Got to love it when Amazon messes up your delivery and sends you 6 mousepads for the price of one!

Got to love it when Amazon messes up your delivery and sends you 6 mousepads for the price of one!


I remember my friend's brother getting two GPUs from amazon.


Something tells me this was at least 2 years ago 😂


Ofc, and if remember correctly it was 2070.


You just gave away that your a time traveler! Rookie mistake!


Damn deviant is responsible for the shortages.


_Oh no-_


Holy shit, the shortage will last that long?


Now i might have caused a butterfly effect, so idk


Those goobacks are time travelling to buy up our Vidya! Back to the pile, boys!


Why can’t this kind of shit happen to me


Considering how much both myself and my Wife order from Amazon I'm surprised it hasn't happened to us yet.


Hang in there, it took me 11 years but I finally got my freebie. An extra water filter for my fridge 😎


I one time got 64 free water filters for fridges from amazon because of a pricing error that listed them as $0.00 so ofc i was like yeah right if they’re free give me 64 but then they actually did




Mate you should've binded the other keys to other VSTs so you didn't have to switch VSTs every few seconds. Just midi controllers. Ik takes more space but it's easier


Why not 69 for extra meme points


they can only carry a stack


All of amazons employees are steve


Hell yeah


I got sent a duplicate inline fan priced around 169! It’s been downhill ever since.


I got an extra pool cover for my pool, and I have to replace it like every other year. And those are expensive as hell.


What happens that you have to replace it so often?


Weather mostly


Bruh, Can we get a pool cover for the pool cover


Just find one of the “free stuff for good reviews” companies and get tons of free stuff that way. It has worked well for me, as scummy as I might feel doing it.


Although not an error I bought fridge filters from the same seller twice in a year and the last time the guy was like I sent you a little extra something. He sent me 12 filters for the price of one...I assumed he was clearing out his inventory but I'll take it was awesome!


Acknowledged! A retrieval agent will arrive shortly at you location. Please comply and hand over your lordship's property. Thank you for your time, hu... citizen!


We once got Two IPad Pro’s for the price of one


It happened to me around the 9-year mark. I ordered a single bottle of face lotion and ended up getting sent an entire case. Shame it didn’t happen to me when I was a teen with too much time on my hands.


Pro tip: stop ordering from Amazon, shit ass company


I ordered a really fancy jar of anchovies, Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil, like 15+ bucks for a small jar, and they sent me an entire case of 24. That was my only score.


I mean if you consider anchovies of any kind a score then good for you man.


These were exceptional anchovy fillets, but realistically a jar lasts me about a year, mostly use them when making sauces. Next time you are making a tomato sauce drop a fillet in when you are sautéing your onion or garlic, it adds a lot of umami and makes a good sauce great. https://www.savorypantry.com/product/ortiz-spanish-anchovies-in-olive-oil/


Redditors don't make sauces. Redditors eat microwave pizza


Why would I microwave a good pizza?


It's not a good pizza either.


Bro take like 1 or 2 anchovies and mash that shit up while you sautee it in olive oil with garlic, pour in a can of crushed tomatoes and add Italian seasonings and fresh basil. This is the best pizza sauce/pasta sauce ever. Anchovies are basically Italian MSG


He works for Mom corporation


Where I work we sell the big round flat-cans of Ortiz. I've always wondered if they were that nice to be in our specialist chiller. Thanks for answering that for me.


One time I ordered a mirror and got...a cornhole set. Just a straight up, larger than my mirror cornhole set was in my Amazon box alongside the mirror. No idea why, never asked didn't care, got my mirror and parents got cornhole, worked out.


It's all in the type of item you order, it needs to be an article with easily confusable multipacks. As in this one where they picked one level higher than they should have done.


Not Amazon, but I finally had this happen to me. Bought a Huawei monitor but with the box I got a matebook for free


I'm genuinely curious, what do you order so often from amazon?


Probably everything that can be ordered from there


I had it happen a couple times with different stores. Only one I actually wanted was when I ordered one Uniball powertank pen (they are pressurized like Fisher space pens) from OfficeMax with free ship to home they sent me a case of them.


