WCGW leaving your toddler unattended while in stroller

WCGW leaving your toddler unattended while in stroller

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Man, that dude insta-ditched his bike to get after that baby


That man is a hero and the mother should pay for the scratches on his bike from laying it down.


Yeh man, I would have just lol'd to myself at the zooming kid then realised on the way home what was happening.


I would have also lol'd to myself, and then three days later wake up at 3 in the morning and realise what was happening.


I would have lol'd loudly, gone home, had dinner, changed jobs, gotten married, had a kid of my own, left it in a scooty-stroller thing unattended next to a steep hill, yelled at a passing motorcyclist for laughing without stopping to help, raised my kid gratefully after a near miss, sent them off to college, restored my old motorcycle, and then driven it off a cliff 25 years later when I realized what was happening.


I can only dream of having reflexes that good.




I dunno man, that ["choosing the guy's dead wife"](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5c79n0/you_can_have_sex_with_one_real_person_from_all_of/d9uf56l?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) one was pretty great


For those that don’t know there was an askreddit question along the lines of: If you could have sex with anyone ever who would it be? Guy wrote a long heartfelt thing about how he’d bang his wife who passed. Next comment: I’d also bang this guys dead wife


Let me just not be lazy and drop the [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5c79n0/you_can_have_sex_with_one_real_person_from_all_of/d9uf56l?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) here


Lmao that's the new "both broken arms" meme, and I'm all about it


Wow incredible. Imagine dreaming. This guy is the real hero


I would have gone my entire life and then gotten to judgment day and God would show me a picture of that baby and then cast me into the fiery depths of hell.


And when hitler and all those hedge fund managers that stole money from the common people would ask me what I said when god showed me that picture and asked me to justify myself, in order to protect my street cred, [I’d go “ biiiiiiiiiitch !”](https://youtu.be/5LGEiIL1__s)


I'm still lol'ing about it now because I never finished the video.


That ending made me laugh to the point I have tears in my eyes. Thank you!


I think people dont give themselves enough credit. Maybe in a crowd it would be easy to do nothing, but if you were alone in that alley with a baby speeding down hill past you, i think youd very likely instinctively rush to stop them - something about being someone’s *only* hope gets us in hero mode. And also, I think the biker might have heard the mom shrieking as he was coming up on them - doubly so when a parent human is in distress about a child, i think.




But it's a really a pretty descriptive word for it. The kid is strolling :)


They hatin'


Ridin' dirty for a baby in a stroller means something totally different.


Applying this meaning to the original song improves it for me now.


My diaper smells bad, and heavy


Kid was rolling.. it’s actually a walker.


Must be a rebel walker. The imperial walkers don’t have wheels.


I literally don’t know what the hell that means.


True, but strolling is basically synonymous to walking :)


Little dude is straight strolling balls.


Baby walker?


I probably would have flipped em off for cutting my path off too


“Heh, those darn zoomers”


"lol that baby looks like its having fun" *carries on driving*


Seriously, if that stroller flipped forward at that speed, the baby would’ve been seriously hurt.


I’m sure a guy like that would not mind the scratches.


In this case, they are called battle scars.


“You see this dent right here? Thats when I ditched the bike to run after a baby down the street” “Get the fuck outta here” “I swear to God”


Alternatively he can shorten it and just say they’re from that time he ran a baby down on the street.


Almost true story!


I’d argue technically completely true, as long as you’re intending “ran down” as chasing. Not his problem if other people interpret it another way heh


*Baby rolls up around the corner* "IT'S TRWUE!!!" "Damn it baby! Where is your mom!?!?!"




Not all heroes wearing capes, some wearing red shirt with helmet. His adrenaline saves the toddler from injury.


You know his shirt is blue though right?


It's clearly gold.


If it's just cosmetic I'd leave it as a bad ass battle scar. > Wtf happened to your bike? > *Oh I jumped off of it to save a kid's life as he/she went rolling down a hill. No biggie, the kid is absolutely fine thanks to my quick actions.*


This sounds like everyone elses excuse for “why they had to lay their bike down”.


I sprained my ankle fighting off a bear that was trying to eat a pregnant lady and a nun. Had nothing to do with falling out of my office chair.


Those scratches are like a badge of honor!


Yes he just laid it down. True hero.




