CNN is shook that people in Taiwan aren’t falling for their warmongering propaganda

CNN is shook that people in Taiwan aren’t falling for their warmongering propaganda


It's the same with the Koreas, most people don't think there will be a war, but CNN sounds more scared than actual Koreans. Paranoia over war on the other side of the world is largely an American thing. There isn't nearly as much of it here in my part of Europe, unless the conflict is somewhat nearby.


Cause they already have the red flag under their beds ready to go 😎


I'm pretty sure it's only the younger generations of Taiwanese who, having grown up poisoned by Japanese and American bullshit, think otherwise. The older folks still remember who they are and where they're from. The younger ones... well... 井底之蛙属实是 And this is sadly the same for so many Asian countries.


They're actively creating a new identity in Taiwan, I've heard things like "Austronesian", "northern edge of ASEAN", "mixed race with aborigines", etc.


Yea it does seem that way. My parents’ Taiwanese friends are all quite chill and interesting people. They may not love the CPC, but they’re not like some of the younger generation who acts like they’re a whole different ethnicity and therefore better than the mainland Chinese lol. Some of the younger Taiwanese are literally insufferable and think they’re basically honorary white people. I saw a few of them come onto some discord servers I’m on with mostly white / Asian Americans begging people to sign a petition to ask the White House to “protect Taiwan better”. A lot of them are more pro America than most Americans I know.


If only they experienced the White Terror by Chiang Kai-shek.. then they'd know not to trust the west and their lies.


it really is strange to me that asia is not banding together like europe when we have the anglo nations (us and uk) that enjoy screwing around outside their borders.


What was the extent of the White Terror?


40 years of martial law, 140,000 imprisoned, 4,000 executed, unknown number of extrajudicial killings (at least 15,000, probably much higher).


> And this is sadly the same for so many Asian countries. Where I am


> And this is sadly the same for so many Asian countries. Don't know why some users in this sub like to repeat this piece of propaganda so much. Here are some hard facts that contradict your severely warped view of the planet: [1](https://www.arabbarometer.org/2021/01/u-s-chinas-competition-extends-to-mena/), [2](https://archive.vn/cQeYA), [3](https://archive.vn/Uz1oe), [4](https://archive.vn/zahoI). It's typical of western disinformation to pretend that this isn't the case. That you fell for it shows that you have been propagandized, no matter how much you want to pretend you didn't. This is why this sub is in no position to lecture China about "how to make propaganda" at all. A group of users in this sub are so mentally conditioned by consuming non-stop western propaganda, that they can only see the world through the lens of western propaganda. This group of users is propagandized, they don't understand reality. It's great that China is led by far, far smarter people, and that Chinese society in general is way smarter and more sophisticated than this group of users around here (most of them stuck under western regimes, bombarded with propaganda 24/7). I don't know why some users here become incredibly obsessed about propaganda (to the point of absorbing propaganda), instead of mostly ignoring it and using their time better, like Chinese people do.




What I really love about this is how its the reverse of what happened in the cold war. During the cold war against the USSR, East germany was the front line, so the west gave shitloads of money to west germany to make it prosperous, and make east germany and eastern europe envious of the luxuries that capitalism *supposedly* brought ( in reality it was just huge infusions of cash and capital to west germany, japan, etc ). Now in this new cold war, the reverse is happening: Taiwan is one of the front lines, and ppl there see how prosperous socialism in China is doing, and wouldn't mind reunification because it can and would bring more material prosperity.


CNN Reporter’s brain: these people are brainwashed. I know what’s best for these people


Why should normal Taiwanese citizens be worried, we only care about making sure DPP and Tsai pay for their crimes. :D


CNN probably went to Thailand thinking it was Taiwan.


just think about this, american media is actually angry that chinese aren't wanting to kill each other. fucking disgusting


CNN : We need more funding 😫 State Dept : But........😟


CNN is SWAT'ing China... exactly the same thing as calling the Police, and reporting you've got a gun and you're going to kill everyone in a house.


I feel like this is the reason why mainland haven't invaded