Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck :)

Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck :)


OP has posted an update. I've linked it below: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/q8shnc/hello_i_had_the_front_page_post_yesterday_about/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I wonder if boss man was sitting on a stool when he was reviewing the CCTV footage.


They were not sitting on a stool. They were sitting on a $3000 executive office chair. With lumbar support


You know, for *ergonomics* As the actual workers stand on fucking concrete for 12 hours a day, destroying their ankles, knees, hips and lower back for shit pay


> destroying their ankles, knees, hips and lower back for shit pay This needs to be brought up more. [Standing for prolonged periods might even lead to cardiovascular disease.](https://theconversation.com/standing-too-much-at-work-can-double-your-risk-of-heart-disease-83629#:~:text=What's%20more%2C%20research%20has%20shown,contribute%20to%20an%20increased%20risk.) edit to add: I never had varicose veins until I worked at Wal*Mart


The official stance of *Guantanamo fucking Bay* is that being forced to stand for more than four hours is a form of cruel and unnecessary punishment.


And I had to stand for 12+ hour shifts working as a cashier at a little drugstore back in college. I will never understand why employees are forced to stand like that all day, especially when the store is dead. Later on, when I went to work at a print shop the same thing happened. Big fatass who sat in an oversized executive chair that owned the company claimed that sitting would make employees less productive. I say foot, knee, back pain, and fatigued legs make it harder to have the stamina to keep working like that.


The weird thing is apparently this is just a US thing. Every time this comes up, Euros start posting pics of their cashiers sitting in chairs doing the same work. There’s no reason for cashiers to be standing all day.


Aldi cashiers can sit.


Aldi and Trader Joe's are both owned by a German company--this probably has a lot to do with it.


Probably execs not even thinking about it and being like "why would they stand?" The nice thing about a chair is. You also have the option to stand up


It is. Our corporate populous here in the US is comprised of greedy assholes that if they begin losing 1 penny of their take home for the year, they send that shit to Mexico. If you hadn’t noticed tho, since all the covid layoffs and furloughs, most ppl aren’t gonna put up with it anymore. Problem is our government execs are supported by these douche canoes and won’t do anything about it until our economy collapses, and then they’ll still blame the worker. Hurray USA ppppppppp


Can confirm, as a big guy that stood on concrete with a half inch thick carpet, bending stooping and walking around 10+ hours a day 4-5 days a week, I can barely walk now


This shit is a big part of why we have an opioid crisis, too. Constant abuse of workers’ bodies == pain, pain + no time off to heal == painkillers.


Yes, I was hooked on opiates for years because I started taking them because of the pain of having to be on my feet working for endless hours. I would take them to help me get through my shift. Everyone did. You had to when you worked at a place where they don’t give you a lunch or any other break and the only time you’re allowed to sit is on the toilet on your bathroom break, if you can get one. If they could have made me stand to pee they probably would have tried to regulate that too. After I got Achilles tendonitis from all the time standing on hard surfaces and couldn’t walk for a week I realized my body couldn’t take it anymore and I quit but I was still hooked on the pills.


Maybe, but this is mddle management/supervisor energy. High powered executives aren't wasting their time cracking whips, that's what the bootlickers are for. They delegate that nonsense. This boss is definitely sitting, but they're sitting in your typical crappy like $100-$200 office chair at best.


Not only that, but high powered executives (successful ones at least) not only aren’t cracking whips, the aren’t micromanaging like that. They look and see someone’s department has an employee pulling golden numbers and just give a thumbs up and continue on with their day. The higher up you go, the more the only thing that matters are results. High end executives generally don’t give a crap how something is done as long as A) it’s not a liability, B) it doesn’t cost them excess money, and C) it doesn’t take a lot of time out of their day to deal with. They don’t care if someone is sitting or not (unless it’s a customer focused job like retail or hospitality etc)


>They don’t care if someone is sitting or not (unless it’s a customer focused job like retail or hospitality etc) I want the people helping me out to be able to sit.


The guy *is* a stool Edit: stool = stool sample = poop. I didn’t mean tool


A loose stool


You know they were


Nah they authorized themselves the funds to buy a nice chair that no one else gets. Reminds me of my boss who has a leather executive chair and a 3 monitor setup in the office that only he has access to and tells everyone else to use the secondary office with your personal laptop and the cheapest option for a chair/monitor/keyboard on Amazon.


Hell yea!! They sound horrible, treated you like a slave. Not worth your time or effort. Good luck!!


