I have been pondering on this question for a long time now

I have been pondering on this question for a long time now


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So I can code in the vertical one and watch my tests fail in the other.




Nothing like having instant evidence that I, in fact, might not have any actual idea what I’m doing.


Ow. The realism hurt me. I hear that.


I code in the horizontal and keep stackoverflow in 1/2 of the vertical and maybe TV or music in the second half. Sometimes I make 3 parts, 1 is discord or terminal


You forgot to mention the stack overflow screen


For me, I do 3D modeling. So I often have reference material on one screen, blender in the middle, and sometimes chats on the third. Or maybe a YT video.


Plans on one screen, workspace in the middle, preview on the other.


For engineering, I'd have info on one screen, modeling app in another, and then the parts database interface in the third monitor. I found that we had a 1080p USB monitor sitting around and, as a joke, set it up as a 4th monitor. After less than a day I started getting used to having 4 monitors and it became a little less of a joke, lol


3D takes at least 3 screens. Preferably 4. And once you have 4, preferably 5.


that's exactly the reason why i'm thankful to have two monitors. one screen for modeling/drawing, and the other screen is usually split to two with a reference and a yt video. can't imagine going back to a single screen 😟


Alt-tab is the poor man's multi screens


Until you are connected to multiple remote vms in full screen, than the alt+tab switches between programs in the currently active vm. I honestly could not do my job effectively without multiple monitors.


There is also people with working memory problems and having your multi monitors allows for large working space.


Me. Literally can’t remember the value off of a data sheet between looking at it and changing windows to type it in. Multiple monitors gives me a 10x modifier




What if you forget that you copied it?


Windows key + V (you have to turn on clipboard history in settings) you can see the last 25 things you have copied.


Except if your IT admin has a brain it's disabled via gpo


Why would you do that? I work in IT and use the memory clipboard daily.


People put passwords on the clipboard constantly, especially in the age of password managers


What if you forget the windows + V command?


Post a question on stackoverflow.




They call it a Force Multiplier in the military


I call it ADHD.


With these forces combined…


...the ultimate weapon...


…The Marines!


Sir, I have great news and terrible news. Whats the great news? The marines have arrived. Then what's the terrible news? We forgot to buy crayons.


This is my crayon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


As a person with ADHD I can confirm


I wonder if this is related to the theory that walking through doorways causes you to forget things due to the way your brain links memories to physical spaces and how doorways are perceived divisions between those physical spaces. I imagine Alt+Tabbing to a new window follows that same process.


Dude I thought I was losing my mind, it’s why I can’t be productive on a phone, I need a computer. I thought it was from too much smoking lol


Well I mean...


thank god I thought I was the only one. all of my other coworkers seem to have perfect memory


I'm in double digits for concussions and a pot head, I cant remember jack shit, that is why I have 3 monitors




Until you lose your cursor.


Can you still ping it with Ctrl in Windows?


YES I only need 2 tbh but I can see how a 3rd could help. Having two monitors with my ADHD has helped me a ton with my productivity. I would say more than 3 is overkill but 2 is just life changing even without considering how my adhd effects me. I also love that I can bring up minecraft wiki or any other game wiki for things my brain will never remember. I been playing minecraft since launch and I still have to look up some of the recipes even some of the basic ones and I can never remember potion recipes. I'm also trying to learn coding and it is nice to be able to follow along with a lecture while having a text editor to follow along on the other screen. I also can use my 2nd monitor in portrait and use fancyzones to snap one window to the top of the screen and one window to the bottom and its basically like just having 2 smaller monitors. I honestly love having a 2nd monitor in portrait, makes it easier to read stuff and keep up with large discord/twitch chats.


I'm just sat here with streams and YouTube open while I work, but yeah at my old Job everything was a vm or a service, even active directory , my work laptop had nothing actually installed on it


try this: 1. start+tab, click on + to add a screen 2. start+ctrl+ arrow lef/right to switch this is way better than alt+tab


This is a super cool shortcut thank you for enlightening me


Multiple Desktops was what made me switch to Windows 10


This helped convince me to use Linux like 13 years ago, when I first tried Ubuntu.


Man, multi desktops, then compiz fusion. 3D cube desktops ftw Edit: kde, compiz, and cairodock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QokOwvPxrE


Commenting so I can find this after work. Thanks!