["There are two things in this firm I value the most, my Uniballs and my Raspberry bran bars"](https://youtu.be/HGn7GFjVHCo)


He’s a dick but he’s got a point. A person shouldn’t be responsible for buying their own Uniballs and raspberry bran bars dammit! What kind of two-bit firm are they if they can’t bother buying the man his Uniballs and raspberry bran bars? They make him a better lawyer and it behooves them to supply him with the necessities of the workplace.






One guy in here ordered 2 sticks of Corsair Vengeance ram, can't remember the specifics, ended up receiving like 24 units


I got 2 ryzen 7 5800x instead of one


I got two 1/4 in output jacks for the price of one. Didn't save me much money but who says no to free stuff?


Why tf u get downvoted ? I upvoted u Bc that was stupid people are doing that


Lol yea reddit is weird




It is the Reddit way...


What you gonna do with 6 mousemats? You want the box of GPUs or SSDs


I dunno. I see mousemats as consumable items. They wear out, build up dead skin, etc. So if you have one you like really well, it's nice having a backup ready to go. They also make good gifts for gaming friends. They're not exactly exciting, but people rarely complain about getting a high quality one gifted to them.


Yeah... And here I am getting charged for an item I returned.


I was once charged a delivery fee for the nothing they sent. For some reason, the two things I ordered weren't really available, so, they promptly cancelled my order and returned the price of the items...but, did not refund the delivery fee. It was difficult explaining to CS what was wrong. Them: ma'am, we refunded the price of the items you did not receive Me: yes, now, I need you to refund the delivery charge, since, nothing was or is being, delivered. Them: hmm...but, we refunded the price of the items Me: yes, for the 8th time, but, you're still charging me for delivery of the items which I'm not getting (yoga breathing, chanting serenity now) Them: so...the items are no longer available...you're not canceling or returning them... Me: right! You're almost there! Them: okay, so, you didn't get anything, and are not expecting these items at present because we are no longer sending them? Me: right! But...you still charged me a delivery fee Them: okay ma'am, I am refunding your delivery fee, thank you for your patience Me: yes and thank you for your prompt (choke) actions to resolve this matter, have a great day!


This happened to me but with a phone, ordered a Samsung galacy s20 FE and it was taking too long to arrive so i cancelled the order and ordered a new one, then 1 week later it arrived but the last i ordered already arrived so now i ended up with 2 phones for the price of 1, it is still sealed and in the cardboard box, been there for 3 months.


A few weeks ago I ordered a book from amazon and they sent literally an empty cardboard envelope.. How the driver didn't think "hmm this seems light" is beyond me. Had to wait a few days for it to be resent.


As a former delivery driver - it really doesn't matter what we think, we still need to make a delivery attempt, because that's what we're paid to do. If something is damaged or wrong with the order, that's between the retailers and the customers - we just provide the delivery service. Having *very* light things in larger boxes also isn't unusual at all. I've once had to make a delivery attempt on a clearly shattered toilet bowl. It was incredibly poorly packaged, and was in at least 50 pieces, with some of them having pierced and fallen out of the box. I could still advise the customer to refuse the delivery on site and make a costumer service call - but I still had to bring the package to the customer.


> Having very light things in larger boxes also isn't unusual at all. Couple of years ago there was a massive fuckup where single Lego minifig grab bags were coded to go into the massive S5 boxes we were using. And of course if you downgraded a box it would 100% get kicked out every damn time, so we had to go with what the computer said and build an S5 for a tiny ass Lego man.


How would the delivery driver know what is in the package?


Until he realizes he actually bought 6 mousepads


1x6 pack of mouse pads. “I only bought one!”


Eat cheetos with impunity


Eat cheetos with chopsticks.


This is the way.


***“This is the Way”***


This? It's that way.






Hot Cheeto's with chopsticks is the way


Return 1 and you got 5 for free


Not exactly, Amazon weights most of there parcels/items.


