How long after you eat dairy does your intolerance kick in?

How long after you eat dairy does your intolerance kick in?


Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes an hour. I swear my stomach is a drama queen


For me, it's usually several hours for something like pizza or lasagna. Stuff with heavy cream or yogurt—such as tzatziki—will start affecting me within an hour or two. It really depends on the person, though. And as I get older, I'm getting more sensitive.


Everyone's reactions and reaction times are different my dude, for me sometimes it's as quick as 20 mins but can take about an hour on a "good" day, then again I've got some IBS/ibd to contend with so my insides are quicker to hurt me. Afaik the speed of the reaction is less of an indicator than the severity, if you want to know for sure you have to abstain from dairy for a few weeks to see if your symptoms go away then re introduce and see what happens (in no way am I a doctor so don't take this as solid medical advice)


It usually takes a few hours for it to kick in. There are times when it moves quicker and I feel it within 1-2 hours but I'm pretty good about watching out for what I eat and what I usually eat isn't heavy dairy based (yay for being Asian). So I can usually trace my reaction back to exactly what I eat. If you're not sure then cut out all the dairy you have in your life for a couple weeks and then slowly reintroduce them. That's how you'll know.


It can vary based on how fast/slow your digestion is, the amount of lactose in whatever you are eating and also how severe your intolerance is. In the beginning of my intolerance, it would take several hours for it to bother me, sometimes not happening until the middle of the night. Now, my intolerance is pretty severe and it takes like 15-30 minutes for me to start reacting depending on the amount of lactose.


I can usually feel "something" change or just something in my gut within about 10 minutes, sometimes up to 20. Most real symptoms won't start or another 30 to 60 minutes after that.


Yep. Depending on the lactose content of the food I can sometimes feel the beginning of bubbling whilst I'm still eating (because I'm paying attention) but it's not an actual bathroom emergency until a couple hours later. Most times I'll mistakenly eat something dairy for dinner and wake up in the middle of the night or have the fight first thing in the morning. But it's truly affected by how fast or slow your own digestion typically is. Also the food you eat the dairy with will affect. Like if you drink just a glass of milk it might happen fast but if you take that same amount of milk and use it to make a curry and rice or baked good it might happen later. The only time I've had to stop in the middle of a meal was when I had a dairy curry and drink without taking enough lactaid and it's possible there was a bit of food poisoning involved too.


i don't think it's unusual for lactose intolerance to take a few hours. a lot of things can have milk powders or less obvious milk in them.


15 mins to 2 hours depending on factors


Maybe 10 minutes? Sometimes less, but definitely no more than 20 minutes for me. I can’t tolerate even the smallest amount of diary or I’ll be running to the bathroom.


Depends. Something are mins or an hr or so. Others are seconds it feels like. Like when I drink monster energy it’s instant. Idk why it hurts me but it always does even tho there’s no dairy in it


Well monster energy is basically battery acid so theirs no surprise there. I kid but on a serious note many of the ingredients in it are known to cause stomach issues for some people so you probably have some other food sensitivity too. In any case, for that and other reasons it's not the best thing to have regularly.


Yeah I don’t drink it regularly. I used to like once a week or so when I was tired for hs. But when I was 15 or so I went on accutane for my skin and after that, that’s when my issues started with dairy. Idk if they’re related issue wise but yeah. Ty for the info tho !


Sometimes before I've even finished my cup of tea, sometimes hours. It's a fun lottery :/


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Within 15 minutes lasting up to hours.


It depends honestly. Sometimes when eating ice cream I get hit immediately after eating it. Other times it waits until after I wake up from a nap or somthn. Pizza takes me a whole day to digest so it doesn’t hit until the next day.


Like 3 minutes 😭