You realize Reddit has a save feature, right?


Try Win+Tab. You get to see the windows as you cycle through them.


Honest question, what advantages does having a "new" desktop bring? If I am playing a game for instance and have chrome open in the other desktop, is it faster?


Alt tabbing can mess with games. I'm pretty sure swapping to the new desktop fixes that


As long as you're in windowed fullscreen, it rarely messes with games these days.


That's great, cause yeah you're right sometimes alt tabbing kinda screws things up. Thanks for the answer


One screen is use for hentai and the other for pornhub


When you only have one monitor: "this is great" When you finally get a second monitor: "I can't believe I was living like a peasant"


My wife resisted multiple monitors for about 10 years. She’s not hardcore about anything on PC so she just felt it was an absurdity to have more than one 24” screen. Then she had a weird vision problem pop up and I upgraded her to a 32”, and as a bonus she still had the 24” on the side. Now she can’t go back and needs the bigger screen AND multiple screens. There is absolutely no going back.


Ladies like a big screen, some just don't know it yet


Big screen energy


Some also call it Big Display Energy. BDE for short


Be careful about not ending up like that guy whose dog make BIG DISPLAY DAMAGE.-


not to be confused with Big Display Set Multiple


I love watching a man give his wife big screens.


I’m going to place my massive 27” display on your desk, and you’re gonna like it.


I like big screens and I cannot lie


Lol same, i never saw the hype, i then borrowed a friends monitor because he was going away for awhile, now i can't go back


Friend's monitor won't go back either.


I am trying to convince him to allow me to buy it off him since he still can't take it back because the pandemic is a bitch, im too used to it now. If not, I'm locking the doors and never leaving my room


Just fake your house blowing up, change your name and grow/shave a beard


I can even blow up my house for real but the "grow a beard" part will be ultra hard for me


My wife: Stardew on one screen, stardew wiki on the other.




This sounded like an AA confession. Don't worry bro/sis, we've all been and are still there.


Opening the big screen to have background noise while you scroll the small screen as a reward for staring at the medium screen all day


Just like with hard drive space. You think you're getting by just fine with whatever, then you expand and same reaction.


Or a SSD from a HDD. You don't know what you're missing till that boot time goes from five minutes plus to 15 seconds.


It’s absolutely orgasmic loading into my OS in sub-10 sec. I remember my old dell having issues crashing every 15 mins or so and taking literally 5 mins to load back into online games. It’s like being poor and not being able to afford food, then one day having all the money in the world and buying a restaurant.


Some people disconnect and reconnect. When I disconnect its a crash and I reboot, restart and get back before most disconnected can get back in.


I prefer to use Linux as a daily driver, but still keep windows around for the odd game that doesn't behave. I'll be talking to my friends on discord, we agree to play a game that doesn't work on Linux, and I say "rebooting brb". I was back in the call less than a minute later and both of them at the time were like "you've rebooted already?!?". If anything the bios POSTing takes longer than anything else.


I went from two monitors back to one: A 32" that's mostly split into one left app and one right app. You can use one big landscape monitor as two smaller portraits, but you can't use two smaller portraits as one big landscape.


I couldn't even imagine doing my job without at least two screens. Like my bare minimum tasks require at least two applications open at the same time and switching between them on one screen would be a nightmare.


3rd monitor does the same as the 2nd lol. Strongly reccomend, perhaps in thrift store for sub 10$


There has to be diminishing returns though, right? I got my third about a year ago, and I agree that it was comparable step up to getting a second monitor. But having four couldn't be that much more useful than three... right?


Have you met my friend the VERTICAL monitor? Game. Changer.


Was PLP, portrait - landscape - portrait, for the longest time. Then I added another landscape monitor up top**. I think this is the pinnacle.


are they arranged to make a normal screen? The two portraits on the side of the landscapes (one on top of the other)?! I should just stack ultra wides, shouldn’t I…


Honestly I haven't tried it, and I code for a living so perhaps it's worth giving a shot. What do you use your vertical monitor for? In hindsight coding on a vertical monitor would probably give me some better line length discipline... might be trying out


Same as everyone else apparently, long document viewing for work haha


Long documents like log files. Bottom half for teams.


A group at work have 6 per station (they need to see that many datastreams at once) and it honestly looks amazing.


