French oil company Total knew about their effect on climate since 1971, and knowingly lied

French oil company Total knew about their effect on climate since 1971, and knowingly lied


So what petroleum company back then didn't know and/or try to hide the knowledge of where things were heading? Any?


Probably none. Prompted by US oil executives, LBJ gave his - little remembered - global warming speech to Congress in 1965, outlining what a grave risk it posed, so certainly by 1971, the rest of the global oil "community," considering how tight it is, would've been aware. 1965. We're going to keep getting articles like this one, informing us that so and so knew about climate change at such and such a date. Which is cool. It is good to know these things and to keep reinforcing that knowledge. But the bottom-line is, by no later than the early 1960s, the global elite knew that climate change posed a threat to the existence of human life on this planet.


>But the bottom-line is, by no later than the early 1960s, the global elite knew that climate change posed a threat to the existence of human life on this planet. The Limits to Growth came out in 1972, sponsored by the Club of Rome. Ever since, the timing of total system breakdown on all scales shows up as middle of this century. It's ridiculous to imagine that business, political and military elites were somehow unaware of this at any point during the past 50 years. Everyone can draw his or her own conclusions from this regarding their true plans for us.


re: Limits to Growth 1972 Absolutely. If I was going to pick *the* watershed year, so to speak, when generally we all should have become aware, it would be 1972. Because of Limits to Growth. You can break it down and parse the shit out of it make fun of the computers they were using, but whatever were the relatively minor mistakes made in Limits to Growth, the publication went straight to the essence of a very simple dilemma, infinite growth in finite space is not possible, so therefore, the current pursuit of exponential growth on what is a very small planet, will quickly prove suicidal for the species undertaking it. One of the reasons I have "the media" as the most important element in the collapse of this particular civilization - the last one we will see on this planet. If they had done their jobs in the 70s, and on more than a few rare occasions set their focus on the forest and not the trees, there might've been a chance. Unfortunately, the media of 1970s sucked, and even more unfortunate for the destiny of humans, it has only gotten exponentially worse since then.


We reached full sinister retard mode. It suffices to look at the Q-anon and COVID antivaxer movements to see how we'll deal with the limits. That's why I see no hope that we could avoid collapse. I am even afraid to mention collapse outside of a very small circle since I fear that collapse-aware people could be repressed through collective or state violence in the future.


"We reached full sinister retard mode." ... lol ... One would like to think. I mean, how much longer can modern humans plumb the depths of stupidity. Perhaps I will author a study, the title being (with your consent of course): The Limits to Full Sinister Retard Mode. As for repression of the collapse-aware, I think that era is coming to end. I have often written, before this is over, all humans will be members of Extinction Rebellion, whether they want to be or not. If I am right, it will happen before this decade is over. In other words, the time left for the unaware to persecute us has run out.


You have my consent. Hope that you're right about repression coming to an end.


Im pretty sure the elites have their bunkers/mansions ready in remote locations like New Zealand. Bring some armed forces, willing servants and engineers; sabotage global comms(Internet and other networks) and then live isolated from the peasants while they kill themselves in the chaos that ensues. Sometimes in the next decade theres gonna be something big happening.


They're not "elite" but merely wealthy.


Yet, so many people in 2021 are questioning whether or not humans affect climate change.


This could definitely be said of every petroleum company, we just may not have the proof.


Bingo. What we didn't see was the economic rise of China (and now India). Even with the vast energy consumption, per capita, they have a long way to go to catch up to North America.


Scientists have known about CO2 causing climate change since the 1800s. I bet the scientists at this company knew about the impact long before 1971.


**Submission statement:** They uncovered research published in the Total journal in **1971** which explained that **burning fossil fuels resulted in “the release of enormous quantities of carbon dioxide”. It warned that continued consumption would increase carbon dioxide levels to “worrying” levels - potentially leading to the melting of ice caps and significant sea level rises.** **Despite awareness** of harmful global warming impacts, the article published in Global Environmental Change says that **Total or its predecessors engaged in “overt denial of climate science” until the early 1990s**. It also reveals that it took part in lobbying to prevent the regulation of its activities.


breaking news: companies lied for profit!


Cool can we send them to jail now? No? Dang


Total assholes.