Thank you! It sucks because the job itself wasn’t that difficult, I’d put my headphones in and jam out all day long while packing. I’m just not going to put up with abusive people anymore - in my personal or professional life. I’ve had enough of that. Thank you all SO much for the support! I’m sure I’ll find a new job in no time :)


Good for you! I’ll never understand why so many employers are so drunk on power that they’d rather drive away top performing staff than let that staff do their job with dignity — especially when the dignity costs nothing. Only thing I can imagine to explain it is that so many of us don’t feel like we can afford to walk away, which sucks for us when we’re in that boat, but it makes it all the sweeter whenever any of us *can* afford to walk away. Well done, and good luck — I’m sure you’ll find something good quickly. Edit: Thank you for my award! This is my first ever award on Reddit, and I’m really quite touched to have received it. 😊 2nd edit: things ARE better with a hug! I can’t believe I’ve got two awards in one day. Thank you, kind interneteers! You’ve made my evening. And for a third and fourth edit — you’ve truly made my evening, thank you!


Three words, Fuck you fund. I totally understand that some people can't afford to build one but if you can afford it, you're doing yourself a disservice by not having one.






my coworker actively makes that complaint about new hires fairly frequently. "They need a mortgage or some shit so they show up properly or fear getting fired" when someone isn't obsessed with the job.


Your co-worker is a piece of trash!


It really pisses me off that apparently you can still do your job exceptionally well while sitting, but unless you literally have broken bones (and even then apparently) you’re not allowed to sit? That’s like my boss telling me I need to stand while I do my design work on my computer. That’s some bullshit.


Its just like most clerks/cashiers/tellers in the US they're always forced to stand, where as every other country I've visited or lived in they have fucking chairs.


This has been probably the thing that shocked me most to read from the USA in Reddit. Why the fuck cashiers are expected to stand?!


Certain portion of the USA loves its (hidden/unspoken) class system. People doing these jobs are seen as *less than* and so aren't entitled to comfort or any other things that basic human decency would dictate they should have. They have to stand, because sitting is reserved for their betters. Its completely fucked.


Had a team lead once who broke her foot and still came into work the next day but felt too guilty to sit in a chair despite everyone on the floor telling her to sit her ass down. When the manager came in and noticed the chair she gave the lead a ton of attitude about it. Same job, different location, a few years later we had a very pregnant girl on the floor and the manager there gave her a bunch of shit for sitting in a chair while working as well. It should be pointed out that both of these managers spent most of their shifts sitting in a comfy office chair in the back room, too. It's absurd to me that this is such an average mindset, that even those with real physical limitations are still treated as if they aren't worthy of the most basic accomodations even though they're still performing their jobs.


Best part is that both of those managers were violating the spirit of ADA (assuming USA), if not the letter of the law.


They rely on us disabled folks not having enough cash to sue.


No smiles should be stolen over this idiot and their fuckery! Good on you for being the teacher mate, I bet this person has learned a sharp, quick lesson in humility.


Good on you for standing up for yourself though. Just because the job is easy or you're paid well doesn't mean you can be treated like this. A lot of workers put up with abuse just because one or two other things about their job are good.


Power to you! I'm glad you're looking for somewhere that's going to give you the respect you deserve.


Epic. This internet stranger is so damn proud of you. Let’s not put up with this shit anymore!


I read it again… who the fuck reviews videos of workers?? Sounds like a sicco


People with inferiority complexes.


I really don't appreciate his attitude.....haha


lol the backpedaling is precious: ‘YOUR INSOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!’ ‘Screw this. I quit.’ ‘No, no. Wait! Please don’t leave! We can talk in the morning!!’ Keep up the pressure. It’s working.


A+ example "people don't quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers". Sounds like this manager is doing his best to drive away good employees.




Would highly recommend OP do the exit interview and provide this interaction as the reason. *EDIT*: LPT if your job doesn't ask you for an exit interview, you can _request_ one. I've been asked and have asked for them in previous roles, and they _do_ make an impact. Might not be immediate but a paper trail is there to support future concerns. Source: employed in HR for companies that actively offer exit interviews and ones where they didn't. It helped quite a bit when needing to build a case against many an asshole.




It still perplexes me why they care if you're sitting if you get the job done. Especially if you do it to their highest expectations as you have. Idiots.


