How I think the Giga could have looked like in Dominon (and in JWE2) since we’re getting a cosmetic option probably.

How I think the Giga could have looked like in Dominon (and in JWE2) since we’re getting a cosmetic option probably.


The edit looks awesome, honestly. I like the JWD one too, but you can tell it was designed to look different from the trex for easy identification and also to look like a "villain." Since Roberta looks (understandably) different than her genetic predecessor, I wonder if the cloned Giga in the present will also look different from this one.


The design is not the problem actually. I've realized something and I searched for it. I've discovered that Giga and T-Rex didn't existed in the same era. Giga is much more older than T-rex and it lived the area where South America is today while T-Rex lived millions of years later in North America. I may be wrong but I've seen it in multiple resources. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I know that Jurassic franchise mostly uses its own alternative timelines and designs because of the genetic manipulations and stuff. But since they're showing the real dinosaurs time in this movie. Shouldn't they be more accurate about those animals existing eras? Or maybe this prologue scene is from today, after the Fallen Kingdom events? But feathered T-Rex and other dinosaurs... Aaah I'm so confused. Can anyone please enlighten me? :)


You are correct. They were seperated by about 30 million years. That's quite a lot of time there.


We've accepted that the dinosaurs looks aren't scientifically accurate because of the genetic manipulations with the modern day animals. That's okay. I love Jurassic franchise dinosaurs the way they are. But apparently they can't be accurate in prehistoric era too :D


Yeah, I get why they did it, but it just doesn't make sense. Why not have an actual adversary of T-rex from that time, why not a herbivore, a triceratops? And create a different prologue for the giga or something


Honestly I'd love to pay to see a T-Rex vs Triceratops fight scene. You're right we've seen carnivore vs carnivore scenes so much. Herbivores shown in the movies are mostly like a walking and running food for those carnivores😅


The reasoning is because they're planning to have Rexy and the Giga have a "rematch" of sorts in the modern era at the end of Dominion. Now I highly doubt they'll actually make the two dinosaurs remember each other from their past-life, but it's clearly setting up another fight between them, where Rexy will come out on top. It does destroy the accuracy by having Rex and Giga coexist, but it does set up an interesting story that people who will watch both the film and the prologue to enjoy, and at the end of the day, entertaining the audience with something like that is the film's primary goal, not accuracy. That said, I'm honestly shocked we've never seen a Rex vs. Trike fight in the films before. Would be pretty cool to see.


There should be a rex vs trike fight. Might even be a good send off for old Rexy.


We did get to see one in JP:TG, though that's not canonical.


Who cares? JP has never tried to be scientifically accurate. If that’s what you’re after, you’re probably in the wrong place.


I guess we'll only make them fight in JWE or JWE 2 to satisfy our desire of seeing them fight each other😅😂


Hell why not have the strike he the villain Wouldn’t it be kinda horrific to see such a gentle creature tormented and twisted into a killer


Yeah pretty much every dinosaur and pterosaur in that preview is a time travelling and continent hopping animal


Correct about the continents too. Tyrannosaurs dominated the northern hemisphere especially in North America and Eurasia while Allosaurids took over the southern hemisphere as Gondwana split into South America, Africa, and Antarctica. Giganotosaurus has been found only in South America which during the Creatceous was an island continent similar to Australia. The Americas would not be rejoined by the Central American land bridge until around 2 million years ago.


They also didn't even live on the same land mass. Giga lived in Argentina and Rexy lived in North America, which were separated for most or all of the cretaceous. Not to mention that Iguanodon, which was in the same scene also lived millions of years apart and in Europe


Iguanodons lived everywhere and they for sure shared south america with the giga


Iguanodon both lived about 30 million years earlier than Giganotosaurus, but there have been no discoveries of it from South America. No real reason to think they shared an environment.


Damn i just googled it nigel marvin and bbc lied to me. Atleast tell me another hadrosaur lived there?


Iguanodon only lived in Europe, but for a long time, pretty much any non hadrosaur ornithopods was classified as Iguanodon.


Nah, that Giga just ate a stranded Barry Allen and now it has access to the speedforce.


