Yes, hair loss is a side effect of not eating enough healthy and nutritious food i.e. malnutrition. My hair thinned since my first WL journey when I was younger and stupider about my diet. I ate low cal and junk food so it's no surprise. It's never gotten back to how it was before I started losing weight. It's a shame, but the way I see it, I got off lucky as there are much worse side effects of malnutrition. For me I think it's the price I have to pay for not educating myself on diet and nutrition beforehand. This is just my personal experience, maybe others can share their positive experiences of hair coming back. I hope all your hair will come back.




It very slowly improved for me. I don't really remember how long it took to stablise, I think the rate of hair loss slightly slowed as I ate more calories. Its actually gotten much better since I started my second WL journey as I've been eating nutritious food this time around - lots of fruits and veg, mostly vegan and my hair loss has been noticeably better.


This happened to me as well so I quickly started eating more cals, think I ate maintenance for a while and now I'm just eating a 500 cal deficit so it doesn't happen again. Luckily I have thick curly hair so I have a lot lot left.


Currently happening to me. I was at 1200 since March, for my height and weight I know that’s way too low and unhealthy, but I wanted to lose weight fast. It’s working..but I’ve lost a lot of hair and I already had thin hair to begin with. For the past month or so I’ve raised my calories to 1400/1500 a day and stalled my weight loss until recently but my hair is doing better. I switched to better products..sulfate free and all that. I switched to silk pillow cases and silk scrunchies. It’s working. Slowly but surely, I know my hair is definitely coming out in smaller clumps than it was. This is all tips from my friend who went vegan a few years ago and suffered the same thing. The first comment is definitely right, eating low calorie junk food will lose the weight but it’s not feeding your body what it needs. I am fully willing to admit I’m being dumb but I don’t always do anything about it lol. Focus on your nutrition and it’ll come back. It did for my vegan friend her hair is beautiful now.


I'm very worried too and I've lost a lot of hair (I'm seriously devastated) I've only just started to eat at 1500 and I hope that my hair fall will decrease


High protein helper in a few months