Wait, is that $85 for pots and pans a monthly thing?


Yeah, my mom bought $1,500 pots and pans from Royale Prestige, and I'm just paying them for her. Current remaining balance owed is $300. I'm not a very smart individual for agreeing to such an atrocious offer.


Whatever series of life events that lead to that pot and pan liability needs to be nipped in the bud. Getting on the hook for that kind of thing again could cripple you. You need to learn the life ability to recognise that as a bad decision and the fortitude to be able to say no. (Also you should have spent way less on your car at that income level)


Phone bill can also be WAY lower. 😬


Look into Mint if you have access. Ryan Reynolds is Da Bomb!


At this point, it would be a dick move to stop. But seriously, wow. That's a lot of money to spend on pots and pans that aren't going in a professional kitchen. If she's not terribly attached to them, you may be able to resell them and get some of that back. A quarter of that amount would easily outfit most people.


Royale Prestige is an MLM so reselling it for anywhere close to original value is going to be difficult.


Yeah they suck. Get All Clad if you want premium pots and pans.


I've got a set of All Clad that cost about $350 but had, previously, purchased an All Clad 3qt Saute Pan so that is still in the box untouched. They are great. But honestly, we use our cast iron more than even the All Clad. And a nice cast iron 12" pan can be had for under $100.


Cast iron is buy-it-for-life and when properly cared for, is some of the best cookware you can own. No worrying about Teflon flakes in your eggs and shit like that. Gross.


A Lodge 10.5" skillet is like $15. I'm on 10ish years with mine, it gets used probably 5 days a week.


An afternoon with an angle grinder and a tub of lard and a Lodge can rival any nice antique cast iron out there.


Preach the word. Last night I cooked a six egg bacon and cheese omelet in a cast iron pan that was given to my grandparents when they were married in 1940. That sucker slipped right out of the pan. Not a wink of egg stuck.


Yeah that's unfortunate that these scams still exists, nothing worst than preying on regular folks.


I've never heard of this! OP, go check out r/antiMLM and keep your finances safe! Good luck!


I bought a set of pots and pans for $35 from Walmart. That’s one payment of $35...I have some nicer pans but I honestly use the Walmart ones more frequently...


yeah, someone with a $40 a person grocery budget should have like 1 decent pot, 1 decent pan. how much food would be coming around


That’s a very good point...I forgot about that.


hell, even with $1000 a month budget, i could probably live with 2 good pots and 2 good pans 99% of the year


My favorite pots are two really cheap pots I got for meal prep - a stock pot and another just massive pot (the latter being free from college when it went unclaimed in our house at move out). Also I’ve seen people do a lot of cooking with just a crock pot or glassware/containers for the oven. So many cheaper items than $85/mo in kitchenware.




Oh meal prepping I use all 4 burners and wished I had 2 extra. I’d cook 3-4 different grains and 2 meats (steak and chicken) plus the veggies. I later decided to lean it out and just eat rice to minimize the number of pots.


I call these “abuse pans.” As in you abuse the hell out of them.


"I'm not a very smart individual" Don't mean to sound like Lifecoach Jenna, but stop negative self-talk. That you asked the question here and clearly are willing to learn from that experience shows that you're smart. We've all made mistakes. IF we learn from them, they make us smarter.


You are too kind :(, I appreciate this!


Yikes. Your mom needs to start working and earning her own money, instead of exploiting her son for frivolous luxuries.


My wife and I fell for the Royale Prestige scam. One evening while my son was helping me cook, the pot with boiling water lit up like a Christmas tree. A hole melted through the bottom of the pan (through all the layers) and melted to the stove top coil causing electrical arching. The breaker did not trip. Very scary and if anyone was touching the pot at the time, they would have gotten electrocuted. We immediately called Royale explained what happened and emphasized that we were not comfortable using their product especially around our children due to the dangers involved. No further questions were asked, they refunded all of our money and send us a prepaid label to return the pots and pans. I hope that this info might help you.


This info helps me a ton, thank you. I'll look into returning the pots!