I'm sure it's a beautiful setup but I don't even think I'd be able to keep track of everything with six screens tbh. Not to mention that with my current setup (desk facing the door) it would just be a **wall** of screens between me and anybody entering the room lmao


You say that like it's a bad thing...


I've got 7. Yea there are diminishing returns after 4


5 is my sweet spot. Two on top, three on the bottom. I've got a sixth, but it's way over to the side, and rarely ever turned on.


jesus fuck your poor 970


The reason people like a lot of monitors is because you will always find something to use them for that makes life that little but faster and more efficient


I work in engineering, having to bounce between pdfs, word docs, spreadsheets, websites, etc. gets really old really fast. I’ve got 2x 27” right now and I could easy use a third to be able to do 6 items all in half-screen.


I second every part of this.


X 2


IT professional here with 4 screens (V-H-H-H) Vertical is for long documents, slack/teams, or splitting two file transfers top and bottom. 3 horizontals are for everything else, Print server, AD, DHCP, Web browsing, SCCM, and other documents. BUT we also use LogMeIn and 90% of our staff have 2 or rarely 3 screens so if I'm working on their PC 2 of my screens are gone and leaves me with one vertical and one horizontal or just one verticle of they have 3.


> or splitting two file transfers top and bottom an entire monitor for showing two file transfers?


Maybe he likes seeing graphs.


Well, some people talk about paying attention to what happens on your system. He's doing something about it.


Oh yeah…..(unzips)


Who's a dirty bar chart


Lowly Real Estate Agent here. If I lost my 2nd screen I’d lose all sense of reality.


Surely you mean youd lose all sense of realty


I did cue that one up for you!


I’m also in engineering. I have a 43” 4K with 2 27” portrait on both sides. Absolutely necessary when working lol


I'll third the engineering point. Laptop and pc with 3 monitors on my desk. Sometimes that isn't enough.


Never lol could always use more


* use them to fill the void


But will it fill the void in my soul? Yes. Yes it will. (24"+27"+24" 3x setup here)


Like streaming porn while gaming.


After using multiple monitors, everytime im in a situation where I only have 1 available it feels so claustrophobic to me. I have to keep alt tabbing screens and it feels like im doing triple the works.


> Why have I got six screens? Because I don't have enough room for eight - Terry Pratchett


Feels like poverty.


Watch TV and also grind in a game. I just like a bit of engagement Also just handy when working or researching to have it be easier to just turn my head, not switch pages. And when playing multiplayer easy to have Discord open in case someone shares something or see who joined the chat.


Yeah watching sports, tv or just having discord open is awesome on a separate monitor while grinding in a game.


95% of my second monitors usage is twitch streams or sports streams while gaming.


About 95% of the time when I'm gaming I'm in vc and this is why I always have at least 2 monitors if not 3 (the third for music or a stream)


It’s funny because people really associate multi-monitors (I have 3) with gaming, but I honestly use them for school work way more than gaming. Sure, I’ll use them for music and YouTube (or other video streaming) sometimes, but when I’m trying to study keeping references up (periodic table, video lecture, code tutorial, my calendar) is perfect. Fun note, if you find the right thrift store it’s not super expensive either. I got one of mine for $7, and I saw another one for $10 a few weeks ago but I didn’t need another


They are 100% for work. I never use more than one monitor for gaming. I always use more than one monitor for basically everything else.


how would someone game on multiple screens? wouldn't the seams be pretty problematic?


My second is for discord to be open or something else for passive monitoring while I game on the other


Ha, I don't have this problem because I don't have friends. I do use guides though.


Yup, some games just need a guide. I don't know if anybody has seen the missing collectables list in RDR2, but no single person could ever find everything alone before RDR3. If not a guide then Friday Night Lights and Skyrim.


Also wikis for things like Minecraft and Factorio and Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky and so many other overly-complex games that need a wiki.


>Elite Dangerous > overly-complex Pick one, lol. Elite dangerous is a grind fest, then you buy the expansion to see it's just slightly more flavoured grinding.


In ED’s case it would just be inara.cz, although I personally use the Steam overlay for that.


I just remembered how much easier it would have been to 100% Fallout 3 if I had two monitors to look at.


