can't do anything. The only things we can do is find his family contact information and contact them. We found his mother Facebook account and luckily she has her phone number on her profile. When I call her I can heard a disbelief in her voice and the feel of panic from her voice later on. In less than one hour his father and mother arrive at hospital with absolute panic in their face. We tell them what happen and she immediately collapse to her knees after knowing what happen. We console his mom for awhile and talk to his dad for a bit. After that it was absolute silent. It's so unnerving silent that you can hear your own heartbeat. There's thousand of thought in my head but I can't speak any word out from my mouth. We sit in silent for god knows how long until the doctor comes out of emergency room. We immediately rush to him and ask is Mai ok. In my mind, I seriously hope that any words but "sorry" will be coming out from doctor mouth. But it's not, doctor said sorry that he didn't make it. His brain receive big impact and it hemorrhage inside too much. His mom is totally collapse to her own knees and crying so hard and even though his dad don't show much emotion I can see such disbelief in his face. After that, his dad say that we should go back to our place and get some rest since we stay with them for almost the entire night. He thanks us and then we go back to our own place. It is almost 6am at that point. I go back to my place with only one thought fill my head, Mai is gone. A couple hours ago we just share our favorite metal bands to each other in the bar and a few hours later he's gone from this world just like that. I can't focus on anything for the next entire day. I can't sleep. I go to a laboratory class in evening with blank stare and blank head, I can't do the lab operation at all and my lab buddy had to do it all for me. After I finish my class I got a call from one of my friend that is there with me in that incident. We talk with each other for a bit and then go to smoke cigarettes together to clear our minds. I am not a smoker, I hate it even. But at that moment cigarettes is the only things I can hope it will help calm my mind down. We smoke almost two packs of cigarettes in silent. It help me a bit but not much. My friend say he wants to get some sleep now. So we go back to our place. After I reach my place I immediately sleep from fatigue. When I wake up in the next day my head and my throat was hurting so bad probably from amount of Nicotine I receive in the day before. I see my friend send me the Mai funeral plan from his father. I start to put my mind to rest at that point but still the fact that Mai was gone is still hurt to me. At his funeral it was calm but fill with such sadness I can't really describe. I have been to other people funeral before but this one is the one that really make me sad. He was gone too fast and we don't even have a chance to say goodbye to him. Last word we speak to him is "See you tomorrow!" even. It is already almost 4 years that he was gone but every time I see some tragic bike accident it always reminds me of him. What if that day he doesn't being careless and wear helmet like he should? He could still be alive to this day and cracking joke about it like he used to. But it doesn't happen. It only take one careless mistake on the road to take his entire life away in less than a second. For anyone still reading this until this point. Please be careful when you are on the road alright. Take any safety precaution you can have and be safe, not for me but for yourself and people around you. I don't want to see another good people leaving this world too soon just because they or someone else are being careless on the road anymore. Thank you for reading. I hope you stay safe.


Yup. And not only bad drivers, it can also be just plain bad luck. Driving a bike is exposing oneself to excessive risk. That’s why I’ve never wanted to.


not to mention if your like my shops delivery drivers, who get tons of abuse from Car drivers acting like they are just big vans, they are so paranoid of the cars around them that Bikers can fly under their radar. not sure what other countries road culture is like, but i imagine it can can be quite harrowing for them as well.


> some cultures prefer bikes because of population density Some also simply have woefully inadequate road infrastructure where the only thing that reasonably fits in most places is a bike, moped or scooter, so most non-commercial drivers go for those.


>I do feel like the danger of big rigs is not nearly covered enough when getting your license. this is something that should be taught at childs age already as it is generally important for traffic security. back when i was in my second year of school (i think, it's been too long), the parents of one of my classmates owned a trucking company. they invited our whole class over to talk about and demonstrate how little visibility there is from a truck, allowing us to take seat and adjust the mirrors to the point we thought it was ok, to then have the rest of the class hide in the various blind spots. to say this was an eyeopening experience is an understatement. ever since my general rule of engaging with trucks in traffic is to act like they can't see me until i'm 100% certain the know i'm there. general tip: mirrors work both ways. if you can't see the drivers entire head through windows or mirrors, he can't possibly see you either.