I just wanted to commend you on trying to take care of your family but I think your parents are expecting a lot of you at only 20. I don’t think it’s quite fair that your mom expects you to take care of her but goes out and buys $1500 pans when you’re working your ass off to care for yourself, your siblings and are expected to eventually care for your parents as well and are barely making it by. It’s one thing if they were struggling with bills but that $1500 wasn’t something she needed and you can’t afford to pay for things like this so I’d have a talk with her and tell her if she’s going to buy things like that she will be responsible for paying for them. This might sound harsh but if you don’t squash that now you may end up paying for her unneeded expenses for the rest of your life while you barely get ahead. I’d try and get yourself and everyone on assistance whether it be unemployment if anyone is unemployed, possibly disability for your 1 brother, and food assistance. Have everyone pay an equal share for their portion of the phone bill, shop around for a cheaper plan as well. Everyone else has made good suggestions about the car/car insurance.


Appreciate you taking the time to write this out, I'll talk to her about it!


Rent, car, and cellphone immediately stick out to me. You say you're feeding 3 people, I'm guessing you probably live with those other 2. Are they dependents or age 18+? I'd bet the same 2 are the reason you're paying for a family plan cell bill. The same question above applies here, and regardless of the answer, consider switching to Mint or Straight Talk which offer the same exact services for fractions of the cost. Auto bill is ridiculous for someone in your position barely scraping by. You're paying 50% of your rent for a vehicle. What did you purchase and at what rates? You'll seriously want to consider refinancing, or selling and getting a much cheaper vehicle.


I would definitely shop around for different phone rates if possible. Otherwise, what else CAN you do but cut out anything that's not necessary for the time being. I imagine discord can (and should) go. Spotify can be free. Now's not the time to be paying for it. Maybe once you get your pots/pans paid off you can pick it back up. Thankfully, it sounds like the pots and pans will be done with in 4 months. That'll help. If you have any friends willing to buy your debt, you could maybe go that route and pay them back at half the rate.... You could also call the company and try working with them for a lower monthly if you haven't tried that. Seems like you're rocking it with the grocery funds so kudos on that. If you have spare time for other employment, employment options are out there, otherwise just look for ways to cut spending ANYWHERE possible. Keep kicking @$$


Truly kind words I appreciate them! I really do not need discord so I'm getting rid of that tonight, $10 to upload larger sized files up to 100gb but I really never have anything that big, thank you for making me come to this realization!


I'd advise against the friends buying debt thing. That tends to just ruin friendships in my experience so I'd see it as a last resort.


Agreed, usually never turns out well.


Check out mint mobile. If your phone is paid off. My whole year of talk text and 2gig data a month is less than you pay a month.


I know reddit frowns on emojis but here's a fist bump. 👊 ✌


"Transportation" should only be about 15% of your take home pay. With $365/month car payment and $85/ month insurance you're at 26% already... and I'm guessing you put gas into it and change the oil which probably puts you closer to 30% of your take home pay. That's way too high. Can you sell your car or get out of your lease and get into something less expensive?


I will look into this and talk with the bank .


hey there! if you're not interested in ubering/doordash/other manual jobs, you should look into temp agencies. their entire job is to submit applications and resumes to companies on your behalf at no cost. it's how i got my first job.


I will definitely look into this!


Instacart pays well but if you choose to do one of these apps you will want to look to make sure your car insurance covers you. I had GEICO and just switched to State Farm because delivery jobs weren’t covered under GEICO.


If your supporting your entire family, make sure to claim everyone you can as a dependent on your taxes. [https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tips/family/rules-for-claiming-a-dependent-on-your-tax-return/L8LODbx94](https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tips/family/rules-for-claiming-a-dependent-on-your-tax-return/L8LODbx94) (I use taxhawk to do mine, btw, not turbotax.)


