This PC can’t run Windows 11

This PC can’t run Windows 11


I have the 1950x with a 1080ti, 64gigs, nVME and I cannot run Windows 11. I also work…. for Microsoft.


Got TPM?


Afaik window 11 doesn't run on first gen ryzen or threadripper


not even 2nd gen but still i don't care about windows anymore


Zen+ supports TPM 2.0 and can install Windows 11 without a workaround, as far as I remember. *Edit: [Windows 11 Explicitly Supports Ryzen 2000 CPUs and APUs](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/minimum/supported/windows-11-supported-amd-processors)


Zen plus supports ftpm on your CPU turn that on and yes you can run windows 11 without any bypass I own the 2700 and I'm running windows 11 without any tweaks :)


I have a 2nd gen Ryzen and can run windows 11. I had to enable TPM in my bios.


I mean I'm running Linux


Yes it does, all you have to do is download the ISO from Microsoft and install it manually. The only thing you can't do is use the automatic update process in Windows Update.


Yes you can. Just download the ISO and install Windows 11. Literally download ISO, install Windows 11, done.


Not exactly, you still have to modify the iso or set a registry variable to get through the installer. Microsoft also completely forgot that no Mac supports tpm or secure boot, so running in bootcamp requires this tweak. I don’t usually run a VM on my desktop, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it needed there was well. Microsoft could have white listed macs that otherwise meet the requirements. The circle jerk is more about how arbitrary Windows 11 support is. Since as far back as Skylake has TPM 2.0 on the cpu. There have been no reasons given by Microsoft about why these older but perfectly usable cpus are being left behind. So we can only speculate that it’s laziness.


Microsoft even has an official help article on their support page detailing how to install W11 on unsupported hardware. >There have been no reasons given by Microsoft about why these older but perfectly usable cpus are being left behind. They have said why. Security is the reason why they won't officially support older hardware.


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Have you tried the registry edits? They seem to work for a lot of people.




Will you still get future updates if you do it that way?


Probably, it's not in Microsoft's interest to block access to updates. Since you can install on unsupported platforms via the ISO, almost definitely.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they specifically say they would block updates to people who installed windows 11 on unsupported devices?


They said you won't be entitled to updates, which is legalese for "if something breaks on your PC, tough luck"


pirated windows 7 installs didn't used to get updates and the reputation hit from windows being known as the OS to hack for botnets was so great now everyone gets updates


I think you're thinking of XP. Its support lasted long enough after 7 was released, it was a magnet for for viruses; Microsoft only started taking them seriously too far into XP's lifecycle. [WGA](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Genuine_Advantage) was a fantastic way of ensuring their OSes would keep getting infected. They introduced [Microsoft Security Essentials](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Security_Essentials) right at the end of XP, but used WGA to make sure you were running a "genuine" version of Windows before it could be installed... ...which was a fantastic way of ensuring their OSes would keep getting infected.


Windows was used for botnets cause the absurd majority of home computers with poor security were windows, most people running a Linux distro know better and Mac users sometimes can't even change shit willinly so that makes Windows widespread a great way to get a botnet going.


If the ISO will install on your machine but the downloaded update will not, are you really on an unsupported platform?


As far as I know, no.They would still be blocked. Which is what also prevents me from switching to Win 11 (7700k...). Unless there is some registry or other hack to allow Win 11 to update, there is no point for me to switch. MS still doesn't exactly tell why "older" CPUs aren't good enough. It's a security thing, but what exactly ? It's not like there have been a lot of changes in this matter between 7th & 8th Intel gen.


It's because the 8th Gen Intel, and 2nd Gen Ryzen or newer both support HVCI and VBS, older generation CPU's (such as our 7700k) don't have support for these... and while Windows 11 'may' work, there could be up to a 30% (or more?) performance hit running HVCI/VBS in software compatibility mode....


Nice! How does it run better?


based on what? what tests did you do? and since the op was talking about AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-400 (up to 15% performance loss with amd cpus)


But more importantly has op tried turning it off and on?


I totally built a new PC but with same OS ssd but apparently that makes it illegitimate or something. I haven't got any fucking messages about Windows 11.


> I totally built a new PC but with same OS ssd but apparently that makes it illegitimate or something. Because licenses are tied to the particular hardware combination. Upgrading a few individual bits of hardware won't bork it, but complete new machines need a new license.


This is not true. The license is tied to your mobo by default. You can disassociate the license and generate a key that will work to associate the license with a different mobo. This will not work on laptops and most pre builts made by major manufacturers. They often have a "This machine only" type license that is much cheaper.


Not anymore if it's linked to your Microsoft account.