Their warehouse employees aren't paid enough to really care. If they see that OP ordered 1 mousepad, and returned 1 mousepad, it shouldn't tip anyone off. I know of people who bought real AirPods off amazon, took them out of the packaging and replaced them with fake wish ones, and got away with it and this is significantly less shady


Exactly. Amazon sometimes just doesn’t care. They can probably afford to take losses and keep their customers loyal for life.


I wouldn’t recommend this anymore, only because Amazon started automatically noting down the serial number of AirPods and if you return AirPods with a different serial you’re refused. This happened to me where I got two AirPod cases (the things your AirPods themselves go in) when I ordered one. I had no use for an extra case so I returned one, but the one I returned wasn’t the extra one so it had a different serial number to the one they meant to send me. Then they basically denied the refund request and sent me an email saying it was the wrong item. I just said oops and they sent it back for free


What are you talking about? Dude bought one, you setup a return for one. Done deal.


send one back and get a refund then you just got 5 free mouse pads


I had this happen to me in college with light stands. I reached out to support to see what my options were maybe get a finders fee. They told me to pay to ship them back. I opted to sell the extras on Craigslist instead.


maybe it's a trick to get us all using Amazon, like every 1000th order you get free stuff.


Jeff is that you ?


it's funny coz where I live amazon employ random people to deliver packages out of their cars, loads of stuff gets stolen and lost but the saving they make on not needing proper couriers is crazy. might even pay for a trip to the moon one day.....muhahahaha


I had the same thing with light stands recently. It wasn't even worth the cost of shipping for such a cheap mass manufactured item. I almost never do that, still feel a bit bad. Weirder was the time I ordered a set (two) of arm crutches. They sent me three. Not sets. Three individual arm crutches. Just... why?


Keep one ebay the rest


Keep one give away the others for free.


*our* mousepads, comrade


Stitch them together and make a kilt


Back in the early 2000's i absolutely had to have one of those flip up in dash dvd players in my car. Saved up and got one and to my surprise two packages showed up that day. The bonus one was on ebay so fast. And that kids is how i learned about getting scammed on ebay, but thats a whole nother issue lol.


Bezos bought it back and reported you never shipped it, no doubt.


underrated comment; hope OP fell through.


Wow XD


lol. of all the things to get multiple of.


🤣 now he can have a full desk covered in mouse mat!


I have an Arrozi arena Desk and the whole top of the desk is mousemat I I can confirm having that much mousemat is fantastic


.... lttstore.com


He's gonna carpet the whole house with them


When it gets dirty, just throw it away and put out a new one.


I once worked at an Amazon fulfillment center and am the asshole who prevented someone who ordered a Samsung 1tb SSD from getting a box of 10 of them. Last year I ordered a Samsung 32 gb high endurance micro SD card and got a box of 10...




It's true.








Well, working in a fulfillment center is its own punishment.


By any chance was this about a month ago?


Nah, 6-7 years ago


Gotcha lmao I was about to say, I had a late order on a Samsung 1tb ssd that I called in about. I was low-key praying for 2 to come in.


Damn, a 1TB SSD was pretty expensive 6\~7 years ago!


I got a box of 10 Samsung 32GB micro SDHC cards, too! There must be something about how they're packaged that makes it an easy mistake to make. In the UK, one only has the right to keep *unsolicited* goods, not *goods sent in error* (though collection should be at the *sender's* expense). Keeping goods sent in error without notifying the sender of their error is theft, so I informed Amazon of their error. They arranged collection, and refunded me for the one I had originally ordered and kept.