I drive trucks for a living, and I don't know how many times I had a car or a bike suddenly appearing next to me, as I couldn't actually see it. That's one of my biggest fear, me running over a bycicle or a bike, and not even feeling the poor dude under the wheel because of the weight of the truck. What most people seem to forget is that the wheels are big enough to get to your car's windows, if he ran over you he wouldn't have any trouble doing so. And, never ever forget to be mindful of your surroundings. I once had a car almost pushing me against a wall cuz I didn't want to hit him and he didn't see me, when I'm 3 times as big as him, and I wasn't the one who was going to get hurt by that idiot.


My most general advice for people on the road be it riders or drivers, don't ride/drive on the side of big trucks. Stay behind or in front if you have the choice, preferably at a distance. Stay safe out there fellow fans.


You should only pass trucks on the driver’s side so they can see you, as opposed to the passenger side. Especially if you’re a biker, where you got a lot more to lose from an accident.


And, not to say this was what caused this or it was his fault, but don't go beside a truck unless you can immediately clear it. The last place you want to be if a truck suddenly needs to bail or swerves for whatever reason is next to it. Pass the truck immediately.


One of the only 2 time's I've ever been stopped by police in the 8 years I've been driving was when I passed a flat-bed that looked like the metal bars it was hauling weren't all that secure. I typically drive at 115 km/h on the highway (max is 100, but police here tolerate people going up to 120), but I passed it at 130-135. Cop pulled me over shortly after but when I explained why I wanted to pass it ASAP he just gave me a warning. At 35 km/h over in a 100 zone you are typically deducted 3 demerit points and fined 150$. I only had a possible 4 demerit points at the time, and had lost 2 from the only other time I got pulled over just a couple months before (wasn't used to that car's acceleration yet, was at 125 kmh) so I would have lost my license.


115 km/h is 71.46 mph


Are there not laws stating that you are only allowed to overtake on one side? We have them here.


Not fully applicable in every region and every road situation. On the basis of driver side alone not being consistent per region (let alone per country) to coincide with two-way travel sides also being different...


What? You're telling me that in a country there are people who drive with different sided wheels and the roads aren't all driven on the same side? If you drive on the right, your steering wheel is on the left and you overtake on the left, if you drive on the left, your steering wheel is on the right and you drive on the right.


Here in Japan, if it’s a wide street with like 6-8 lanes (counting both directions), people just do whatever they please and pass you left and right if they can. Not that there are that many like that but I live near one.


Taiwan probably does have laws on this, but laws don't mean much on the road if they aren't, or can't be easily enforced. The main method of transportation there is via scooters. [Here's a random video I found of a guy living there discussing the topic.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wllHZUKwSKQ)


Australia has keep left laws but are not enforced. I've never seen someone get pulled over even doing 40km less than the speed limit in the "fast" lane.


Also, present yourself audibly if you have to pass large vehicles. As a rider, you don't exist for anyone if you're not seen, and they're all larger than you.


For as much as straight pipes are a nuisance to those around, particularly in city/residential streets, they certainly alert other drivers to where you are. I miss my dad's old Fish-tails on his 1969 Pan-Shovel Harley (1948 frame btw). Ain't nothing in the world that sounds like it. Damned Quebec road laws.


My only problem with that is that you're mostly directing that noise behind you. I'm not sure how effective it is to alert drivers ahead of you, but it sure does a lot to annoy all the pedestrians around, so I don't know if it's worth it.


We're not talking obnoxiously loud, rather just loud. Also, in traffic conditions, where this is necessary, sound bounces off cars, and walls, making it reach before you, it really does. Whenever i'm about to bypass a taxi or a city bus, i rev once, for example. Just enough to make my presence known. Several times, i've received thumbs up from the bus drivers, they're equally thankful for not bolting mad from nowhere, frightening them.


People always forgot how big [blind spots on trucks](https://www.truckingwatchdog.com/2017/01/25/why-these-4-blind-spots-in-trucks-are-still-a-huge-safety-problem/) are.