Generally, not running the newest version of Windows as soon as it's released is a blessing, not a curse. I sure hope they don't force the upgrade out any time soon.


Unless it's more of a Service Pack than an update (cough, 7, cough).


er, windows 7 was amazing. you mean 8 right?


7 was great, but it was basically just a service pack for Vista.


7 = what vista should have been, 10 = what 8 should have been


and continuing the tradition, 12 is what 11 should have been




windows 2 half dozens


8 did touch better than 10 but 8 forgot most devices using Windows aren't tablets.


It was, but it functioned more as a service pack to Vista, which was awful due to poor compatibility at launch.


Yep. Loved vista. Got a bad name because they rebuilt the driver stack and other companies didn't update drivers and Dell and the like sold shit ass PCs promising their run Vista. Vista was actually a really good OS. 7 was just refinement to Vista.


Vista was good once you got it running right. It was like 2000, if you had the right hardware and software it was fantastic.


95 good, 98 bad, 98SE good, ME bad, XP good, Vista bad, 7 good, 8 bad, 10 good... Vista wasn't that good before SP 1.


Windows 2000: Do I exist if nobody remembers me?


My favorite build of all time was on 2K


Windows 11 definitely feels like a big service pack for Win 10.


You mean, force me to Linux


This. My PC is compatible. If they try to force this though, I'll be sudo changing my OS


Perfect typo


Hahahah sudo changing!


People have been saying this crap for over a decade - but then even when the few people who even bother to actually try switching to Linux do the vast majority come back to Windows. Steam hardware survey history 5 years ago: Linux 0.93% of steam users. Steam hardware survey this month: 1.05% - after 5 years of huge gains in compatiability, performance, and tailor made SteamOS systems Linux has gained just over 1/10th of a percent of users.


Valve's efforts are going to be the next make or break point for Linux, at least as a Gaming viable distro. I don't expect the world to switch once SteamOS comes round, but I do hope it's solid enough that we have the option.


Same. There's definitely times where I feel the bullshit of windows, however, if your goal is to game as well as you can possibly game on a computer and especially if you're also wanting to either stream or record that gameplay, furthermore so if you might need to run professional editing software on that content, windows just feels like objectively the best choice. I don't love it, I'm not here to be Microsoft's personal champion, but I feel like it's disingenuous to pretend that it isn't the case. Competition is so important though, so as comfy as I am on windows I'm always keeping my ear to the ground on Linux.


I like Linux a lot and will be changing my laptop to use it once I take this last exam for my Masters, but it is not usable for the vast majority of users. My parents *could* use Linux for most things, but the minute they found a printer/camera they wanted to use that did not work with it they would be right back in Windows. Linux works with a lot of hardware. Windows works with MOST hardware. And programs you download on the internet? Please. Most work with Windows but not Linux. Sure I'll tell my mom to open a terminal and "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cartes/drawing" then "sudo apt install drawing" to get something that is almost but not quite Paint so she can draw something up.


Anybody got Win11 already? To me it just looks like the bastard lovechild of OS11 and Win10.


I do, and youre kinda accurate, but for example settings panels are better imo and the search is much faster than win10 Widgets and all that shit I dont use at all so cant say much


Had it for a while now. It looks and feels much more like Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu had a beautiful genius of a child... With a few quirks. So far, nothing horrible, even on Insider builds. But for the general public, I'd probably suggest waiting until the start of 2022 for a few updates to roll out too.


rip me and my 7700K


Rest in peace my 3770k.


Seriously this. Going on 10 years with my 3770k build and Windows 11 is *not* going to be why I upgrade. I do my video card every other generation and my RAM has mismatched replacements in there but I still want for nothing as far as games and other software goes. Hell I'm rather certain our antiquated processors are why I never have issues when new games drop!


Same. I've build mine 10 years ago as well and can play pretty much anything I throw at it. Got a 2060rtx before the pandemic at like 320 bucks and I'm still going strong. This build will probably go to my daughter.


I have upgraded to win10 just because new games stopped working/supporting on win7 natively. Same way I will upgrade to win11 only if games requires it to run natively. Just to get a new OS, I have no plans to upgrade entire hardware (excluding GPU of course. It changes from time to time). I am not interested in TPM chip at least for now.


I'm running an i7 7700 and don't feel like it needs an upgrade. Sure it would definitely be nice to have a faster processor but it is still a solid cpu. Shame is doesn't support the new windows update


Same. My system keeps up great with what I want it to do. I'll hold off another year or two before upgrading. Fingers crossed the supply side of things get sorted by then


I’m fairly sure you can still run Win 11, just install via the iso and edit the registry to bypass the TPM 2.0 check.