If you're feeding 3 people a month on $120, you can't get much lower unless you utilize free food services. If you don't qualify for SNAP/EBT in your area, you still may be able to get assistance from food pantries. Often these places don't check your income, they operate on trust that you need the food and you do if this is your expense-to-income ratio. It sounds like the phone bill can't be lowered much either without going to cheap pre-paid flip phones with no data and I'm not going to pretend like people don't deserve to have smartphones just because they don't have a lot of money. $166 for four lines really isn't crazy. Of course, if you can stop supporting the other lines and just get one for yourself that would lower it. Can the others on the plan contribute anything more to the bill? You said the middle child gives $25/month, can the other two give anything? Car payment is high, how many more months until it's paid off? Pots and pans payment is not great, but at least it will be gone in 4 months based on your other comments. Do not agree to pay for anything else like this. I don't care if it's a good deal or anything, you do not have the money to pay for expenses like this. Why do you need Discord Nitro? What are you getting out of it that you wouldn't get from just using regular Discord that is essential to the experience for you? As others mentioned, poor people are allowed to have nice things, not just necessities. But make sure this is really something that matters to you. Same for Spotify. Of course having ad-free music, downloaded music, etc is nice, but does it make a huge difference to you? If it does, go ahead and keep it. If it doesn't, think about canceling it for now and getting it later when you have more actually disposable income. Right now after everything you've listed, you're at $66 left in the month. You can't possibly be paying for gas (something you didn't factor in) and anything else without hitting 0 or negative balances. You need to change something here. Can you sell the car? If it's almost paid off, don't, but if you have a long time to go, can you downsize to something that makes more sense for your income? Cheaper car will mean cheaper insurance as well. As soon as those pots and pans are paid off, look at putting that money in an emergency savings account. You need to have something saved up in case anything happens. 3 months of expenses MINIMUM, for you that means $4,900 at the absolute minimum. Honestly, what you need most is a higher paying job. That may not be possible, but you should be looking. You're in a tough position, make sure you're applying for any benefits you may possibly qualify for, you're asking others to contribute if they can AT ALL, and you're cutting out unnecessary expenses. If you were to cut out Discord and Spotify after the pots and pans are gone, you could be saving $105 every month. That's a big difference, it's almost 1/3rd of your car payment. If you can get food assistance and cut your grocery bill in half, that's another $60. Really think about what you can do here to improve things. Ask for help if you can.




$75 at my local butcher for 50lbs of meat (chicken, beef, goat, usually stay away from pork although it's cheaper it's really unhealthy for my fam) $45 for my pantry which includes rice, flour (I make my own sourdough ), pasta, tomato sauce, oil (olive oil, avacado oil, grape seed oil) OR it's used on dairy, eggs, milk, creme fraiche, whatever I might need. The food I buy typically last a month/month 1/2. I grow my own vegetables, herbs and spices, I eat fresh and like a king day in day out, it's just that I put in more work to do so than most people would haha.


Wow, you are really accomplished. I think a lot of people in the restaurant business are running little take out only, limited product operations now. I know someone from online only who is selling homemade sourdough bread. I bet you could still make a decent sourdough, even though Covid has crashed your sense of smell and taste. And put the two brothers to work helping you with the labor.


That's actually not a bad idea! I've never operated my own business, but if I kinder to just friends, family, and co-workers I could make something work! Thank your for this insight!




I could honestly have a lower budget, rice and beans are nice but I'd rather not be eating the same thing every day. Like I mentioned in a comment above, I pay $75 at my local butcher for 50lbs of meat, from chick, to beef, to goat, and sometimes pork. $45 goes towards my pantry, rice, flour (I make my own sourdough), oils like olive oil, avacado oil, or grape seed oil. Either that or I spend it on dairy products, eggs, milk, some creme fraiche. I also grow my own vegetables, herbs, and spices. I just put in more work for than the average person to not be spending $500 a month on just oneself haha. But my background is all in culinary, I don't know much else about finances LOL.


Processed food is expensive and you’re showing above average competence on your ability to eat well on a budget, you don’t need to make any compromises here. I was perplexed at how you can survive on such a small food budget when your phone bill is so high! But this makes sense now. I second the work from home idea, utilise your cooking experience if you have a knack for it. Don’t quit your day job tho! Be on the lookout for better jobs or pay..


$166 for 4 people isn’t crazy for people who can afford it. But you can get lines for $15-25 a month, prepaid with 2-5 gb of data a month and unlimited calls/texts. This is assuming you own a phone outright though.


I assumed he's already on Government assistance if he's feeding a family of 3 on less than 4$ a day. If not he needs to be the one giving financial advice, I wanna get my budget that low.