Worked in a factory where they had the ample room and ability to allow sitting, but refused to allow it. After months of quarreling they finally allowed “leaning stools” which, if you’ve never used them, are absolutely AWFUL for every part of your body. From low back to ankle, they’re terrible. Especially when you attempt to use them as a chair, which is what these folks would do. Management then got annoyed with all of the PTO for surgeries/workers comp cases. So I said fuck it - implemented chairs. Literally went out and bought chairs myself, on my own time and dime, and had my team sit and work. Numbers were great (steady) and workers were happy. Management even noticed saying the consistent numbers were being applauded and noted and said job well done. When I said “thanks! I listened to my team and they’re all performing duties as needed with proper support” they took that to mean managerial support (any chance to S their own D) but I meant lumbar. Three weeks later they found out folks were sitting on the job and I was demoted and transferred and two of my crew were let go. They’ve never been able to replicate the numbers we got that month and there are constant discussions like “WhY cAnT wE fInD gOoD hElP aNyMoRe” fuck off. You had good help. My team was great. Y’all fucked up over a chair.


I remember working for a corporate office. My team was first one in the entire decade long history of a company, that did the project, on time, within budget, and to spec. So I went to the office head and asked for the money for a pizza party to celebrate (it was Friday afternoon). I was told I can fill out form, then maybe next week. I said fuck it (I was paid a \_tons\_ of money, and I could see he is doing it to be difficult, based on \_multiple\_ similar interactions like those before), I just called pizzeria, ordered every pizza on the menu, told the guy to bring few pepsi with him, and if he happens to drop by the store on the way to us and grabs few six packs, there will be a great tip for him in it. Paid out of my pocket about 500$ (in todays monies), took everyone from my team to the emergency stairwell (office was on the top floor), we ate and drunk, celebrated. About half way through pizza, office manager comes to us, takes me back into open floor office and starts chewing me up in front of the half of the company. His argument was basically "(A) we have not approved it so you won't be compensated, and (B) other team leaders are complaining because we never let them make parties like those". To which I responded "They can finish a project on time and fill out the fucking form then" (yes including "fucking"). That was again in the open plan office with half of the company listening to a heated exchange at this point. I never saw anyone genuinelly lost for words before. He was actually shocked by that response. I just turned back and went back to the party. I quit few months later, another couple of months my whole team was gone. Company went bankrupt 2 years later.


I fucking love stories like these. Took the wind out of his sails and fucker didn’t know what to do.


To be fair to him, he was personally only a small asshole. The whole company was completely dysfunctional. I just knew he'd have to go with that request that I'd have written to higher ups, because despite us earning *trully* stupid salaries (that was during a local "dot-com" like boom), he - despite being a head of the office for entire country - had no authority to personally approve few hundred bucks of expenses. Since you like those kind of stories, here's another good one. I remember I once requested a second screen (this was ages ago in times of 14-17inch LCDs being a norm), and after each rejection, I'd just go one step above in the command chain. Until CFO got looped in, saying it's not a good investment. I quoted my salary, quoted research showing that second screen increase productivity by up to 15%, and said that considering a price of LCD screen buying me one would pay for itself in a month even if it was 1.5% instead of 15%. And that it'd remain company property. So basically a pure profit. He told me to shut the fuck up and never email him again :D I bought my own second screen next day. Got chewed up again because other team leaders assumed of course it was a perk I got, and asked for one for themselves :D


Control. It’s all about control. In this case, they can’t use the “it looks bad to our customers” excuse because it seems OP works in some form of assembly line. So it’s simply about some power tripping shithead flexing his muscle and finally getting called on it. Love to see it.


Just to add a smidge, it enables them to get away with more horrendous treatment later. If you can get people accustomed to bad shit, like being uncomfortable standing for a 12 hour shift, they might not notice that you aren't letting them out on break, or that they can't go to the bathroom when they need too. It effectively allows management to cut back on whatever they deem "Necessary" to make ends meet, often times ignoring the simple fact that if you just let workers *be comfortable while working* they'll produce better outcomes than being in a constant state of flux. My pizza job wasn't all that different where they would attempt to motivate workers by occasionally handing out verbal warnings so you'd be too stressed to notice that they were stealing your tips.


Great point. It’s like the inverse of the sales trick where you ask for a glass of water so the potential customer gets comfortable saying “yes” to you.


The "yes ladder" of an abusive relationship


Why are the cameras being reviewed if you got your stuff done to the pinnacle of performance. Seems like they’d just leave you alone and let you do whatever. That’s what I’d do if I was your manager.


The people who perform well can be exploited. The guy who shows up 30 minutes late every day and takes sick time won't listen to anything.


When I was sixteen and starting to work, my grandma taught me to say no early on in a new job even if I didn't mind or wanted extra hours, so that I wouldn't look like a mark for that kind of thing. It's come in handy when I do tend to be naturally self-motivated.