It's supposed to be 65 million years ago as it says in the video. And also there is this thing called suspension of disbelief. Just take it as it is and enjoy the movie. Coming from a possible future paleontologist


Yeah I already accepted that😄 It's not a documentary after all 😁👍


They should be more accurate, yes - but they weren't, partially because they want to have this battle in the distant past serve as a foreshadowing for a rematch between the two animals in the present day as well, in Dominion itself; we see a mosquito drink the blood of the T. Rex, which is the direct ancestor of Hammond's Tyrannosaurus on Nublar (and perhaps the base of all InGen rexes), and it's possible by narrative contrivance and movie miracle that the Giganotosaurus we see in the preview became an ancestor to a modern-day BioSyn counterpart, as well. Canonically-speaking, we're forced to accept that the history of JP/JW's Earth must have been different to ours, in terms of where and when certain species lived (or what names were given to them).


Oh now I'm relieved. Because I've watched the prologue yesterday, it was amazing by the way, I was so excited and then I was like "Wait did they coexisted at the same time?" then I found out that they weren't. But accepting that Jurassic franchise is a parallel universe which has kinda different timeline than ours is more acceptable, I guess :) Thank you.


> a rematch between the two animals in the present day as well They shouldn't even be able to know it's the same ones they fought tens of millions of years ago, or even that they're their own selves from the Cretaceous. DNA doesn't preserve memories


Tell that to the director who see's the T-rex as a "superhero" and Giga as a "villain" with all the dinosaurs as "characters". And I agree it's stupid if they pull the whole DNA preserving memory's thing.


>DNA doesn't preserve memories Are you trying to tell me that Assassin's Creed is fake?


I'm not sure if that sort of recognition will end up being implied in the movie, just that by some sort of 'workings of movie destiny' the genetically resurrected clones of the two animals will end up doing battle, likely with Rexy coming out on top the second time around.


Jurassic Park doesn't really care about accuracy. Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurs were separated by 30 million years, and Giga lived in South America. Dreadnoughts, citipati, nausutoceratops, Iguanadon, almost all of the dinosaurs in the preview are in the wrong place and time, excluding Tyrannosaurs, Ankylosaurus and Quetzalqoatlus. It's still hotly debated if tyrannosaurus itself had feathers. We know it's relatives did, but nothing for the animal itself.


My head-canon is that it's actually a newer descendant species of Giganotosaurus carolinii that migrated to North America and inserted itself into the Tyrannosaurus rex ecosystem recently before the meteor hit and wiped everything out. This species would have went through numerous evolutionary morphological changes in rapid succession so as to better compete with the bulkier, bone-crushing Tyrannosaurs in it's ecological niche. It's actually not completely implausible, given that >95% of actual dinosaur species haven't been (nor will they likely ever be) discovered due to gaps in the fossil record and explains it's depiction in North America during T. Rex's era.


Then how do you explain Iguanadon and the rest of the out of place dinosaurs?


dark magic, cloning, secrets only the sith knew


Somehow Giganotosaurus has returned


Beat me to it. You bastard.


Oh you mean those Edmontosaurus mcstabbythumbinus? They're just a close relative of Edmontosaurus annectens that our fossil record has yet to uncover 👀 ...but yeah it'd of been miles better if I didn't have to pull off these mental gymnastics to enjoy the movie.


Iguanadons aren't closely related to edmontosaurus and lived in England


You're absolutely right, good thing that's an Edmontosaurus mcstabbythumbinus then and not an Iguanodon or it wouldn't make sense 👀


Unfortunately hadrosaurs don't have thumbs...


I heard that Trex most likely didn’t have feathers, not as an adult anyway but I guess they could’ve been fuzzy when babies. We know this because there have been fossilized skin patches from Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Trex itself and they all lacked feathers. The relative you’re probably talking about Yutyrannus, that we for sure know had feathers was a proceratosaurid, one the earliest tyrannosaurs, so the large tyrannosaurs mentioned above are more closely related to trex than Yutyrannus.


Just because we have patches of scales does not disprove feathery covering. Yutyrannus, Dilong and Nanuqsaurus all had a feathery covering. It is still an unknown. They may have had them as hatchlings, maybe not. As of now we don't know.


We'd probably have plenty more answers and reasons if humans didn't bomb each other. I can't even imagine how many questions will never be answered because of how many potential fossilized remains were incinerated during ww2.


> I searched for it. I've discovered that Giga and T-Rex didn't existed in the same era. Giga is much more older than T-rex and it lived the area where South America is today while T-Rex lived millions of years later in North America. Oh really? Were you there? Amazing the sheer arrogance I encounter with people who like paleontology. No. What you **meant** to say was *we’ve only discovered evidence of* a Giga that lived 30 million years earlier a few hundred miles away. Our findings are a microscopic glimpse into the past. A snapshot. For all we know, Giga was still around near the end of the Cretaceous and lived in North America too. We have no evidence to claim that it didn’t. All we know is that existed at one time. I don’t think people like you have any appreciation at all for how little the fossil record actually tells us.