I spend $75 on 50lbs of meat at my local butcher (from chicken to beef, goat, whatever it may be), and I grow my own vegetables, herbs, and spices, from potato's, basil, oregano, fresno peppers, jalapeños, and anything in between. I used to be a cook before slaving away at amazon. So food is easy for me to budget, but food is all I've ever known :(.


The other $45 just goes towards my pantry, pastas, flour, yeast, and whatever it may be that I need.


Just FYI, this is very impressive, so nice work.


Thank you!


You need to: Get on SNAP/ food stamps, you def qualify For kids there should also be special gov programs and during covid public schools and other orgs give free meals away or kids, you need to collect those. Phone bill is too much. Check out Ting, Mint, any MVNO. It should be cheaper even for 4 lines, like half the price. After the pots and pan thing which is insane don’t offer to cover $ for others because you simply don’t have enough. Car payment is high, what is the interest on this and how many months do you have left? Are the 2 other ppl kids? Or kid and partner?


I've never looked into food stamps or SNAP, I'll research it now! I only have one year left to pay off my car, the other two people are my siblings, both older brothers. One of them is mentally unstable so I gave to feed him otherwise he'd become malnourished, the other is just a dumbass who doesn't want to eat so I make him meals anyways because I'm not trying to see him anorexic.


Okay so they are adults. Do either of them work? Why are you paying for 4 phones? whose the 4th? If your brother has mental health issues he may be able to get some disability pay or atleast he can also apply for food stamps. I’m not sure exactly how applying for snap for 3 adult children work, I think you may all need to apply separately but idk exactly. What does your other brother do?


Your phone bill is a lot. I pay 60 bucks a month for straight talk and it works fine.




I have a family plan, 4 lines for $166. :)


So the other 3 people, any of them work to contribute?


Yeah, the middle child gives me $25/month to contribute.


For future reference. You should list bills like that as what only you pay, not the total amount.


I pay $166, my brother contributes $25, the phone bill total is $191 I wasn't clear on that I apologise.


Dont know where you are located but if check out /r/nocontract that may help with the phone bill. Visable may be a good option its unlimited on verison networkand only 25mo with 4 people.


Check Google Fi. Three unlimited lines for $50 (plus fees). I had them for a while, zero complaints (then moved to a super rural area).


Looked it up, and it looks like 3 unlimited lines is $150. The 3 lines for $50 is without data at $10/gig.


Yep and I just added my mom for $15. Told her to take me to lunch once a month and we're even.


If you own your phones, not leasing them from your provider, you can switch that to something much cheaper. The phone bill is definitely what sticks out to me immediately in your list. My phone bill with Cricket is $70 with two lines and 10 gigs of data, unlimited talk and text. I barely use 3 gb a month since I'm always either home or at work where there is wifi.


My friend has 8 lines TMobile for $180. You can move it to metro pcs for 4/$100. I pay a bit more personally because I don’t have cable internet so rely solely on unlimited cellular. 1/$37.


Switch to prepaid provider like Cricket or a Metro. 4 lines for $100.


yup, seconding Metro. Been using it for years and never had any issues.


>look into US mobile - i have my kids on my plan too and i pay 50 a month


I have total and pay 60 for two lines 30 gigs, same service as Verizon, uses their towers. I’d have OP look in to them too


I pay $25/month. Verizon prepay


$15 month prepay. I utilize free wifi (2gb data.)


On verizon or something else like mint mobile?


I just switched to 2gb $15 prepaid on TMobile.


Phone bill: I use [Mint Mobile](https://www.mintmobile.com/plans/) and pay $20/mo for 8gb.


Just wanted to say that what you’re doing is really hard but I’m glad you’re asking for help. I was in your shoes in my 20’s and made the mistake to not ask for help. I also wanted to suggest that you see if your siblings/parents can get some assistance from social services. The goal is to lighten the load for you so that you can focus on increasing your income. I am not sure if that will mean getting some training maybe more education. Unfortunately, finding a way to earn more money and learning to manage it well will be the long term solution here because you can only cut back so much. Lastly, remember to take good care of yourself first.


