We ALL know what the CIA is up to...

We ALL know what the CIA is up to...


Can someone explain this comic. I’m missing what it’s getting at.


The CIA is, as of right now, recruiting speakers of Chinese. There's a club with spikes hidden behind the paper.


Are there really job postings?


CIA is recruiting Chinese speaking agents to prepare to attack China. not much more to it.


Data is the new oil and China is the new Saudi. They're not doing it because of a war, they're doing it because of the IMF.


And to try to drum up civil unrest in mainland China. Separatist movements. Any sort of anarchist or fascist or just bomb-throwing organization. Gangsters. Picture Biden and Blinken in the room. The CIA guy for China comes in and says, "I've been listening to your speeches boys, and I know a way to save us a lot of money! We'll just get the Chinese to fight each other." Then he'll cite all of the places in South America where that tactic worked. A few other places too. Secretary Blinken, "But what about Cuba? Why have your tactics never really worked in Cuba?" CIA guy, "They're too small and everyone knows everyone there. All of the good assets like to live in Miami." Blinken, "Fair enough. We've been undermining China's efforts to establish turn-key businesses and infrastructure along the One Belt One Road, but I'd like to turn it up a notch and hit them in mainland China." CIA guy goes home, has his best intel analysts watch triad gangster movies for weeks to study up, but most of them watch (Edit: more movies) *Rush Hour 2, Big Trouble in Little China,* and *The Golden Child* instead because the subs are lousy and they don't like reading subtitles.


Spy recruitment operation 👌


It's poking fun at how CIA's recruitment requirement is as low as simply knowing a chinese language.


This recruitment requirement says to speak Shanghainese, Southern Min, Northern Min, Hakka ...... These dialects we Chinese don't speak much ourselves ......


Yeah, but the CIA doesn't know that. Most of those guys don't even have a token Asian friend, and they think they'd lose their security clearance if they went to China.


I don't think this is anything to joke about though. The fact that the Americans are trying to woo people with fluency in both putonghua and these dialects means that they can be used for very sinister purposes, such as spreading misinformation among the various dialect groups. Because the misinformation is delivered in a dialect they are familiar with, people will be more likely to believe the propaganda and misinformation that is being spread. The Chinese dispora in particular still use dialects heavily. You can hear most Southeast Asian Chinese speak Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese, Teochew, Hakka, etc. They are prime targets for a concentrated misinformation campaign waged by the Americans.


They don’t trust Chinese Americans Any Chinese American in CIA will get targeted for investigations even if they keep their heads down and get no promotions Any time they have a screw up they will be looking for a Chinese spy in their ranks


This comic fails to mention that there is an additional $300m funding from the state department 👌


China has largely dismantled America's in-country spy networks, same with Iran, Vietnam and Russia so the CIA, etc. have to start over. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/575384-cia-admits-to-losing-dozens-of-informants-around-the-world-nyt


well good thing they focused on droning people and running death squads in the 'war on terror' which turned out so well. well worth their actual spycraft role failling utterly lol


It will be funny to see how much of the CIA's Chinese-speaking division turn out to be moles for the MSS


I know 3/4 (ok, SH not fluently) but I ain't selling my ppl out


Thank goodness they spent the entire budget on an “Attack China” club


YES ,, USA has long history of interfering in other countries internal affairs


List is lacking: * Persian (regime change and destabilization for Iran) * Arabic (ISIS, Al Qaeda, endless wars) * Kurdish (secure bases as well as Israel's oil supply) * Azeri Turkish (destabilize Iran, as well as Israel's oil supply) Among others, such as Spanish for Latin America, etc.


This is so fucking irritating.


Why? This should be expected behaviour by this point.


i thought cia were better than this. not a mechanised churning factory.


"Mechanized churning factory" makes it sound like they make ice cream. What does that phrase mean to you in this context? So, there's pre-Watergate CIA which had some success starting little wars. Containing the communist threat, such as it was. They hired Ivy League cowboys and had a pretty easy time of it switching up papers, dropping pamphlets from planes, selling guns and drugs to whoever said they weren't communist. They started huge corporations to supplement their government budget. Then there was Watergate, and Congress started to pay a little bit of attention to the CIA. The CIA hired kids from the best colleges and started doing the kinds of things white kids who went to college think will bring about democracy. And capitalism. And they started to use outdated maps. For some reason the public still trusted them, and so did the military. However the CIA itself knew that it had messed up some things and the media started to mention CIA and Watergate together all of the time. And Bay of Pigs. Then George Bush Sr. got to be head of the CIA and that was a great big morale boost. They started diversifying their hiring practices instead of just relying on MI6 around then too. They began working more closely with USAID and the State Department. It didn't make them more competent. They're not *good.* The NSA is the big scary intel organization now.


churning means human resource churning. focus on churning through as many low iq translaters means they are very corporate heavy and use human resources like an assembly line. that's what I meant. you should look up the meaning of metaphor. this means they will continue to be very irritating.


The cia has been continuously taken over by white supremacist (FBI report), ironically a product of their own creation. What happens when you continuously create extremist and those extremist start to takeover the organisation? Decline is inevitable at that point. The cia's incompetence as of late and its repeated trend of failure are a result of this.


Double Agent time.


Anyone got an article for what this is referring to? I want to read up about it.


Unrelated, but the anti Chinese memes that came out of nowhere are terrible. Reminds me of the yellow peril garbage all over again. People will say it's different but the effects are somewhat similar. No matter how much some western media says "China and Chinese are bad, but American Chinese/Asians are good". It will still cause big damage.