Combat ditched the rucksack too


Seriously, bikers don't take laying their bikes down on the ground lightly. Yet he slammed on his brakes (you can see the rear tire lock up and slide) and gave no second thoughts to his own bike dropping it. He made that baby the #1 thing in his world that moment.


I can only wish I'd do the same in his position...but wouldn't be sure my brain would just snap over to what's most important so fast. I definitely would normally be very careful about ensuring the bike is stable before ever hoping off (I mean one often goes so far as to carry a puck one places under the kick stand so it doesn't sink into say, hot asphalt on a sunny day and tip over). Just DUMPING the thing and springing into action for someone else in a literal heartbeat...yeah man, this guy's just wired right. Cellular level hero. F'in A.


I couldn't either until I became a dad. While childless and carefree I was really protective about my bike and stuff like that. Old priorities: - Living life - Bike safety - Your own safety Enter kids... New priorities: - Kids, my own - Kids, others - - Coffee - I guess other stuff? So now there are a lot of self sacrifice before conscious thought and other broken things. But the kid is... Well, not undamaged but at least alive. Those little buggers are fast as F*CK!




And the woman up above just standing there watching for a good minute.


Fear can do that. Sometimes you just freeze.


Some people freeze. Some people act. We see both here in this video.


I'm no expert, but I believe that even the same person may react differently, depending on the circumstances


Fear, and she sees someone else running to help. Could be a way of the brain to remove some stress.


That is a different person. The lady (‘mom’) comes running and passes whoever that first person is while they’re “frozen”. You can see at the end that person nonchalantly turns around and walks away, as ‘mom’ and biker hero walk up the drive.


That guy was incredible.


Straight up laid his bike down to save that kid. Not a lot of people would do that


Dumped the bike and his bag, guy went full *"my people need me"*


I want to say that I'd do that, and logically I'd definitely choose to do that. But in the moment with milliseconds to think, I only hope I'd do it.


Ive use to always wondered this sort of thing. Often when I have food. E.g. if im holding a particular good burger and munching away i found myself wondering if I would instinctively drop the burger in the split second. I dont like making mess and I sure as hell dont wana waste this damn delicious burger. I say use to because a couple weeks ago my 3yr old pushed her legs against the table which tilted her chair. I didn't even notice my poor delicious burger down my front until it was too late. I guess as consolation my 3yr old didnt fall and crack her head open but the burger was not redeemable. The point being.. you would do it. Theres no time to think so you will.


She's gonna be hearing about that burger she ruined for the rest of her life, isn't she?


Haha I mean at least until she replaces it :p


Well if she's anything like her old pop, she will definitely shell it out one day.


I'd probably high side myself and make things worse.


>”just to save a kid” Lmao




He did hahahahah


I think most people would, but probably wouldn't have been able to react as quickly / ran to the kid as quickly. This guy was fast as hell and only just got there in time.


That was more or less what I was getting at. Instead of stopping to put his kick stand down or anything, he just dropped the bike to save the kid. I feel like a lot of people would have attempted to save the child, but maybe not with the same amount of urgency this guy had




This is how goku learned gohan had hidden abilities. He saved himself by flying through an apple tree lol.


Good bike man.


A good Samaritan ! I bet this guy is a father too. idk?


Father senses kicked in for sure.






People gonna get made about me but hope his bike has frame sliders cause that didn't not look like a gentle road to lie your bike down.


It was for good reason.


kudoz to the bike man, judged the situation and saved the day.




For real, I can only dream of having the reaction times of this hero


I mean when you see a baby in danger you'll try to save it. I dropped a brand new to me surfboard to catch a child that wanted to fly off their dad's shoulders at a beach crossing.


That looked like a walker to me not a stroller


Those aren't legal in Canada anymore precisely for this reason >Health Canada banned baby walkers in 2004, and for 15 years before that, major retailers had agreed to respect a voluntary ban. Under the ban, you can’t buy a new or used baby walker in Canada, and people who already own one are advised to dismantle them and throw them out. If you sell, advertise or import a baby walker, you face a fine of up to $100,000. 


As a baby, (in the 80s) I went for a trip down the stairs in one of those walkers. My teenage sister jumped in the way and stopped me from going through some loose windows leaning on the wall at the bottom. She still has scars on her back from falling back into the glass.


Damn, Rockstar sister right there.