TPM 2 is enabled and isn't the problem. The CPU isn't supported.


How? That doesn't make any sense


Lmao I've got a 4790k in my desktop


Same, and with a new gpu it is still going strong. Seems Windows 11 is not in my near future.


4770k, on my second graphics card upgrade (6900 Radeon->970->1070) and my big regret is only having 16gb of ram.


Do u know is i7-9700k is supported ? Idk what techs is not supported


Can confirm, I have i7-9700K and Windows 11 runs perfectly fine


Yes the 7th gen is the last gen of CPUs that isnt supposed I believe


I am in the camp where windows 10 is fine and when you get new hardware that is fully supported make the move to windows 11. They said there will be support for windows 10 for like another three or four years and I am sure many people will have new hardware by then.


End of like is 10/14/25 and by golly I'll be using windows 10 right up until then unless they make 11 look less like an apple product.


They're gonna have to make a *lot* of changes to 11 before I even consider it. Hopefully we get a 8.1 type thing.


I didn't like windows 8 at all and totally skipped it. I stayed on windows 7 as long as I could, even dabbled in Linux a bit, until windows 10. Windows 7 had support until last year so even though they say 3 years until end of life for windows 10 It might be longer than that.


i managed to install windows 11 on my Pa's notebook. It has 4gb of ram and 120gb SSD. update: old man said that his pc got better. happy for him




Hey there, I don't know if it would run faster/better than Windows 7 (I don't think so) but you can always give it a shot. About the installation without TPM, there's a workaround that worked for me. Yesterday I did a clean installation (Windows 11) in and old laptop, this laptop uses MBR and doesn't have any TPM module (not even 1.2) and everything seems to work fine. This laptop has an i5 (I don't remember what gen is), 8GB of RAM and HDD too. If you're interested, this is the tutorial I followed: https://www.techpowerup.com/287584/windows-11-tpm-requirement-bypass-it-in-5-minutes Also if you're gonna use Rufus to create the bootable USB (which I recommend), make sure you select MBR/BIOS (it is probably what your PC uses). I had no problem in the installation process but I highly encourage you to backup your important files, just in case… I hope this helps.


Hell no. Windows 11 is more bloated and increased system requirements for a reason.


3900X and 3090 and I haven't checked if I get this message yet. Nobody running AMD should upgrade to windows 11 until they get some fixes out.


I mean, I'd rather they try, run into a bug, report it to AMD/Microsoft and revert back. They shouldn't have done an offical commerical release yet, but expanded and maybe pushed for some more people to try it via the insider program. Maybe worked with geeksquad that if the windows 11 bricked your pc in the inside program or something, you could take it there for a cheap fix. I say geeksquad because there isn't a healthy CPU repairshop everywhere and if there is one they likely couldn't take on the task of a town/city's worth of people having issues all around the same time frame.


Enable TPM 2.0


I already enabled it but apparently my CPU isn’t supported. (i7-7700)


I enabled it and got the ready for windows 11 check. Probably won't do it for 2-3 years though.


Make a bootable drive and clean install. Running on my 7700k just fine.


without any iso modification or register hack ?


Yep, did a total wipe and default install, no issues.


8000 series is the earliest supported unfortunately


The cpu doesn't have it


Doesn't matter anyway. The 1950X is [not supported](https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/windows-hardware/design/minimum/supported/windows-11-supported-amd-processors) for W11. You can run it by downloading the ISO and installing through setup.exe, but it's not supported anyways. ​ ​ Totally not arbitrary, eh, Microsoft?


They're not charging for the upgrade, I assume new OEM sales get them the most money.


Both the CPU and MOBO have to support TPM? Or just the MOBO?


If the cpu doesn't have it built in some mobo have it. Or you can buy the TPM chip for the mobo. But no way to know if it applies to OP


You as well. Good job I donw want Windows 11 then anyway


I’ve got a Ryzen 3700x 32gb RAM and a 6900xt and I get the same error lawls


Get your bios up to date and turn ftpm on...


Don’t inconvenience the commenters, they can’t read the details on the popup


I did turn on ftp and even downloaded the health check-up program Microsoft recommended. The health check-up says I'm good for the update and windows update just has a big red x saying my PC doesn't meet the requirements for windows 11 Edit: thank you to everyone for your recommendations and troubleshooting. I checked the updater again today and it changed to everything is good to go, I guess it just needed another restart. I really wanted to update to windows 11 but I saw another post saying AMD CPUs might be affected by the update and might slow down a bit. I'm thinking of waiting to the end of October if not the end of fall term just in case.