I used to work as a sous chef, studied culinary arts my whole life. I had covid back in March and lost my sense of smell and taste permanently. I would work 16hr shifts because I absolutely loved it but now I can't get hired anywhere because I don't even know what anything taste like so I wouldn't be able to asses if it's cooked proper. Now I'm just doing slave labor for amazon because they're always hiring. I definitely want to get into studying again!


People keep mentioning the phone bill (indeed pretty high) and spotify/discord which definitely aren't necessities, but these are small potatoes compared to that $365/mo car payment.... What is the car, what's it worth, how much do you owe on it? How much do you drive, and for what?


Though love here, with your financial situation you can't afford to support people who you didn't bring into the world. Your siblings need to do step up for themselves. A cellphone is a luxury. If they can't pay they don't get one. So are pots and pans. It's okay to spend the $10 on spotify if it helps keep you happy. I've been there when I made a lot less. Sometimes something small just helps. Food is a necessity so paying for that is fine but you need to cut off things for other people that aren't.


People need to start working and if they aren't working then they need to be giving you part of their unemployment checks. As for you, I've worked at an Amazon Warehouse. You are busting your ass every day and you probably don't have much energy outside of work. What I can recommend is to set an education goal. Make it easy to achieve, like if you want to code then spend at least 5 minutes a day on and slowly build up your skills on FreeCodeCamp, or write 100 words for your best seller novel, or apply for one scholarship on Fastweb a day, etc. Just make at least small daily progress towards a big goal. That's the best possible advice I can give you.


These are very thoughtful words, thank you for sharing! I'll definitely look into further education, all I've known my whole life is food, and have a background in culinary but I dont have a sense of smell or taste anymore (lost it permanently due to covid) and I can't work in proper restaurants anymore. I won't be able to taste food, so I won't know if I'm sending out quality. I can cook but I've just made it my hobby now, I really don't miss working 18hr shifts.


My dad transitioned from chef to Food / Bev Operations management. You don't always need to further your education formally. If you know how to manage a food budget and do supply ordering for an operation, there may be a place for you in corporate / hospitality.


For your income car cost is way too high. See if you can get rid of it. If you save only that amount ~$400 for ten months you’d have $4000. Buy a 2010 Civic around 120k miles with that... Wouldn’t cost you any more to maintain That than whatever you have right now... Before you turn you car in to the same dealership, see if other dealers (KBB instant cash offers to start) will buy it and you may actually get some money...


I agree with your overall sentiment here, but where on earth would you be finding a 2010 civic with 120k miles for $4k?


Look into resources like food pantries, low income financial aid, public transit/carpooling to work, etc. Are you the sole earner of your home? Because tax-wise that changes your income status and may make you eligible for resources that you weren't otherwise aware of. I'm not experienced in this, but you might be able to call your car dealer and negotiate a lower monthly payment. Most of those companies want your money and if you're upfront with their financial office ("I can't pay more than $200/month on my income without defaulting/selling the car.") they will work with you to establish a better payment plan.


I appreciate this response! Thank you! I'll look into this!


Maybe look into a coding boot camp (if you’re just looking for more money). As far as I know, they can teach you coding in around 15 weeks and you only pay them afterwards with the money from the job you get.


Where in the world does someone get all of their cars stolen all of the time ?


I am the unluckiest man on the eastside of california. In terms of getting my cars stolen that is. Other people have it far far worse than me.


Stop paying other people's bills! You can't afford it. Mom should work to pay for her stuff and take care of her kids. You shouldn't be responsable for them at 20. Are you all living together?


My parents moved to Fresno with my aunts and uncles, they're taking care of my parents atm since I can't, at this point they're better off there obviously haha, but I will stop paying other people's bills, I feel horrible saying no but, if it's what I need to do to start saving something, I gotta do it. Thank you!


Going by what you posted first off wow- good job feeding 3 people on 120 a month. That’s really hard friend. Sounds like your in a tough spot first thing - don’t get discouraged. It’s temporary and you’ll make it through. That car payments a beast - ratio wise with what you make. Doesn’t really seem like a leftover to include things like gas or if something unexpected happens. I’d work on finding another job to get some extra cash and either pay down that car note or just save. Even if it’s just a hundred or two extra a month. Once you get that car knocked out you can have a little wiggle room. Edit: Just realized your phone was more than your groceries. Side note: not sure what country your in, but any chance you qualify for gov assistance to help you out a little while you get ahead of those bills? Saw you were pretty close on the pots and pans one.


