Percentage of Americans who agreed on the following statements like Troop deployment on china, Defense budget and drone strikes

Percentage of Americans who agreed on the following statements like Troop deployment on china, Defense budget and drone strikes


Love watching racism and imperialism die in time through data


Remember the hippies? I don’t know if it’s gonna die out. Warmongering is like their national past time


Hippies became conservative because as they became older than became a stakeholders one the system and this had an invested interest in its survival. Millennials and Zoomers have been larger denied that opportunity. I’m not saying that the newer generations will inevitably become communist, but they have more reasons to be skeptical of the status quo.


I do, the hippies didn't become leaders of the establishment lol America has a lot more communists than y'all think


Maybe a bunch of libleft, just like they had in the 60s. Regardless they’re extremely hostile toward existing socialism and think that the CPC are Nazis. People like Bernie Sanders and others claim that they were radical in their youth, just to grow up and become the solid left flank of American empire.


Do you think young people have become leaders of the establishment? I would like you to explain how you think the anti war movement in the 60s and now are different


Yeah, about 5 or 6 more. Never forget how much of a minority actual communists are in the U.S. I'm excluding succdems, Trots, and anarchists from my count.




Muricans talk tough about China until there is a war fought about it. When muricans come back in body bags and nothing is accomplished they scurry their tails out of there.


Fox will convert them into one sooner or later. If not they make Americans navel gazing isolationist...


Fox will take years off their worthless lives anyways, fox feeds them constant outrage and fear because it maximizes viewership. Being constantly outraged, fear and filled with hatred can't possibly be healthy for you.


Old drones who don't have to fight in wars anymore (and probably never have) are more fine with sending the young die for their oligarch overlords. Also easier to manipulate with old cable TV propaganda. Within a few years, they're gonna have a hard time understanding why their beloved imperialist system, that they were led to blindly trust for decades, is crumbling around them.




Looks like there’s some substance to the boomer hate


Why would you ever think they are more reasonable than the younger generation.




>Lots of the younger generation are just irresponsible. Too many indulge in alcohol and drugs. It's almost like that has nothing to do with people being reactionary or not.


It's almost like reality there is so fucking depressing and alienating to them that they seek escapism because otherwise they feel hopeless.


>Too many indulge in alcohol and drugs Perhaps they have to resort to those things because of the system they grew up in.




That's sad that younger white people aren't actually better than their older counterparts.


They always start off rational and age eats their brain and they become war drum beating old fucks


It's more like the older generations grew up during the cold war era when propaganda was strongest. Also the younger generations are facing the full brunt of neoliberalism.


true, but propaganda is still very strong today among the youth, just in different ways. Source: university student who sees anti communist and anti China propaganda on a daily basis


And they had more access to information via the internet. Older generations relied on what the government controlled media tells them at the time.


Age, disillusionment, boredom, and frustration will turn many of us bitter and cynical. Boredom is the worst factor in my opinion, and to this day we don't really have a solution for it. As more people live longer and longer, we get bored longer and longer as well.


It's a gerontocracy after all


A deeply flawed survey. What, did they approach 10 people in each city of a million?


Young people are the hope.


Such contrast compared to the teens in Taiwan and Hong Kong if asked the same questions.


I won’t bet on it given how much money has been pushed to control digital media space by the west. The younger generation are so brainwashed or could it be we’re so censored on the digital media space to follow and support the evil industrial military complex narrative from the west.


Gen Z is ready to take over the world.