What arrogance are you talking about? I already said "Please correct me if I'm wrong" And you are correcting me like I requested. You could have wrote these with more kinder approach but instead you're answering aggresively. So who's the arrogant one here? I just wrote the thing I've found out and asked people what that is about and learn about it. That's all.


I think you need to re-read everything that I posted, and take in what's it's saying. Take off your defensive blinders, and look at the content. You and a lot of other people need some serious perspective when it comes to your "knowledge" of the past. You need learn the vast, near incomprehensible difference, between "the past" and "what we know about it from what little evidence we have". They are not the same thing.


That edit alone made it look 10x better


Eh, I think the skull's mostly fine (remember a post saying that it's actually more-accurate than the JWE version). Just would've toned down the size of the spikes on the neck and back by a little bit. And even then, I'm still fine with how it currently looks. Is it accurate? No, but I don't watch these movies for accuracy to begin with.


This looks really great. It’s exhausting how the franchise needs to make every big dinosaur look so ridiculous. I love the Giga just the way it is, no hair gel and all.


Preach it.


The giga wasn’t accurate, but it was very stylistic. The real enemy of the prologue was the beautiful looking oviraptor **still stealing eggs in 2021**


First thing i commented got me tilted couldnt even really enjoy the rest of the darn thing


Don't many people think that Oviraptor was an opportunist? Meaning it still could've eaten eggs it found.


If you want to stretch it like that, sure, it couldn’t eaten Rexes as well. When the first oviraptor was discovered, it was found on a nest of what was then thought to be ceratopsian eggs. They concluded that it must have been killed while stealing the. Oviraptor philoceratops literally translates to “egg thief with a fondness for ceratopsian eggs.” However after more fossils like this were discovered, it became apparent that it was much more reasonable to assume that the eggs had been misidentified, and that the oviraptors were likely killed while brooding their own nests, even while landslides came down over the tops of them. The depictions of oviraptors stealing/eating eggs is very outdated, and has been for the better part of 40 years now.


Is it bad that I like the edited giga more? I think the JWD giga looks cool, I just really don’t like the elevated spine and skull crest the dominion one has. Makes it look like a bootleg acrocanthosaurus or massive concavenator.


The Nanmu statue is literally how I envisioned a JP Giga


Agreed. Seriously, it looks more like a hybrid than anything else.


So much better... why does more or less literally every new carnivore introduced in the World series look awful? the only new one thats more or less widely accepted to look great is the Carnotaurus as far as i'm aware. ​ They fixed the inaccuracies by saying that these animals are just designed to look like monsters and they had the chance to make things right with this flashback but they really slapped a Rex and dragon looking ''Giga'' in the same era, i'm convinced that whoever writes these movies knows nothing about dinosaurs.


Carno in the movie is kinda bad the game carno is much more accurate movie carno doesnt really look like a abelisaurid


Anyone else think that the Dominion Giga’s skull should have been bigger?


The dominion Giga looks too much like a dragon imo


Remember that dragon mockumentary discover did one time? And it showed a dragon fighting a T-Rex?


Looks like hollywood take that part way too seriously


God, i hope that if Frontier adds the Dominion giga. It's just a cosmetic option and doesn't completely replace the current one. I won't ever use vanilla giga again if the latter turns out to be the case.


That is such a better design, amazing job op.


Both are fine


When y’all say Giga do you mean the Gigantosaurus?


I think if they wanted to go with the realistic route they really should have made it look more like the real thing like you demonstrated here. I can still see the OG design being how it would look in the modern day/rest of the movie.


I don't like the Prologue Giga because it doesn't look like a proper dinosaur, it just looks like the bad guy


Holy mother of god that edit is glorious


As much as I'm a fan of Dominion's Giganotosaurus design, I like the one you've come up with as well; it feels more Park than World. I honestly have no idea how Frontier can make the movie canon design a cosmetic option for the in-game variant of the animal since certain anatomical differences are quite pronounced, but we'll see if/how they handle it when the time comes... keeping in mind the fact that we've yet to see a BaBR/Dominion cosmetic for Allosaurus, too.