Sounds exactly like Bucc-ee’s, which *boasts* that there is nowhere for employees to sit (except for the toilets), and allows them only a 5-ish minute “moment” instead of anything resembling a lunch break, and you’re expected to go 110% all the time, despite the mathematical impossibility.


I spent about 7 years delivering pizzas for Papa John's and Domino's, initially full time, and then part time as I transitioned to a different career. Both places were very much "if you can lean, you can clean" gigs. They would also say they provide lunch, which is implied as a lunch break, but is really them giving the entire crew one large pizza, and expecting you to work while eating. Literally the only way to get breaks was either to be a smoker (more than half were), or just stop by the side of the road for a couple minutes to decompress. It didn't matter if you were just working dinner rush or doing an open-to-close. Now, I'm pretty sure you can't even do the second because they track drive times religiously.


>Literally the only way to get breaks was either to be a smoker I knew a guy in the navy who didn't smoke but kept a cigarette on him so he could go take smoke breaks. It was all janked up, and had tape all over it. It was a great idea.


>you’re expected to go 110% all the time The register is going to be perpetually short if I have to give 110% of change.


> Bucc-ee’s Well, guess I know where I'm never going when in the South again


Seems like how my boss gives a raise. “Hey we’re giving you an extra $0.25 an hour because we raised the wage cap but now you’re at the new wage cap so you can’t get another raise”… Like do they think I believe there some government mandated maximum wage? Obviously it’s a company policy that they are capable of changing but choose not to


I’m amazed at the second message claiming *you* were disrespectful when their initial text was so condescending it sounded like it was coming from a mother to a teenager, “we’ll talk about this when you get home!” Good for you for not putting up w that


AND they are texting him on his time off.


I've never been shopping and been upset to see someone sitting. Like ever.


I'm upset when I don't see them sitting. Making someone stand all day is wrong.


Especially in one spot. It’s not as bad if you’re moving around. I hated being a cashier because they wanted me to stand in one spot for 8 hours a day. I always had to beg to take a piss, shit was slave labor.


The "sitting down looks bad to customers" is an argument completely negated by the existence of stores like Aldi.


Sitting down looks bad to customers is an argument completely negated by the existence of common sense.


Also making workers stand when they don't need to is just being intentionally cruel. Everyone who reads this, if your checkout person at the store has to stand, go to the store website and lodge a complaint about it.


Same reason with working remotely. A lot of my clients closed their offices because they realize everyone worked fine from home and used their OWN electricity and internet instead of the companies. I have plenty who are back in the office Every office I go into an office now after being home for a year and a half, half the people don't even communicate. Management literally just wants you there because they say so and want to keep that illusion of power going. The kicker? All the offices I support that brought people back in have most of their management remote full time. Wild shit. Fuck most companies, there are some real good ones, but fuck most of them


I think it's half control, and half incompetence as people move up into middle management. They go from having the knowledge and skill of an "actual" job, then get promoted into middle management, and think it means micromanaging people.


this goes right up the chain too, because hardly any place actually offers training on how to be a good manager when it is actually an entirely different skillset from whatever the person was doing before.


Hell, I deliver pizza and there was practically no training on how to do anything other than delivering. For example inside stuff. Like manning the oven for a while, inserts in boxes as you fold them, how to do things on the makeline. Whenever I screw something up, I just laugh and say "well, we should add this to the non-existent training program" and move on with my day.


Gotta justify your petty rank somehow


Reminds me when I worked on an assembly line doing meals for overseas troops. They claimed we couldn’t sit and do them because it was an osha violation and we could get hurt… then some pregnant woman got an accommodation to sit on a stool and threw that whole side of the argument out the window.




When I worked retail, even if there were absolutely zero customers, and every single thing had been done, you were not allowed to stand still, let alone sit. You had to “busy yourself” tidying rails and wiping the counters down EVEN IF THEY HAD BEEN DONE TWO MINUTES BEFORE. Not one manager could explain the logic but those were the rules.


If you have time to lean, you have time to clean! Same old fucko pulled my pants up while I was working - bent over taking garbage out of a bin. Fuck, imagine that in 2021..


I remember when I was in my last year of college (over a decade ago now) I worked at a movie theatre. They had this rule of never sitting down / never showing a customer you were drinking anything. Most absurd shit ever. It's a fucking movie theatre. No one cares if I'm going to take a sip of water behind the counter.


I remember going to watch Avengers: Endgame. I got so invested in the MCU, my recreation/entertainment for the past decade led up to that moment. After I paid and was heading to the theatre I saw a concessions guy eat a milk dud. Entire experience ruined. I just went home. Still don't know what happens.