If I'm ever close to a truck I floor it to pass them. I hate driving next to them. ​ One time I was trapped in the middle lane between two trucks for like 5 miles cuz the bozo ahead of me didn't wanna go faster. It was awful.


5 miles is 8.05 km


Rest easy now, fellow Miofa, 19 is way too soon.


May he rest in peace.


Horrible. May he find peace, and his work be remembered. Be careful while driving, always.


the scooters and bikes in taipei are crazy. i bought my mask well before covid because i could still taste the exhaust in my throat when i got home after walking down the street at rush hour. rip bro


He was such a young boy, a full life ahead of him. A horrible thing to happen. For every rider in our community, please observe the rules. I know it sometimes seems a hassle, i understand the frustration that sometimes plagues us, but seriously, it's not worth it.


Rest in peace, fellow overseas-bro. May you be remembered.


Riding in a motorcycle is much more dangerous than in a car. The NHTSA reports that 13 cars out of every 100,000 are involved in a fatal accident, but motorcycles have a fatality rate of 72 per 100,000. The highest proportion (42%) of motorcycle accidents between a car and motorcycle happen when a car is turning left. This is dangerous because the motorcycle may be struck while going straight through an intersection, trying to pass the vehicle, or trying to overtake the car. In many cases, motorcycles are trying to pass a car within the same lane and the car driver cannot see or expect the motorcycle’s maneuver. You have only 1 life, so you need to take care of it. Once it's gone, it's gone.


As a rider myself, I know all too well the dangers of the road on two wheels. May Calli take him to where his wolf goddess will watch over him under the sky of time. Here are some of the comments in both the news report video and some of the videos on his channel. ___ 狼媽的孩子都是好孩子 The children of the wolf-mother are all good boys and girls. ____ Mio媽媽的好孩子 Mio-mama's good child(ren). ____ 辛苦了!大哥! You did good, brother! (Literal: You worked hard, big brother! This entire sentence is equivalent to the Japanese "Otsukare, aniki", where "big brother" isn't a family relation but an informal term of respect)


RIP o7






I hope he gets a shout out from Mio, though that might be asking too much.


A little recognition is alright


That really sucks.. may he rest in peace after his hard work for the community


RIP (I sent a wholesome award because that's the only thing I have so pls don't get the wrong idea)


F I never knew about this guy, but I’m sure that helped many people with his translations. Rest in peace.


If Hololive had a salute and an anthem I'd do it.


Damn. I don’t know the guy but knowing we share the same interests, I can’t help but feel some kind of connection with him. He was 19 and in university too. May he rest in peace.


Have a good rest, MVP.


Rest in peace...


Rest in Peace Hololive fan. He was too young to pass away. Edit: I hope his friends and/or family will not sell the bike.


Jesus holy fuck….


I sincerely hope it was but flashes of confusion, pain, and then nothing, before What Follows After greets him well. Far too young. Wished it never happened, but it did, so I can only wish that it went quickly. Hope his What Follows After is a timeline where Hololive is a cornerstone of it, and happiness comes forth.


I dunno about you guys but there is something uniquely and indescribably upsetting about seeing a custom made Ookami Mio bike that someone died on. Like ive heard stories of Vtuber fans dying before, but this just makes it feel way too real. Fuck


I may not have known about you before but thank you for helping out on translations so that everyone could experience Hololive. Rest In Peace my friend and may your next life be gifted with good fortune.


Hate to see anyone in this community gets hurt, just like those Taiwanese comments said, all hololive fans are brothers and sisters


ご愁傷様です。 Requiescat in pace.


Holy shit, that's heavy. May he rest in peace. Wherever he is, I hope he is in a better place.


As someone who has lost loved ones to traffic accidents, its a really horrible thing to go through. I feel for the family and people personally affected by the loss here - we lost one of the dedicated fans in the community today, this sucks :(


Oh this fucking sucks, this sort of news ruins my day... RIP bro


R.I.P. Fellow fan. Keep some seats warm for us so we can all watch and talk about our favorite gals when it's our time.




Rest in peace, good friend. I hope we get to meet someday, wherever that may be.


Poor guy…


May this man ride in peace. Sucks to lose a fellow rider and Holofans.