I have 3 screens for my racing aims, but that's basically just a poor man's VR. It just feels so much more realistic to physically look right to see who's next to you rather than pushing a button on the steering wheel. The seams don't bother me because you are generally only looking at the center screen unless you're checking your mirrors(which just feels like your glancing at the A pillar in a real car.)


I've only ever raced using VR and haven't tried triples but the VR is extremely immersive. Also terrifying at times when you get hit out of nowhere. One thing I have heard though is a lot of the pro sim racers still use triples over VR do to the VR blocking your peripheral vision.


Yeah, I'm currently using VR. The tunnel vision is difficult sometimes but I can't really afford a proper triple setup since I sank it all into good rig/wheel combo. That said, either is way better than a single imo


If you like strategy games, having the game on one monitor and guides on another is nice


Some games support multiple monitors. You can have the main game screen on one and a map on the other, for instance.


Ooh this sounds cool, you know any games specifically?


Supreme Commander. Could [dedicate a monitor](https://www.flickr.com/photos/gamerscore/367680656) to the strategic map.


That game was so amazing and ahead of its time.


I know BlackDesert has an amazing feature I wish more games would implement. The main game runs on the primary monitor, but some of the menus could "pop out" and be dragged to another monitor. It was the coolest thing having you inventory, buffs, quests and minimap open all at the same time on a nother monitor.


Depends on where they are. Across just two, yes it’s a bitch. Three? Much easier because the majority of stuff is going on the middle and so long as the seam isn’t through that then it’s usually ok, game depending.


Not really, they just add to your peripheral vision, you don't really focus out there. It's like the A-pillars in your car, sure you can't see through them, but you wouldn't drive without your side windows, you get valuable info over there. Just really adds to immersion. Also sense of speed and seeing guys next to you in racing games/sims.


Ye, multi-monitor comes in serious handy not just for gaming but for work too. I work in software development and more screens = more things visible at once like your code editor, documentation, slack, youtube, etc.


Fact. The center monitor is my high refresh rate gaming screen and the other two are perpetually shouting slack, zoom, documents, databases, spreadsheets, and unread email (many of which I have to use simultaneously) at me.


Higher PPM, porn per minute.


2050 : all pornhub uploaded to your mind


2077: you *are* the porn


People watch porn and see themselves


With the evolution of deep fake tech, you don't even need to wait till 2077 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




I have three monitors at work. I’m a dentist. It is the minimum number of screens I could use. One screen always has my schedule up. Center screen has active stuff Im doing, typically reddit honestly but sometimes I have to look at xrays or something. Third screen has pure entertainment, maybe Netflix or YouTube. It’s amazing.


At work we have 3 screens+laptop. I do a lot of networking/monitoring stuff so I need many screens for different management Consoles and system monitoring in real time. At home I only have one 4k screen, plenty of room for everything, but I wouldn't mind a second one.


What size is your 4k?


27 inches and I'm sitting very close to it, so I wouldn't go bigger.


Imagine you are playing turn based strategy, and you press end turn. If you have shitty cpu, or game have long turn times you can scroll couple (or more) reddit posts. If you play ttrpg and you're dming you NEED MORE SCREEEENS. NEVER ENOUGH. 2 IS NOT ENOUGH. MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSS SCRENSSSSSSSS


Three-screen-DMer here, can confirm that I need more screens. Thinking about getting a fourth. My wallet begs for mercy.


4 screens here. I didn’t know what to do with the fourth screen when I got it. Now that it has a function I want another. It ain’t a joke when they say you will crave more when adding more.


4 screens user here, I can confirm that a 4th one is needed.


What about 5 tho?


my ocd would kick in, id just go straight to 6


But have you considered 8?


i could, it would be 2 rows of 3 and 2 overhead.


But…one more to finish the roof on the pc screen house


But then again, 10 is just a far rounder number.


At the last branch I worked in I had 5 screens (Inside Sales Rep and Dispatcher for my branch), it was truly amazing having all that real estate. My new branch that I transferred earlier this year is much smaller and I had to fight to get a third screen that I could dedicate to dispatching. I miss my old office :(


Damn, Somebody get this man some screens !!!


When I DM both of my screens are full of overlapped windows and I still have my desk covered in books and monster cards.


Warhammer 2 with all DLCs checking in


1. Gaming 2. discord 3. maps or quests or YouTube


Maps and discord on one vertical screen. Easy 2 screen setup


I'll cut the vertical monitor in half so discord is top half and browser is on bottom with whatever, info, youtube, streaming.