Gotta love that is the "normal" most other places than America at least from what I understand online


Yup. Same would apply for companies forcing employees to come back to the office when productivity was at an all-time high while working from home the past year.


I wanna know why someone is paying this clown to review cctv footage. How much time do they take doing that every day? And is it just to catch people sitting down? Time for an “office space” style “what do you do here” conversation with that “lead”


If your workers aren't suffering, they're not desperate enough, if they're not desperate enough you'll have to pay them


Lmao how he got offended


Got offended then made a hard swerve into shocked Pikachu


He was like "I don't think you realize the power dynamics I had set up in my head"


“Wait… that’s illegal”


“This type of behavior isn’t going to get you anywhere” followed by “Wait, don’t go anywhere!” Proved you wrong, asshole.




They were trying to ruin someone's day off and their day on got ruined


Oh to be a fly on the wall when that lead has to explain why the top employee isn't in today...


I think he got scared. He realized he'll have to show these texts to someone in order to show OP has quit, and he knows he's the asshole in this exchange.


Naw, he'll likely invent a reason and put OP down as being fired.


Cool, OP gets unemployment while job searching then.


No bc then they’d have to pay unemployment benefits


Gotta love how they realized their fuck-up at the end. Good job sticking to your guns.


Totally agree. The "whoa, we don't have to jump to you leaving" cracked me UP. Why on EARTH would OP want to have this 'discussion ' in the morning. Discussion was already had and decided. Slave driver- 0, under appreciated employee- 1.


To me that's the most telling part too. They can't comprehend how it's the employee that is upset by the interaction and that they have a choice to leave. To the boss, this is STILL about him. "We don't need to rush to you leave", no mother fucker, I AM LEAVING BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS, NOT BECAUSE OF MINE.


So, I had a job that refused to give me a raise even though I met the qualifications and had built a totally seperate department I was working independently in. Every time I even brought it up, I found myself suddenly in trouble for something weird and put on a 90 day probation. Comes the time for my yearly review. I point out the requirements for a promotion to tech II, got a perfect review. Go to turn it in a few days later after all the signatures, hour later I'm called into HR. Got another "anonymous complaint" by someone. Though it was so obvious how planned this was. Already talking about how they'd have to move me to a different department. Just held up my hand to stop them, shook my head, and said "I am not doing this anymore, and I'm not staying here." The absolute shock on their faces will be forever engrained in my memory. The COO has the audacity to reply with "but what about all the training we put into you?" I laughed and said it will be very useful for my future position. Then I ran them through the ringer with the "mediator" just to burn their time and energy.




I work IT. First IT job, started out part time at $15.50. I was just happy to get into IT, but a year goes by and I've more than proven I can do the same job as everyone else, just as good if not better. I get a 50 cent raise. Okay, cool, I'll just ask about going full time. That'll be enough to pay my bills, and maybe they'll bump me to a full tech 1 with a small raise. That's all I wanted. Full time, which would've helped the department quite a bit having another person on the clock full time, and a small raise. $18/hr is what I had in mind, but would've been happy with anything. Over a year of my asking about it every once in a while, I like working there but it's getting a bit ridiculous. Both our tech 2s quit. Okay, maybe they'll bump me up to help make up for it. Nothing. 3 months later they give me full time finally, but I get no word on a raise or even title only promotion. I'm still listed as a fucking trainee. Our sysadmin quits. I'm handling some (albeit pretty minor issues in the grand scheme of things, but no one else was very literate with enterprise level networking stuff) sysadmin stuff, still nothing. About a month after our sysadmin quit, I'm offered a job somewhere else for full time, great benefits, and a pay increase to over 24/hr. When I put in my resignation, next day the IT director offers me a raise to over 26/hr with a title promotion to Tech 1. I turned it down immediately, I truly loved working with my boss and coworkers, but the company obviously didn't give two shits about me and I'm much happier now even though I'm handling pretty basic issues. Way better than being swamped all day every day with issues of every difficulty for shit pay. It was almost insulting how they offered such a huge raise *after* I put in my resignation, but failed to even remotely acknowledge my hard work before that. I hope I didn't make it too stressful for my old boss, poor guy was down to 2 tech 1s and the company refused to pay any new hires a market rate so no one was accepting offers.


A manager chewed me out in front of everyone over a bottle of water. I was used to working with the other manager who understood that water should be provided in highly physical work. ( I was an overnight stocker at a FiveBelow. Lots of heavy boxes.) This guy had a different set of rules and decided to power trip. I was pissed because I came in on my day off because he asked me to only to be disrespected like that. I peeled my company shirt off, threw it in a trashcan and left. I don't even make it across the parking lot before he sends me this text: "What just happened?!"


