Xi stresses need for China to expand talent pool, attract tech professionals

Xi stresses need for China to expand talent pool, attract tech professionals


visa program plsssssssssssssss


The biggest obstacle to me seriously considering working in China is the language. And it's a fucking big ass obstacle. I have a tiny American brain so the idea of learning any new language is daunting, let alone fkin Chinese.


> I have a tiny American brain so the idea of learning any new language is daunting, let alone fkin Chinese. The key is to learn it in small parts.


Just send your CV.


To who? Xi isn't replying my emails :/


China no longer has to suffer 'the brain drain.'


that won't be easy. one major reason is how difficult it can be to enter china. the requirements should probably be relaxed.


This doesn't really apply to the vast majority of people. If you're just a junior tech professional they have enough of those in China already. They're looking for people in more senior positions who can have a greater effect on the team. Those people will not have an issue getting a visa. But I doubt they will make it easier for people with no skills to live and work in China.


IIRC, the policy is as follows to get an easy permanent residence: Bachelor's degree in a high-demand tech field Master's degree in any tech field Doctorate degree in any field I don't know if that was just the legislative proposal or what they will actually pass into law.


Hello I'm here President Xi. Many of us would like to come and be perm residents too.


Please send your CV.




Just send your CV.


"If you are a techie, show me your talent and Join us in China for a shared future."


Just wondering as I have never looked into this, I work in the US in the field of insurance risk/data science with around 3 years of full time experience. What would my prospects be in China? Any websites or resources I can start looking into


You can check out insurance companies in China for example PICC. Data is big in insurance and China loves data analytics. You can also see if you can work with international companies where they’ll match your salary in the US. One of my friends dad works for GE in Shanghai and his salary is matched and get food/living allowance which is enough for him to rent a flat in Shanghai. I am unaware if there are any firms that specifically matches you to jobs there but I’m sure there are plenty given how globalized Shanghai shenzhen and Beijing are.


I reckon you'd have to speak and read Chinese at the very minimum.


Anybody got the full article? I can't read unless I pay.




China needs to change its immigration policies and become an immigrant nation. There will be significant cultural and ethnic challenges, but becoming an immigrant nation has undeniable advantages, chief among them the ability to set up your own brain drain (counteracting opponent ones) and have a new and substantial source of population growth. So long as the core culture remains strong and assimilation proceeds smoothly, immigration is always a net plus. Part of the reason the Tang dynasty was so great is that it was multicultural (at least in the capital city) and able to leverage the unique technologies and cultural facets of many different cultures for all aspects of the state. China could start by offering easy and incentive paths for Chinese diasporans to return (overseas Chinese of any of China's 56 recognised ethnic minorities plus Han). These people are most easily re-integrated into China while providing important skills and are of a substantially large population. Eventually, China could start allowing regular immigration of non-ethnic-Chinese foreigners. There are a decent few socialists and communists who would be willing to go to China and see if its worth staying indefinitely. Of course, immigration policies should be aimed more at high skill immigrants. And no more of this "short term work" only stuff. Foreigners who are willing to become culturally Chinese and work in China should be offered a direct path towards citizenship, as Western nations do.


Next thing you know they start demanding government reforms and democracy. Great example [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/HongKong/comments/2hys6f/district_councillor_paul_zimmerman_and_his_yellow/).


That's is why cultural assimilation is necessary. Mass immigration without cultural assimilation can be fatal. Political worldview is determined by one's environment, including cultural environment. If a person grows up in a culture that focuses on collectivism and meritocratic spirit (rather than invidiualism and democratic spirit) then they will support China's meritocratic government style over Western liberal democracy.


I agree. I wonder if that is what Xi meant (creating H1B like system) for BRI countries


There goes Silicon Valley!


Let me back in to be a social worker