>In the UK, one only has the right to keep unsolicited goods, not goods sent in error (though collection should be at the sender's expense). It's the same in the US. There's a huge difference between "well I sent you this out of nowhere so you have to pay me for it" and "shit, I was fulfilling your order but I sent the wrong thing. Can I send the UPS guy back with a pre-paid label to return it?". Even if there wasn't a legal difference between those circumstances the moral difference couldn't be more obvious. And again, there *is* a legal difference. Which doesn't stop the internet from constantly having dumb arguments about it. There's a law against unsolicited goods scams, against *flagrant mail fraud*, that always gets cited as the reason it's "legal" to keep the spoils of a fulfillment error. Even the Consumerist and several lawyers' professional websites have repeated this bullshit. Nevermind that if you look up the law being cited it clearly applies only to products sent in bad faith. If Amazon sends you a 3080 Ti out of fucking nowhere and says "now that'll be $2,800" you can tell them to fuck off and enjoy your 4k gaming experience. If you *actually ordered* a 3080 Ti and Amazon sent 10 of them it's perfectly legal to demand you return the other 9.


They will quite often let you keep the excess ones if their value is less than a few hundred bucks, though. I once got a 20% discount on a tablet I ordered because I was sent the Italian version and they didn't want to have it refunded. The only difference was that 5 keys on the keyboard that was included were different. (The discount was 4x the price of the keyboard...)


Stealing from Amazon is always morally correct though


Whatever dude. Amazon is merely the company in this example. You think I don't see exactly the same shit in threads about shipping mistakes from smaller companies?


Glitch in the karma. Just imagine bro you could've made someone happy and the samsung wouldn't be affected by it


Actually whoever the seller is for that item (could be third party) would be fucked. It's how Amazon works.


I’m one of the people who got a box of ten NVME 1tb SSDs.


Fuckin' multi packs, amiright?


Combine them into one super-thick mega-mousepad. Alternatively, combined them into one super-long mega-mousepad.


The pads OP posted seem to be incredibly highly rated, but I bought one and hated it. It's WAY too thin for my preference. I just put it under my Tartarus. So maybe stacking 6 on top of each other would fix that.


Been using this model for years myself. Don't think I will buy another, though. No real complaints besides that I do prefer a thicker one.


I need one of them bad boys lemme pay shipping


I am also in need of one and am willing to pay shipping


Same. I’ll pay shipping and then some


I believe OP is genuine in this case, but this comment chain proves how easy it is to manipulate reddit with titles. I've seen similar posts where the OP claimed to receive extras like this and was later exposed for trying to sell dropshipped knockoff products.


I am also in need of a dropshipped knockoff product and will pay shipping


One time it was cheaper to buy a pack of 6 instead of just one. So I bought a 6 pack of watt meters.




A friend got 2 gpus when he only paid for one, lucky


What will you do with the rest?


~~pcmr giveaway~~


Make a coat out of one


As a former amazon employee, I know and when seen the root causes of this first hand, some people are lazy or fuckign stupid tbh.


Well I hope more of them are lazy/stupid


Lmaooo they can get fired for it though


Atleast they'd get a bathroom break then


lol blessing in disguise


Not Amazon warehousing worker here. Multipack errors go unnoticed so often. We usually catch them all the way in packing if at all. It's absurd how nobody questions why six identical items are all bundled together.


It’s kinda rare for a good facility to see them with amazon anyway, they place so much lines of defense for this sort of thing it’s crazy. Someone somewhere tho more than likely misslabled it and it got picked out as such. Typically laziness or stupidity. I use to do what was called problem solving, I’d have to fix this all the time.


How exactly do you prevent it? And how does it even happen with something like a mouse pad? How are they even able to pick it if it doesn't have a sku on the box?


It is fairly common for manufacturers to ship a box with the multiple of a product with the upc on the outside of it.


Overworked and underpaid people don't give a fuck


I don't know about Amazon, but some warehouses receive items with multiples in a box that are meant for repack. If this box was received as 1 box with 1 item rather than 1 box with 6 items then I could see it being an honest mistake. Source: worked in warehouse


So that's where my mousepad went


Well.. my room mate ordered a HDD for his pc.. Instead, he got a copy of Cher’s greatest hits.


I had the same once with a different seller, a local one. Ordered a pack of 20 rechargeable AA Batteries. I got 200.




Haha. I ordered 5 MicroSD cards one time and they sent me 50 instead. Contacted Amazon and they said to just keep them. Not worth their hassle to return I guess… I frequently have gotten doubles of other things also. Like it’s happened at least a half-dozen times for me.