Ooo now I want to know what his problem was with the bottle of water? Just the fact that you were drinking it?? In front of the zero customers? Like .. what ?


It was that I grabbed one without first asking his permission.


Adults have to ask permission to drink water? Is this kindergarten?


You have to remind them that they need your labor and you are extending the opportunity for them to work with you and not the other way around.


Alternatively, a "we can talk in the morning for a $15,000 raise," isn't a terrible way to see what they think you're worth.


Don’t bother. They’ll just cut you next time they need to reduce staff.


That’s why you take the raise and still interview for other positions, then leave. Milk these people for everything they got.


Hundred percent this. It's always worth letting your boss see what they can do for you especially after they've fucked up like this and if they actually have a retention problem. Get the bonus, maybe request reduced hours or increase holidays, and start looking elsewhere. Even if you reject it and quit, it's worth showing them that you won't succumb to their pathetic attempts to make amends


Also, LET THEM FIRE YOU. If you quit, no unemployment for you. If you get fired or laid off, you've got a good shot at unemployment. Which is money *you already paid to the government* so fucking use it when you need it. Edit to add: all the money the government has is taxpayer money (unless they borrowed it from some other country's taxpayers). It's yours.


That’s capitalism. You have to work within the system you’re born into if you want to survive. You don’t owe your employer anything but the exact amount of labor you’re compensated for.


Bold to assume this guy realizes he fucked up, he'll throw this employee under the bus when asked about the nature of his departure. Caught being lazy, was disrespectful, quit over text without notice, etc. He'll blame it on everything but himself.


That's why, when I have left under similar circumstances, I sent the interactions directly to the big shots in charge via email. Not hard to get your hands on the email address for them. Now, definitely not how you want to go if you plan on staying with the company. It will burn the shit out of you... But, if you do it on your way out the door, all that anger falls on your direct superior's head.


I just put in my notice at my job and demanded an exit interview with my bosses boss. My boss is understandably very concerned with losing the insulation between me and his boss. If he refuses I'll take my concerns directly to the client which will likely result in my old company losing a $200k contract.


They didn't realize their fuck up. They are just trying to keep a high number producer from quitting. They still don't see what is wrong with the interaction but it's going to affect the managers numbers now




Any and every company would instantly cease to exist, if people just decided to not show up to work. All of those multi-billion $ "valuations" would evaporate overnight.


Love this so much! Their entitlement is absolutely absurd.


Love the last text. He sounded so different.


“But wait! If you quit, I can’t exploit you and treat you like garbage !! What about ME?!?”


VP: “You’re his supervisor, why did one of our top performing employees quit?” Supervisor: “He… uh… he said your wife is fat and uh… that this place sucks. So, you know… I said that’s a big no-no, and he uh… he quit. I can’t think of any other reason.”


Actually OP should send this text exchange to the supervisor’s management chain.


100% this, had a direct supervisor email me after firing me pissed that I removed him on LinkedIn and Facebook saying he would make sure I would never find a job in tech in that town again. I contacted the head of HR for corporate and forwarded the messages asking if this was company policy. Had her personal cell # and multiple calls within an hour. He was fired a week later in person by the VP who flew in from 2k miles away just to do that and check out the department in person.


That is awesome! But definitely not the norm.


Agreed, not the norm. But if you're already fired, no reason not to spill the beans about it all to HR. It's better for them to be aware cause they might do something and they can't really impact you more than they already have.


Oh for sure! Plus, it could matter for people in the future. If he does the same thing again, and the person he does it to learns that HR was aware of this behavior before, it could matter. I just don’t want anyone to get their hopes up with things like this. I learned the very hard way how awful and horrific employers are legally allowed to be, and that HR at some companies make things a million times worse intentionally. And the law is really on their side, unless it’s something specifically protected. Plus, people will lie when they’re told to lie, which I also saw first hand. Nightmare. Anyway, I’m so glad when I hear stories like yours because knowing that places like that exist is what keeps hope alive.


Knew they were going to have to cover now


that's the "found out" stage of "fuck around and find out"


Shows he's a bully. He doesn't actually care about the sitting.


He absolutely cares about the sitting and for exactly the reason OP stated - it doesn't matter how productive they were, they weren't uncomfortable enough while they did it. For all of the capitalist apologetics that talk about how our system works sort of like economic Darwinism, where only the smartest, most objective, productive policies prevail. In reality, I think literally *everyone* who has worked a menial job has had to deal with policies that actually hurt overall productivity and profitability just to make their employees feel small. Hell, even a lot of higher paid white collar workers know what that's like. Capitalism is a system by which the most ruthless bullies are rewarded by advancing upwards in the hierarchy, where they have power over more and more people.