The question is "what do you want to do?" You don't want to work at a warehouse full-time forever, so what's your ambition? Once you figure that out, the necessary steps start to take place.


My sense of smell and taste are gone permanently, I used to work as a cook, 16hr shifts, only hated it sometimes (rude customers) but if there was anything I could do, it would be that. Unfortunately I won't be able to taste my food, so I won't be able to assure quality, I, the chef, should know exactly how the dish should taste, and should be responsible for the food I put out. I do it more so as a hobby now, only cooking for my friends and family and of course they are my taste buds haha. Other than that, I don't really know what else I can do, I've always been a hands on person and working at amazon is just different, it's not fun. I'll try my luck at serving when the restrictions are lifted here in Cali.


Did you have covid or something or some other disease? Any cure or treatment for your problem? Very few people are actually passionate about being a cook as an entire career. To be the one of the few and then to have your sense of smell taken away has got to be one of the worst things I've ever heard. Sorry, this truly sucks. Time for a new dream! There's plenty of things you can do if you are a hands-on person. I also live in California. Many local water departments are hiring right now all over. Usually, they pay for training and certification and the certification is good all over CA and 9 other states. Pays $70K and you don't need a degree. Google water or irrigation district jobs in California and start applying. You basically go around in a truck taking water samples and inspecting pipes then you fix pipes that are broken. Good gig.


You need to sell the car, or get another part time job. I would get another job either way. It is going to be very hard to get out of this on 40 hours a week, unless you get rid of that insane car payment. Then set boundaries with your family. They can't expect you to cover all of this on your own. I was working 40-60 hour weeks plus the national guard (and the NG was way more than 1 weekend/mo 2 weeks a year) for years. If I was in your situation, I'd have applications in at every business in town looking for some part time work.


Cut down your phone bill by getting Mint Mobile or some other cheaper plan and cut out Spotify premium. You can listen to that for free with ads. Does having discord benefit your life? Is there a free version you could use instead? Time to trim down your expenses.


To improve your financial situation you either need to cut your expenses or improve your income. I don’t see much that you can cut from your budget so you need to start looking for a higher paying job or take on a side gig like Uber or something.


Yessirr, I've started my search for another job!


Phone bill $166/mo? Get Google Fi.


Get rid of your $166 monthly phone bill and get a track phone


I make decent money and support a large family. I spend less (for my whole family) in the categories of: car, phone, spotify, discord, and pots. I would recommend downsizing those categories immediately. Also, be proud of what you're doing well and celebrate your financial wins. $733 for rent is great (in my area), your groceries are frugal, your entertainment is under control. You have lots of good decisions that you've made. Keep making progress. Reduce some expenses. Make a plan to increase your income over the next couple of years. Keep moving forward.


We definitely need more information here. Where do you live? Who are you supporting? Why are you supporting them? Why are you driving an expensive car, wouldn’t it be more likely to get stolen? How far do you live from work? Do you need a car? Can you bike? What phone provider are you using? Do you have a “new expensive smartphone” Why are you spending 10$ a month on Spotify when you can have it for free? Why are you spending 10$ on discord? Can you get out of this pan/payment plan?


well clearly you don't need spotify or discord. I didn't even know you could pay discord anything.


Stop paying for Spotify and discord. Look at reducing your phone bill. Assuming you need 3 lines, you can get it for $90/mo through cricket. Groceries are low, which is good. Look at other places that you’re spending money and see if you can cut those down. Maybe see if you can sell the car. Pay cash for something that works for now and save money on the car payment and insurance.