50 microSD cards is comical. I only have about 5 devices myself that can use them.


Combine them into a raid array and you get an SSD... Atleast that's what I saw on LTT


I did use several of them for a Raspberry Pi cluster and various game console everdrives. Still trying to figure out what to do with the remaining 39. 😂


The only time I got a case instead of a unit was a case of three toilet seat bolts. Yay me.


Bruh I hope it happens to me so that I can just return the one of the extra items and get remaining for free


giveaway ? ​ ~~lets bankrupt bezos~~


Sure it’s not just 6 pieces you have to stitch together yourself?


I know right? I call bullshit without a receipt as proof.


Back when the Xbox 360 was still newish and you had to use Microsoft points on the store, my buddy had ordered a card for like $50 worth of points and they sent him a box of 50 of those cards. We were fuckin ballin for a while there


You're supposed to take one and ship the rest on to the next buyer.


don't you dare return them, they won't go bankrupt because of 5 mousepads


I totally agree with you. But i'm replying to say that I laughed SO MUCH with your flag. Amazing.


well I'm glad it brings joy to someone. Because it definitely brings none to me


Is this the Delta White custom mousepad I ordered??




Then you recheck the order and found the item was sold by the box, not the individual unit.


I ordered one 500 GB SSD for $50 and got 10 in my package.


Now resell them on Amazon


Master packs usually get stopped at SLAM, you just got a bad SLAM operator that day and got lucky (i work for amazon)


I think you just got a warehouse worker killed and ground into bone powder for Jeff Bezos to use underneath his balls


Take that Bezos


Show us the receipt, otherwise i call fake.


Someone stowed a master pack. I am currently stowing. I could have stowed that


I love these things, have 1 on my desk and it's super soft, keeps crumbs off and looks amazing


Amazon has been very generous lately.


I once got a ladder from John Lewis and they sent a box with 2 inside. the box clearly said there are 2 ladders inside. I realised that they made a mistake when they entered the stock into their system. I contacted them so I can send the extra ladder back and they said the system only shows one as sent. I used their return system and explained that I'm sending the extra ladder. They refunded me for the ladder and I got to keep it. I didn't really ask for a refund. I think their system just couldn't handle the extra stock or the return person didn't bother reporting the issue


Wanst there a guy who got a shit load of Harddrives?


Maybe Amazon needs to fix its talent pool lol. I have worked in warehouses my whole life and I have only seen Amazon do this. Fuck wits.


When they have their workers peeing in bottles I don't think the workers really care if they fuck over the company


I work in a competing warehouse, it happens quite a bit it is usually caught though. Most product comes in generic brown box with a quantity on the carton label, its easy enough when picking smaller product to grab a case with multiple over 1 unit, especially when you have a giant stack of labels and your are barely awake or tired at the end of shift. Normally the sorter will catch the weight error but if the package is manually taken to the truck for whatever reason it bypasses all the scales.


For amazon it is "Pick one item from bin x".. it ain't the pickers fault. The one who stored screwed up.


It's not the workers, it's the company with ethics shitty enough that they had to build homeless shelters for their employees.


They'd need to pay higher and be more selective in hiring, which I don't see happening in near future.


I had that too and then I spilled my GFUEL on it. I now Have a Qck Prism edge xl


At least this will solve your mouse problem


\*Stacks them all on top of each other\* HA!


Lol 😂now I know why the steel series mouse pad I ordered earlier this week was delayed.


Fortune III


I just ordered a m.2 SSD, here's hoping I have your luck!


I had this happen but I received a second oculus headset for free 😅


Buyer becomes Amazon seller


GameStop sent me 2 Elite II controllers last year.


Roommate in college ordered a netbook from Best Buy on Black Friday. They shipped him 4 lol


Bought a 200$ Fitbit Amazon lost it it came a few days late and the replacement came as well. 2 fitbits valued at 400 for 130 (got on sale) gave the extra watch to the mom:)