And don't forget the [Peter Principle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_principle). The vast majority of managers are incompetent because they got promoted into management thanks to being good at their previous position, i.e., _not being a manager_. The way our work culture handles promotion and manager training is the most braindead method possible.


Can confirm, am a manager and *hate* it. Got promoted because I was a good production employee. Looking for jobs in a different field so I can get away from it.


This is fucking amazing. Have to say I'm absolutely loving the trend of people posting themselves quitting on this sub. Workers gathering together in this sub and sticking it to the man. Pump that shit straight into my veins. ✊ This sub should honestly start a global workers Union and unite.




4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. Here's a CNN article about it: https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/12/economy/jolts-job-openings/index.html


I wish I had a cool text to post but yesterday was my last day at my job. They tried screwing over my whole team and luckily I found a job and just left


It's the management that makes all the difference. Owners take regular people, give them a title and a raise and suddenly you have the Stanford Prison Experiment. All managers have to be is "not a dick" but that's too much to ask for some.


>All managers have to be is "not a dick" but that's too much to ask for some. That's the bare minimum right there


I have watched so many good people get out in a position of authority and be completely broken by how their hands were tied by the bosses. It’s getting to the point that the only people that can mentally survive being the middle guy between tone-deaf corporate heads and the workers, are the exact ones who can’t wait to be absolute dicks.


It’s all fun and games until the workers quit. What a swift attitude change they had. I’d leave a review with someone above them (if possible) and show them these texts.


It’s like being in a relationship with an abusive narcissist. They treat you like shit because they are so certain that you will never have the guts to leave them and then when you do, they get on their knees and beg you to stay. It’s pathetic.


But, at the same time, the groveling is often just another act meant to manipulate.


My thought exactly.


Does your boss have a boss? I'm sure they would be interested in this exchange.


Exactly this. I would be sure to send this to the owners before leaving.


OP -- If you REALLY want to change how workers are treated, I would highly recommend you write a quick letter/email to their superiors, and include this conversation. Without that information, your manager can just say "they had a bad attitude and just quit! people don't want to work nowadays!" And the next level of management will be none for the wiser. People at higher levels care WAY more about performance than anything else. Your note would be impactful. Don't look for revenge, look to really start to change things.




Also super weird that it never occurred to this guy that maybe OP was able to perform at the level they did because.. they were actually comfortable while doing it? Imagine if all it took to get your whole staff performing like this is to...let them sit? Crazy.


If this guy even checked the metrics, I’d be surprised. I bet he hadn’t even finished reviewing the nannycam footage before he hit send.


There's so much wrong. - Texting on personal phone - Texting in the evening - Not verifying with the supervisor - Not looking at the performance of the employee that day - Not ASKING the employee why she had a stool All this, and worst of all, he says they will discuss tomorrow *before* the shift starts. If he wants to discuss it in person, why do you even bother texting?


As a manager of people myself, I completely agree. That person is awful at managing people and their instinct to lash out at the employee like this smells of insecurity/inexperience.


Went from: *We will be discussing it tomorrow before shift* To: *We don’t need to rush to you leaving…* Anyway, who wants to come in early for a butt chewing? We can take care of that on company time, being company business and all..


Ha, part of me wishes he went in for the meeting just to make a few extra bucks, then walked the fuck out. Of course then he would have missed taking his kids to school, so screw that.


I am lucky enough to work in a union shop. If my boss contacts me after hours about some nonsense then hey, that's 3 hours pay.


Rules like THAT are what unions are for!


More of this. More of this. Fellow working class people: MORE OF THIS. Many of us experience conditions, hours, pay, and leadership that is insulting at best. If you're facing treatment like this from your employer or your voice isn't being heard on issues around work, drop em. There is a surplus of jobs and a shortage of workers right now because of companies trying to pull the same shit they always have, but we have the upper hand now. You deserve to be empowered and respected. Full stop. Don't let them get away with anything. If you don't feel comfortable leaving (which is understandable), talk to your coworkers. Now is an incredible time to take action. edit: omg just realized the sub. yall already know lol


We already know but you can keep telling us. Someone at the back of the room hasn’t heard you yet!


Preach. I can’t wait for the upper class, C-suites to realize the general population aren’t just work drones.


Idiots in Charge. I love it. You handled that professionally. They got butthurt for being (kindly) shown they’re assholes. Instead of owning it they doubled down and gaslit you. Fu€k them. I commend you on your performance as well as your optimistic approach to new horizons. I’m glad to share this planet with you.