Fly high brother, fly high


Thank you for your support. Please rest in peace.


Too soon man, he's so young


May he ride in heaven. So long, Space Cowboy.


Rest in peace fellow kaigai-niki. I guess a higher power wanted your work by His side. Please continue your love and passion in the afterlife.


Rest in peace. Hopefully you're at a better place somewhere. o7


rest with matsuri, sweet prince.


o7 friend. May you find many waifus in the next world.


Rest in Peace Bro.








Rest in piece fellow holofan




May one of our fallen brethren rest in peace.


Rest in peace niki hope you meet coco in isekai


This is why my dad doesn't encourage his kids to ride a bike. RIP


Damn. Rest in peace, fellow overseas bro. o7


Rest in Peace fellow Miofa o7


Rest in peace, brother o7


All of my respects go to you! RIP.




i've heard that the road system in taiwan is a mess. what an unfortunate dude.


May he rest in peace. Seriously, be really careful especially with trucks around. Trucks have huge blindspots and unless you're in a car, the drivers may won't even know they already ran you over like the driver who ran over our Taiwanese friend here.








Rest In Peace


Rest in peace


Rest in peace buddy




Rest of peace, Barbecue Man.


A real shame. I respect riding motorcycles, but my father made me promise him I never would. He said it wasn't me he didn't trust, but the danger from others. ​ RIP.


May he rest in peace, taken way too soon.


Rest in peace




I wonder if this news has reached Mio yet if at all?


May he rest watching every alternate version and future hololive videos.


RIP o7




All I’m going to say is: it sucks that this is a common occurrence, especially here in England where lorries can weigh up to 40 tonnes, may he rest in peace and may Mio bless him, even in the afterlife. Godspeed you magnificent man


Rest in peace


May he Rest In Peace :(




I feel bad, man… here in Malta, incidents and accidents related to motorcycles are quite common, with most victims ending up going to the ER almost dying. May the Taiwanese Hololive translator rest in peace. >!And also, this fan can save many other lives, by the way. Doctors may ask his family whether they can donate his organs so as to save many lives of his body type. Organ donation can still take place after the deceased; the doctors, in question, can go to the family of the deceased and ask them for such a thing… though it can be challenging.!<


Brother taken too soon. I feel Bad.


Rest In Peace brother


That's tragic. Rest well, brother.


Rip. Wish his family all the best. ❤️


I seen the aftermath of when a person goes under a big rig and i hope this guy's body turned out better than from what i have seen from similar accidents before.


It hurts so much when you see what these people leave behind. It's like when you see the picture of a Mario Lamp tied to an article of a deceased child. It hurts tenfold to think about someone's death when you see their belongings because it adds so much personality to that dead person. I hurt tenfold when I heard of Etika's death and they said they found his Switch. It's so... messed up and sad to me somehow. I'm sure other people know what I'm talking about, I'm not the only one feeling that way. It's especially painful when that object is related to something you like a lot, like Videogaming or in this case HoloLive.


May he Rest in Peace.


o7. May you rest in peace


Rest in peace brother. As a rider, it’s always hard to hear about the death of a fellow rider. May he have all the time to watch Hololive in the hereafter. Rubber side down. o7




19 years old...so young...Rest in peace.


Rest In Peace Brotha, truck-kun has gone too far this time...


There is a time and place for jokes, this here is neither.


May he rest in piece.




Thank you for posting about this and providing more details. I thought no one talked about it before seeing this post. May our comrade rest.


As someone living in london and sometimes cycling, keep an eye on any black cabs or uber drivers, they don’t know that cycle lanes exist and will have at least a very close call with you.


Condolences may he have been isekaied to a better timeline.


Rest in peace fellow Hololive fan.May you live a great life over in the isekai world fellow fan.


Let him isekai into Holoworld.




What the fuck?


What did he say to receive this many downvotes? Genuinely curious.


Insensitive bastard made a comment about the victim’s bike, saying that the Youtube money was well spent. Properties over human life essentially.


I expected the comment to be pretty bad, but damn does this guy have a fucked up mindset.




Wtf is wrong with u? A guy just died and ur fking memeing his death with an overuse joke by now