Same problem, but you can just download the update yourself now if you want it. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows11


Yeah because you probably turned on secure boot or FTP after the updater checked if you could install windows or not, I download the windows 11 install asistant and it worked fine


SMH you need secure ftp.


Same but then a day or so later it said I am good to go (no more red X). I think it just doesn't check very frequently or something


My asrock b450m pro4 is in legacy mode, and I'm unable to convert my hdd from mbt to gpr. Can someone help me with this 🥲.


Google convert MBR to GPT, 2 commands and it's done


What do you mean I have to restart my computer to finish installing?


Tpm 2.0: Helo


I've got a Ryzen 2600, 16GB RAM, and a Rx580 and the application said that it's compatible. I only had to make sure I had the appropriate bios settings since I didn't have them at the start. There's a lot of misinformation about TPM 2.0 compatibility being rare but it's actually been a standard feature on both AMD (fTPM) and Intel (PTT) CPUs for years now.


You need to enable BIOS settings. Check and set to ON: fTPM, SVM, Secure Boot, IOMMU, and CSM Disable. "Auto" may be insufficient for your motherboard.


i have the ryzen 3700x too, it DEF compatible with 11


I'm literally running Win11 on my PC writing this comment, with an i7-6700. I did a bunch of reading before switching, and essentially Win11 needs some specific CPU instruction sets to be available, and those are available from the 6th gen on. So if you have a 6700 or 7700 or similar, you can run Win11. You need to make sure A) your TPM is enabled, B) safe boot is enabled (which requires you to be running in UEFI boot mode, which requires your OS hard drive to be formatted with GPT instead of MBR (if it's in MBR, there's a windows utility to switch it over, google it, it took me about 10 minutes to do)), and then C) you need to tell windows you know what you're doing and are sure you want Win11 on your older CPU, which you do by setting single flag in regedit (this isn't a hack, you're literally flipping a switch that Microsoft put there for specifically this reason, for people like you to switch). All in all, with having to figure some of this out on my own, maybe 3 hours of stuff like updating my mobo firmware and messing around with bios and stuff, then installing the OS, and I'm good to go. If that all sounds like stuff you can do, go for it; runs great. This is the article I followed for the main steps: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/10/how-to-upgrade-to-windows-11-whether-your-pc-is-supported-or-not/


noobs, I have a Pentium and 8gb ram


If your board has TPM 2.0, you can still install Win11, just did that with Z170 and 6700K


TPM1.2 works too


Thanks for the correction. It does support 1.2, even if the CPU isnt on support list.


Has nothing to do with those specs tho


Tell that my my laptop with a FX processor.




This has been weird! Selective CPU choices, I can understand that as new software comes out, eventually hardware gets dated. TPM 2.0, odd restriction to force on people. The average person may not know how to change that in their Bios. I know how to get to my Bios but I had to Google what the heck TPM 2.0 was. At least it's a security improvement. Then there was a post from someone that couldn't support windows 11 because their internet was too slow. What?


I have my TPM on and even then I got a huge box in Windows update that says that I can't update to W11. Anyway, I don't even want to. Now I wonder how I stay in W10, I don't want to wake up the PC and one day suddenly get W11.


I don't want an automatic windows 11 move either. If I want to keep using something that's still aging, it should be on my part. I'd understand that if I keep it too long, I'd get left behind and no longer supported eventually


TPM 2.0 is a hardware-based security feature, not some arbitrary/random preference-style requirement.


I had to flash my BIOS to even be able to access fTPM and the firmware was only a year or so out of date.


The one 7th gen intel CPU supported happens to be in the Microsoft Surface Studio, I'm sure that's a coincidence though and there's a technical reason why that particular CPU is supported and none of the rest of that gen are!


Microsoft: Well why don't you just fork out the cash for a new motherboard, to support thr newer several thousand dollar cpu and maybe a extra grand for a new gpu? It's not that hard GAWD!


*"There’s never been a better time to buy a PC"* ha... ha...


Or don't update until you upgrade... Who cares?


Win 10 is to be supported for 5 more years now, so why is everyone rushing to upgrade?


It's because your on legacy BIOS. You need to change to UEFI :)


Join Linux master race


I accidentally installed windows 10 using legacy bios as I didn't know any better, so I would need to reinstall windows for the secure boot and tcm requirements. But my i5 6600k isn't supported so probably no point unless it is supported at some point in the future.


No. You can convert without a fresh install. You can set your partition to GPT and enable UEFI Boot in BIOS. Just be careful how you go about it. Example: [https://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10](https://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10)


why would you want it to...?