Let her know that on this day I upvoted her heroism


Props to yer sis, she’s the best


Aren’t they also super unhealthy for development? I think I read something about them being really bad for babies.


True, my parents put my brother on those and it took longer than usual for him to walk independently.


Yes they are, so are bouncers and jolly jumpers.


The only time in 35 years the ambulance came to my house of 3 kids was when my little brother went over a step in one of these and we thought he gouged his eye out.


Yeah, so it's a baby, not a toddler. You gotta watch those, especially if you're not used to them moving around very quickly.


Yeah they have a propensity to do the unexpected. But letting a baby walk near a hill in a walker is probably a bad idea for just this reason right here.


I was thinking the baby came out of its yard with surprising speed.


Babies and toddlers will try whatever they can to try to kill themselves. There's a reason most parents of young kids look drained all the time. You can't switch off.


You shouldn’t use those at all. They are banned in several countries, and for good reason.


Back in the 90s my infant brother was in one of these. It collapsed with him in it, he fell forward, shitwhipped his face on the tray of it, and then was stuck underneath it by his legs.


Babies tripping in them (over rug edges etc.) can cause horrendous injuries.


Our Dr also said even the safer, newer model walkers when used in a safe place slow a child’s gross motor development. Better just to skip them all together.


They are incredibly dangerous. ...if you have stairs or do super dumb stuff like this. If you keep the little bumpers on them and you watch them, and you don't let them second floors, they can be OK. Problem is that most people that use them just put the kids in there and walk away thinking that their OK.


Baby walkers are also dangerous bc kids have greater reach/access to more things they didn’t have access to before. And most parents don’t realize all the new things they have access to so they might end up hurting themselves. Most pediatricIans suggest you do NOT use them.


Wasn't there some study saying it messed with gait development or is that just another heard on reddit rumour running around?


That’s at least what our pediatrician told us. After we stopped the walker our baby’s crawling and self-exploration abilities exploded. She said she sees a couple kids per year that are at standing age that are afraid to put weight on their legs because they’re used to their butt in the walker seat doing the, pun intended, heavy lifting. We only had our baby in there basically from 6-9mo or so. She’s 13mo now and running around like a bat out of hell


I thought these death-traps were banned in pretty much all western countries like forty years ago. I went down a full flight of stairs in one in about 1978 and my mom STILL beats herself up for it at the mention of the words *walker*, *baby*, or *staircase*. It's time to let that one go, mom, even if it did fuck me up. But I get it. Id feel guilty for decades too if i had made the same mistake. It's basically a Flintstones car with no steering wheel.


How you live


I guess just luck? Maybe i used all my good luck that day and that's why I've had such bad luck throughout life.


I also took a trip down some basement stairs in one of these in 1981. I thought they were banned too.


Def still a thing in the US. I was gifted a walker 3 years ago. I was lucky enough to mention it to my son's pediatrician before having him use it. Immediately got rid of them. They really should be banned.


I'm pretty sure they are banned in Canada, where I am. I would have guessed that in the US at least California would have banned them by now, and Cali banning something for sale usually has a pretty immediate and far-reaching effect throughout the country. In addition to the danger, i also don't really get why why parents of a infant would be in any kind of rush for their kids to start being able to get away from them any sooner. Toddlerhood already comes far too quickly.


During my studies for early childhood teaching we learned about the developmental dangers of walkers, jolly jumpers and the like. Basically some people leave the young children in the for hours because some children love it and parents can get some shit done. However, if I child is still not walking on their own it’s a lot of weight to put on the hips for hours if they aren’t developmentally ready. That’s not saying don’t use it. Just not for hours at a time.


I strongly disagree. The moment I turn my back my baby will ram into my ankles at mach 3, razor scooter level of pain.


They're also pretty shit for the baby's hip bones if you leave them in there for longer than half an hour or so.


They are super dangerous! I had one rule, no baby walkers. Of course my MIL bought one to use at her house. Guess who didn’t get visits.


Isn’t hip dysplasia also an issuer with walkers?


Looked to me like it started going downhill too and Mommy couldn't keep up. I can't imagine the feeling she had knowing she couldn't run fast enough but also trying her to be her fastest.


Yeah they're illegal in many countries for this reason


More of a runner towards the end, then a stopper


Wow, give that man a beer. Insane reaction.


Just beer. The lady should give full repair of bike. If she is decent.