Handled beautifully. Hard to ever know what’s real on this site but if real this is the most perfect response I have read yet




Daaaamn, their tune changed real quick from "I don't like your attitude" to "wait please don't quit we can talk about this." Lmao guess someone was powertrippin and got slapped in the face by reality.


Boom! Love it.


This is a fucking *awesome* response. Props to you. And caught him backpedaling at the end and didn't even entertain it. I almost wish you'd tried to see how hard you could get them to beg you to stay. Clearly you were a top performer.


This is inspiring. Incredibly proud of your SPINE!!


it feels amazing right??? congrats!! best of luck


Damn this is one of my favorites


"I'm really not appreciating your attitude" = I'm wrong but I won't be admitting it.


TONS OF RESPECT TO YOU. /r murderedwithwords. You left that idiot speechless. Know your worth and don't settle for being treated like shit. Great share!


They *really* don’t want staff to be even remotely comfortable, huh. Good on you OP.


The proletariat must suffer in order to know their place.


"My apologies for not checking with \[Lead\] first. Thank you for your stellar performance and I hope your foot heals soon!" \-What a human being would have said \[edit: I've received a LOT of responses saying a human being wouldn't send the first text. Maybe? Human beings are fragile, fallible creatures who get caught up in these silly, flawed little sets of rules we construct for ourselves. We also have to deal with other people, usually those in "positions of authority" being human beings at us. If a genuine human being were yelled at about workers not following the rules and having an emotional response then I can totally see the first text being send IF they're kinda a jerk (a very common human trait). However, NOT getting reality checked by the response is sub-human. This manager is a ghoul.\]


A human being wouldn't care if their employee was sitting or standing if they're doing their job well.


This. The only reason to check the security tapes and monitor an employee like this if is the work isn't getting done or there was an incident. Sounds like zero incidents and 100% work completion. Why even check the security tapes? Why not check with the Lead/MOD before making a fuss? Why even make a fuss, regardless? Asshole managers like this scare away good talent and then complain they can't find dependable workers.


I saw one reddit post of a waiter? I think? Who got a call from the owner of the restaurant who saw her on camera and corrected her on something so the person just quit on the spot. Dont blame her for that.


If they were that thoughtful it would never need to be addressed. Years ago I had a boss that wasn't a dipshit, I was the guy printing signage for the store every week, and one week nothing was printed by the fourth day in which is really unusual, so the guy just asks me "hay, the printing wasn't done this week, what's going on?" and it was a simple "Here's the e-mail pricing sent me, apparently they need to update the files before we print anything, so I have to do it tomorrow" no accusation, or assumptions, no attack. also, he waited for my next shift to start, he didn't fucking call me at home. It's wild what some people thing management is about, If you don't even care about their metrics why in the hell do you care if they sit down?


fucking smoked his/her ass


"No thanks. Have a good life" God damn that felt good to read. Nice work OP.


I'd need to sit down if my balls were that big too...


I love how you turned it around to make your boss look like a complete imbecile.


Lol he sure went from power trip to ‘oh shit’ in a hurry. Woah woah woah, let’s not rush to the consequences of my actions here.


Fuck that person. You were in no way being disrespectful. They were disrespectful to you, you gave them the most respectful and appropriate response to drive the severity of the situation, and they got more disrespectful by projecting their bad behavior onto you. Shitheads do nothing but project. Fuck them. We need to shun all this toxic behavior from society and let them know they aren’t welcome no more.


i also broke a bone in my foot about a month ago and although i am still working, it has been really difficult. wishing you a quick recovery and i hope you enjoy having extra time with the kiddos!!


doN't BE dIsREspEcTFuL!


You know what’s disrespectful? Texting someone on their off time to berate then about something this trivial. What a clown of a supervisor




Fuck managers who look at security footage to check on their staff. Shit's illegal where I live, as it should be.


It made me smile when he was being a complete dick to you and, in the moment he realized you were leaving, he ate all his words and tried to convince you to stay. This step is in the right direction for you. I'm sure of that. You'll be happier without such an idiot as boss.


Lost his FIRST PLACE worker (who showed up with what I consider to be a fairly impacting injury) over being a disrespectful and toxic bastard. You deserve WAY better than that comrade!


Love it. Enjoy your time in between jobs!


Lol that last message management sent sounds like something a sniveling brat would say when they don't get their way. Fucking brilliant, I hope it comes back to haunt them.


That’s awesome, fuck that lead. I appreciate you calling them out on not doing any research just making accusations. Of course they had to double down instead of apologizing🙄.