We have cosmetic options for the JP3 brachiosaurus, which looks quite different from the others with the fin-like crest and THICC tail, so i guess it'd be quite straightfoward to do it for the giga


That is true! I'd forgotten about the JP/// Brachiosaurs.


Ya that jw giga looks like a child's generic roar dinosaurs toy I seen


the JWD giga is soooo bad, the redo you shared of DinoEsculturas and Namu are soooooooooo much better


Both look bad. The face looks like Reptar from Rugrats


I Love your design so much!


We already have a JWE version of the Giga


I actually really dig how it looks without the shitty leaked iPhone quality


Edited version reminds me a friend from 2003.


I didn't even know that was giga I thought it was Concavenator lol


I kinda like the monstrous design but it looks a bit too much like what I'd expect JP to recreate Saurophaganax as


I don’t need scientific accuracy, the Giga is just plain over-designed. The Indos get a pass for looking distinctly different from other dinos in the franchise because their explicit purpose is to be genetic monstrosities. The Giga looks way too different in stylistic choices between something like the T-Rex imo. It doesn’t mesh.


Is it 100% confirmed that it is a Giga? From the appearance and the dorsal crest it looks more like a Concavenator to me.


I think they could have used a scientific accurate giga for the flash back and then use this giga design for the modified giga for the new movie


The past in the JP universe isnt like ours so for the world in ours giga and rex never met but for JP universe they did it's just like it's own thing so like idk.




But the JWD Giga is probably more accurate than your edit since it displays ornamentation that the skull could support. It could be TOO much but honestly I think your edit is too little.


Without its horns or spikes it just, looks boring tbh


Not everything needs spikes and horns to be interesting. Sometimes looking like an *actual animal* rather than some kid's highly stylized toy is better. Actually, most of the time.


To me it just looks boring, it’s a Jurassic park movie the dinosaurs should look somewhat scary instead of extremely scientifically accurate, hell we don’t even know what dinosaurs look like, all we can do is theorize. And we only know what a few dinosaurs look like, and we could be wrong anyway. So I really just don’t like what they did here to Giga.


Then they shouldn't have set a scene in actual prehistory. If they wanted to keep their edgy designs. They should've stayed in modern times. I also hate it when people use "Paleontology is just speculation" to defend designs like this. Yes, a lot of paleontology is speculation, but just because we don't know. Doesn't mean we should assume stuff like JWD's giga is possible. It most certainly isn't.


Again, it is a JP/JW movie. Not a documentary. The dinosaurs don’t have to be extremely scientifically accurate to the point where it gets the dinosaurs spot on. It only needs to be somewhat. They gave tyrannosaurus a light coat of feathers and called it a day and apparently that’s fine. But when giga is edgy asf it needs to change. They gave giga this look for a reason, what is that reason? To look like a villain and set a plot for the movie. If giga looked like what they did, he’d just look boring and new audiences probably wouldn’t like it.


So all that talk several movies ago about how they needed to fill the gaps in the DNA to make Dinosaurs, and how different real dinosaurs were to their cloned creations was all a bunch of nonsense then.


It’s an excuse for the dinosaurs not looking scientifically accurate. Especially the part where they filled the gaps with frog D.N.A. Honestly that’s extremely obvious but it’s also a good excuse as that means they can get really creative with how the dinosaurs look. But the fact still remains. It’s a JP/JW movie, not a documentary.


But that logic doesn't apply to a scene set in the cretaceous. These aren't clones anymore. There's no need for them to look like ingen clones. I wasn't expecting extreme levels of accuracy. But they go through all this trouble to explain why these animals aren't the way they're supposed to be. Only for the "pure" dinosaurs to look only slightly different or even more monstrous than the ingen created clones. If they didn't want to change anything, it shouldn't have been set in prehistory. If they didn't want a documentary, they shouldn't have made the prologue feel like a documentary, with halfway decent animals and natural behaviors. Only to give us dinosaurs that would have never seen eachother, and Alduin the World eater fighting the JP t. rex with feathers.


Like I said, new audiences probably wouldn’t enjoy the giga they made, instead they would enjoy JWD’s original design for the giga. They made him like this to look villainous and for new audiences to like the giga, as he looks cool and they will enjoy the design. The same happened for spinosaurus but slower. At first they hated spino but grew to like spino. So instead of focusing on giga’s design, focus on how NONE of these dinosaurs are in their correct period besides the T-Rex, ankylosaurus, and quetzalcoatlus. And also why none of them are in the correct geological area.