Just spotted this cheeky dig at EA

Just spotted this cheeky dig at EA


R5: some of the Caravaneer dialogue seems to be making fun of that [infamous EA rep comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_locked/dppum98/?context=3)


Oh my this must be the most downvoted comment on Reddit


It literally is


I did come across it some time ago but didn't downvote it. Now I have.


And now it has my downvote, too.


And my axe! Also my down vote too


And my bow vote


Not sure how I can downvote a three year old comment, but I proudly will!


I think there's an exception for that specific post


You can downvote it because Reddit changed archived posts. Now posts getting archived is optional. Most big subs don’t have archived posts anymore.


I can't beleive it's taken me so long to find that comment. ​ I am now doing my part!


I added mine now


It's been unarchived if you want to add your downvote to the mix


I'm not a gamer really but the Stellaris dev's burn on this is a thing of beauty.


So *that’s* what it references.


I don't play the reliq, caravaneers do. If it's empty I blow up Chor's Compass to smitherines.


Well, that's _one_ way to achieve pride and accomplishment.




Always funny when people give PDX flak over its content policy as it pretty much always boils down to "muh, these literal decades in development of additional content and polishing should have been vanilla in the first place" - but then they turn around and still simp for shitshow companies like EA. I mean PDX is its own piece of work as proven by recent developments and allegations but hell, can't say I feel ripped off for having paid €240 for 4,000 hours of playtime since 2016...


I agree. I mean Stellaris is nearly 6 years old at this point. EU4 is 8 years old. Both games are still being worked on. Yes, you can make an argument that the DLC is sometimes overpriced, although I personally don’t have a problem with that. But I think you have to appreciate how Paradox is committed to tweaking and improving their existing games free of charge, rather than churning out shitty sequels every couple of years. If EA had made Stellaris then we would be on Stellaris 3 right now: they would charge full price for each ‘sequel’, despite them being essentially just updated and re-skinned clones of the previous games. And after 1-2 years on a game they would drop all development, pretend it never existed, and move onto the next cash cow. Oh, and you just KNOW they would charge you actual irl money to interact with the Caravaneers lmao. I know Paradox isn’t perfect - I was really fucking angry and disappointed with the whole Imperator debacle - but I generally feel that I have got more than my money’s worth with them.


I know this wasn’t your main point by a long shot but I’m genuinely shooketh that Stellaris is 6 years old. I still remember day dreaming about the game in high school and reading the dev diaries as they came out.


Holy shit, this game only came out 6 years ago? Goddamn, I was in middle school 6 years ago and hadn't even heard of Steam yet.


What bothers me with pdx is that I still can't freaking change any keybind




I don't think there's an achievement for that one


I love this so much, I don't even mind that it gets reposted every few days


this is one reason that i want to raid chor's compass and just take everything including the grand prize instead of opening reliquaries.


Wait, attacking Chor compass give you the Galactron ? Admiral, prepare our fleet. Today, we will forget our pacifist root. We have a system to purge.


I had a game as Commonwealth of Man, where the AI (United Nations of Earth) had managed to get the Galactron. I had no clue this was where it came from


Please elaborate.


just a rant because the galatron is a very rare event from reliquaries that i WISH to just take down the entire place and search every nook and croony for the galatron. iirc barbaric despoilers have a low chance of taking a relic from their enemy when they bombard/occupy the enemy capital but i am not sure if it would work for chor's compass.


I just destroyed Chor's Compass in my current game to test this. Did not get the Galatron, just some energy and minerals.


you can only get the galatron from reliquaries. i just WISH you can just raid the chor's compass and search every single reliquaries for the galatron. however, gameplay-wise that would be broken so no.