Ding ding ding! Tarkov maps and Tarkov wiki on left monitor. Tarkov on the right. That game is the reason I got a second monitor after trying out a friend's dual screen setup. Two 24" monitors.


More screens just lets you do more stuff, if you have ADHD brain this can be an essential upgrade for entertainment purposes or just productivity regardless. Watch a youtube video while you game, have discord open when you're watching a youtube video, have multiple work documents open at once, etc etc. 1 screen: you're not doing as much as you could be, alt-tab warrior 2 screen: great upgrade, you can now do like 85% 3 screen: not as much proportional value, you can now do 99% 4 screen: you really don't need this, probably


Tbh upgrading from one monitor to 2 was a god send for doing something that requires 2 windows. But tbh there are times where I wish I had three just so I could have a stream open on one a game on another and discord/ another web page open on the third lol.


I find after you get 3, the 3rd becomes overflow. I still use the first 2 like I did previously and most of the time the 3rd monitor is resource monitor and whatnot. But when you need it, it’s really nice to have a third screen.


I'm a 3 guys H-H-V. My main monitor has my IDEs or Games on. My left monitor is for everything chrome / outlook related my right monitor is for chat and terminals. So working I have a bunch of chrome instances and outlook on the left monitor. My IDEs in the middle. Teams, web Whatsapp and terminals on the vertical. When gaming I have my game in the middle. Chrome (YouTube twitch, Netflix, guides, game info, etc) and Spotify on the left. And web Whatsapp and discord and any chat program on the right.


Monitor 1 is for gaming Monitor 2 is for Discord Monitor 3 is for Spotify Monitor 4 is for porn Monitor 5 is for Reddit Monitor 6 is for your Home Assistant dashboard Monitor 7 is for more porn Monitor 8 is to track your investments Monitor 9 is for your Zoom class


I was kind of in the same boat, never understood multiple monitors. Then I used 2 at work and holy hell is 2 monitors nice


If you don’t understand, you’ve never used multiples for any significant amount of time.


Tbh two monitors are enough. 1 for whatever game your playing, the second one can do chrome, discord and Spotify.


For me having 2 monitors does the job 95% of the time. But there are times I wouldn't mind a third one. Going from 1-> 2 is the biggest jump though.


Ya you go from 100% more monitor to 50% more… law of diminishing returns but even that 100th monitor is still 1.0101% gain




And keyboards. Can't ever leave mech keyboards


5 screens is useful for engineering, the sheer number of apps I need to use is unbelievable, and alt tabbing gets irritating when you do it every 2 microseconds.


Your life will change when you get more screens. I was a one-screener for something like 24 years, finally got a 2nd monitor and thought it was amazing. Then I got a new job where I have a laptop plus 2 monitors (so three total) and when I sit down at my plebeian 2-monitor home setup, I feel foolish.




The answer is simple, PORN!!!!


♫ The internet is really really great! ♫


The internet is for porn


*Grab your dick and double-click for porn, porn porn!*


It's most so I can navigate from my excel and email at the same time and easier to copy and paste things from one to another. Who am I kidding? It's for porn.




I work a lot with CLO3D which requires both a 2D as well as a 3D window. They can be in the same screen or used apart from each other but this is far less effective. Premiere Pro is also one of those programs that run much smoother when you have a second screen because you can have your workspace on one and the actual video on another. When I'm at work I really miss my second monitor. If I could go to three, I would, as I often also find myself watching YouTube in the background or following a tutorial for something


More screens = more stuff! One screen for performance stats and measures (temp gauge, CPU usage, etc.) two screens for gaming, one screen for chatting/twitch/video call with party. Edit: and don’t forget the one screen for work, in case you have to pretend to be in the office.


Dafuq you waste an entire screen for pointless stats? Why do you need temps showing 24/7? Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information, useful when debugging issues in games but I could never justify wasting screen real estate on just checking my temps and clock speeds etc all the time


3 screens for me is the perfect combo, one for gaming, one for chats and one for browsing


Elite Dangerous on Display 1 Star maps, route information, recent mining spots on Display 2 Spotify/YouTube/Hulu/Reddit on Display 3 Reddit on handheld mobile device (addiction is real) A Thrustmaster key map on tablet