Yeah, agreed. Just a Gift not a reward for saving his toddler.


That’s some awesome situational awareness combined with zero hesitation to act. And I’m over here impressed with myself when I accidentally drop and then catch my phone before it hits the ground


That poor kid's toes/feet. That's a walker, meaning the baby's feet are on the ground dragging. I hope it had shoes on.


These things are just shortcuts to head injuries! Little kids need to crawl before they walk.


I mean the baby probably lifted its feet when it felt any pain so its probably fine.


Having had 3 boys of my own which used walkers, that's not likely what happened. When the walker moves forward, their feet get dragged backwards. The only way they could lift their feet would be to lift it behind them, which is almost impossible for a kid that age, given how they are positioned in the seat.


Toddlers are on constant missions to kill themselves in new and surprising ways. I’m relieved to see most of the comments so far are not casting instant judgment on the mom. ETA: This past Saturday I had to hold my toddler back from climbing out of a ferris wheel while we were at the top of it.


I've learned this from my two nephews... It doesn't matter how much baby-proofing my sister does, those boys ALWAYS find a way to hurt themselves.


"weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" -toddler probably (after 7 people including the baby shit their pants out of excitement.)


My son at just around 1 year old used to love to mock the way I told him "no, don't do that." I learned real quick that I needed to have false dangers for him to tease me with. Like having a low voltage eithernet cord hanging around, so he would go for that and not an actual power cord. That being said... He was cute as hell when he did it... He would run up and do something he wasn't supposed to, and then turn to me and start waving his finger and shaking his butt saying "no, no,no." God, do I miss that little baby laugh of his.


My son got a little toddler slide that is maybe 3 feet tall. He used to climb to the top and stand up. I spent months telling him not to do that and running to grab him before he tried to walk down the slide. One day, I saw him climb up and thought, “I’m going to let him learn why I’ve always stopped him.” Well, he biffed it trying to walk down it (in to a ball pit so not a bad fall). That was the last time he tried that.


My toddler did something similar, cried for 1 second and then tried again 😅


I call mine suicide bombers. Their sole mission in life is to do as much damage to themselves and their environment as possible


Yeah, mom was already running after the kid. She probably had her head turned for a second and the kid saw their chance and took it. Took off.


Even if it was solely the mom's fault, everyone has a lapse in judgement. It doesn't make someone a bad parent. My mom did the same thing once when I was a toddler in a stroller. (She also once did that when I was in a wheelchair as a teenager, heh.) She had to dig for something in her purse, let go for a moment, and there was just enough of a hill for me to start rolling down it. Apparently toddler me thought it was the best ride ever.


That's a hero. When I was around 12 I was at a big zoo in Sweden, huge, I thought anyways, but it's pretty big. I'm sitting and eating by a ledge with some modest fencing to cover the abyss to the left of me. Suddenly my grandmother looks like she's gonna have a heart attack or something but she points to my left and behind me towards the abyss, so I look back and there is this little girl, maybe 2.5-3 years old. She has easily gone through the fence and was literally two steps for a toddler, to fall to her certain death. My grandmother was calling out my name several times I remember, but I was like a monkey in those days, skeeter climbing trees and doing what's not allowed etc so I just fucking rushed over the "fence" and got the girl, saved her life. I remember then her mom came and she was pissed off, at me! I think it was a stress reaction.. anyways that's all I remember, and I think the karma I gained there has kept me alive all these years... But it's kind of running out now, anyway that's another story


Good job! The mother was probably scared to death and desperate to be angry at someone besides herself.


you're a legend mate, I wish you the best of health <3


That was a walker not a stroller and that’s why they are banned in many countries. In Canada they have been banned in 2004. I remember people selling them at street corners though.


There’s even big fines for selling them and/or importing them. There’s also a few studies that show they are pretty bad for leg and spine development.


>There’s also a few studies that show they are pretty bad for leg and spine development. Same goes for jumpers or any other sort of "suspended" baby device


Local to me a baby died after his walker ruled down the driveway and he was struck by a passing car. I can't imagine living with that.


_Hey kids, wanna buy a walker?_


\*Opens an absurdly huge trenchcoat\*


Haha I just made a similar post to this. But yes I remember in Toronto always seeing people set up in the corner of a parking lot or something with a bunch of these spread around. Though my memories go back to before 2003. When my daughter was young I wanted to buy one for her but could not find them anywhere. That's when I found out they were banned.


