Regime-change hawk John Bolton says Russia is making ‘BIG MISTAKE’ by getting closer with China rather than Western powers

Regime-change hawk John Bolton says Russia is making ‘BIG MISTAKE’ by getting closer with China rather than Western powers


Lol Bolton trying to stay relevant. Even Trump thought him a moron, and it was one of the few things he got right.


Unfortunately he still commands a lot of influence with the Republicans and the hawks.


“To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” Henry Kissinger said this not Russians lol


Think about it. If Russia is making a big mistake, why would Bolton want to let them know they are making a big mistake?


How is Russia supposed to get closer to the West when the West, led by the United States, is constantly beating it with a club? John Bolton is criminally insane and should be locked up. He has nothing valuable to say.


And Putin said US is making a huge mistake in picking fight with China


Common man, how dumb do you think Russians are?


Clearly he thinks they are pretty dumb. That's the problem with tards like Bolton though; they're fucking stupid. Anyone who isn't borderline mentally retarded sees right through horseshit like this.


Translation: our regime is facing collapse, we need other countries to commit suicide else the incompetent american regime has nowhere to go. China and Russia having the ability to completely annihilate america is a blessing for humanity. Both countries already saved the world from fascism, and they are doing it again. That horrendous settler regime should be kept in check as it declines.


Japan, Australia, and many others seem happy to commit suicide for the USA - or at least their bought-and-paid leaders are happy to sacrifice their countries to line their bank accounts.


1. When have neocons ever been right about anything? 2. Washington had its chance to make Russia an ally during the Yeltsin years. Too bad they only helped to loot it. 3. Wolfowitz Doctrine 4. Atlantic Council


Number of times John Bolton's been right about anything: 0 make of that what you will Russia.


“I think Russia’s greatest security lies in moving West, not moving East,” Yeah, you strange little man (Bolton), you've made that perfectly clear with NATO.


I wish the Western ex-imperialists would give it a rest already. I am tired of this BS. I grew up in Australia but I've seen through the hypocrisy, ironically due to the negative media coverage following Covid. Streisand effect or something. I am actually considering moving back to China in the future but I am worried that I won't fit in or they won't accept me because I am a foreign national. Oh, to be an immigrant. One foot in each world yet belonging to neither. Sigh. Ok end rant.


i'm glad bolton is now powerless.


He works for the MIC. His hands are red with blood.


they tried that in the 90s. Basically bent over backwards to appease their new friends, the West, and they got BURNED. HARD. So fuck off Bolton you washed up cunt.


It is the west that made big mistake leaving Russia no other choice


Send Bolton to the front line to fight, since he likes wars so much.


Was he asked why he was the one responsible for making that mistake when he was in the Trump admin?






Someone call the asylum and ask them if they have a patient gone missing 🙌


Regime-change Ghoul John Bolton.


This warmonger will never be happy until the world's on fire