Every kid born in the 70s including me, has gone down at least one flight of stairs in one of those walkers.


That's the most pointless use of Led Zeppelin I've ever heard.


What an absolute legend the biker is! Well done lad!


Aaand this is why walkers are deemed dangerous, greatly so when the baby is not supervised. I’ve read that babies can stroll 3ft per second easily, a parent/caregiver would not be able to react as fast should the baby is headed to a danger, or toppled a tall heavy object.


this biker is a fucking hero, dont care of his bike he just like not today , not during my watch this baby shall not pass.... confidens in humanity totaly restored😃


Usain Bolt aint got nothing on motorcycle guy saving a baby.


That guys reflexes are superhuman.


So close… I know an escape attempt when I see one.


Lol why is black dog by zeppelin playing


Its a new Tiktok trend to use random Zeppelin songs on video clips.


Can’t tell if my phone is being weird, but... why is Led Zeppelin playing?


Nobody knows, just enjoy the zep


Ya know, what an unexpected yet applauded background music choice Given the annoying shit that gets slapped on reuploaded tiktoks, which have become unavoidable on Reddit, you’re my hero for not using the “oh no no” and robot voiceover


Is something wrong with my device or is the music Black Dog by Led Zeppelin lmao?


It is. While I enjoy the song it doesn't quite fit here haha


Yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever for the content. Which is fine, because it's not annoying. But it really doesn't make any sense


I know this sounds really horrible, but seeing that kid roll down that hill is terrifying in the normal context. However, with this music it made me start dying with laughter. Why was this song added? lmao


It's a step in the right direction but why have music at all? It adds literally nothing to the post's content. It's like watching a show for toddlers where they add a bunch of colors and crazy sounds to keep them engaged but the show doesn't really make any sense. I don't need to be bombarded with random music every time I scroll through reddit to keep my attention


Yeah I wish people would just show the damn clip. I feel like people are just like “look at this cool song I listen to I’m so cool heck yeah”... like fuck off bro at least make a compilation if you’re gonna put in music. And at that rate just a tasteful instrumental that matches the theme of the video would be much better.


The biker dude didn't have to think about it, he was raised right.


Everyone in here talking about saving the baby, nobody talking about his magic backpack that changed the ground from yellow to grey when he dropped it.


Hey hey mama, barely moved.


Have no idea what the song has to do with the video but i love black dog


that dude said FUCK THIS BIKE I MUST SAVE BABY!!!!


Am I the only one who expected a black dog to be the hero in this one?


There's a reason why those things are banned in Canada


That’s not a stroller.


Now this is podracing.


Also not a toddler. OP has never seen a kid before.


That's not a stroller, it's a walker, and it's for inside your house, not for walking along steep slopes outdoors. Nice job, mom. I also want to call out that sweet low-side he pulled off without thinking.


That baby will grow up to be a rally driver.


Those little roller play station things are actually illegal in Canada for exactly this type of reason.


That dude is an angel


That guy is my hero


Some heroes wear bike helmets too


How I Met Your Stepfather


Sometimes people think when they see a video that things didn't happen so fast. When you're in the situation this shit happens fast. That guy is sprung into action really quick with decisive moves.


NGL for a solid second I thought the bike was a zooming toddler


The child wasn’t unattended as noted by the mother running after it. It was just not attended as closely as it should have been. Children have an uncanny way of finding trouble in the most unexpected ways. Expected ways, like this one was, should have provoked closer attentiveness. Glad the little thing was rescued.


That was insanely fast. Almost unbelievable




That’s why those are illegal in canada


That’s not a stroller it’s a walker. Babies/toddlers can’t move themselves in a stroller, whereas they can in a walker. And the amount of infant deaths from walkers is enough they should be banned. All it takes is one stair to flip the thing and break babies neck.


That’s not even a stroller, it looked like one of those things you put them in so they can wander around the house. Yikes.


Great save, but what's with the zep in the background?


Uhhh. Great song and all but weird choice right?


Great guy. But y'all seen the mom just watching the kid go down for a few seconds?


Are we not going to talk about the obtuse soundtrack added to this video? I mean I love Led Zeppelin, but I dont really understand why someone would attach Black Dog to this clip.