Well, some good and some bad here. Really all it is either making more money, spending less, or ideally both. Lets look I earn $1700/month. - can you get a second job? Even something like DoorDash? I would probably start looking for another full time Job as well. (Assuming you are located in the US?) My rent is $733 a month, - you pay this in full and live with 2 other people? Are you on month-to-month lease or locked in? If you’re locked in, how much would it cost to break the lease? Do you live in a HCOL? Can the other people chip in? bills are $85, - what bills do you have? car payment is $365/month $85 for insurance(full coverage), - yeah this is pretty big. How many more months do you have on this? Do you split it with anyone? phone bill is $166 /month, - pretty high, saw you mention this is a family plan. Could ask the others to chip in more? If not, downgrade the plan. groceries $120 a month (feeding 3 people), - this is spectacular $10 spotify, -gotta suck it up and use the free version while you’re in this position. Sucks I know, but sacrifices are needed $10 discord - cut this immediately , $85 for pots and pans my mom bought :/. - saw your comment on this. So you have 4 more months of paying this? Can you recoup this somehow? Selling them?


File your 2020 taxes right away so that you will have abchance to get the 1400 government stimulus check when it comes. Have your parents file 2020 taxes also and claim any under 18 kids as dependents, so they can get a stimulus check also. Go to efile.com to file them. Ask on here if you need help to do it. Consiser signing up for Doordash, Instacart, Uber as a driver to earn extra money.


I'm still waiting on my W-2 from my previous job, it should've arrived Monday but still waiting!


Excellent. Be sure your parents file taxes also, even if they have no income. Stimulus checks would really help your family. If you get one, follow the Prime Directive , and try to persuade your Mom not to waste it on something like the pans, but have her also follow the Prime Directive.


Try a different cell phone provider. We have metro PC. $90 a month for 2 lines, unlimited everything. Prepaid monthly


Sign up to go donate plasma. Don't buy anymore pots and pans


Phone is high. Look at solutions like Cricket. Spotify and Discord are free.


Cancel spotify and discord. Get a cheaper phone plan. Refinance your car loan.


Dude that phone bill is ridiculous. Trust me, I've given Verizon I dont know how many thousands over 16 years. If you have a slightly older phone, its perfectly fine, you aren't missing out on much and if you own your phone you can get a cheap monthly plan. When I've been super tight, my plan was 40 and month and I never went over on my data. Granted I used the wifi and work to listen to pandora and stuff like that. Even if you absolutely NEED a recent and new phone, their are plans that exist around the 70 - 80 range easily. As for the car thing, I'm assuming you are leasing something new. How much longer do you have until that is paid off and what's the interest rate?


Stop Spotify and Discord. They are luxuries. The recommendations for cheaper phone services mentioned in other comments seem reasonable. Get a cheaper car. It seems you may have the “I deserve it “ disease. I had it too and it still rears it’s ugly head sometimes. You want to reward yourself and others to feel better but later when you’re suffering to pay for it, it becomes a burden. Stop nonessential spending and build up an emergency fund. Any other adults in your home that can contribute to expenses?


Cell phone bill seems very high? Maybe look into Mint or other .


Have you looked into freelancing for added income? I've had good success on UpWork as a virtual assistant. Not sure on the skills you have, but I recommend it... even if you have a full time job, there are opportunities to do in your free time, which is what I do.


1. If you're still a long way from paying of your car, sell/trade it in for a solid used vehicle that you pay for in in cash and keep a long time. $365/mo. at your income level with a four person household is likely more car than you need. 2. Switch your phone to Google Fi if you can get out from under you old contract without penalty. Even if you have all four household members on the plan, it will still cut your phone bill down by one-third at a minimum.


I will look into this! Thank you for the kind words!


I guess I would try and get some OT if possible (although I know warehouse work is hard) to knock out the pot debt. Have any adults request unemployment or assistance and any children get WIC for. Even a little money for food would be big. Getting a little breathing room from that would be big for you. That would be my “short term” goal, and try to just have some money in the bank.


Dude, your phone bill is 4x mine and I have unlimited everything on a fully paid for few gen old phone. Also, that car! Sell it, and buy a 4-5k Honda and drive it for 100-200k miles. Now you don’t need full coverage. Also sell those fucking pots and go to goodwill. I have a $300 wok I got there for $20.


I love the suggestions, I'll see what I can do with my car haha. I really want to get an accura integra, I had one a couple years ago but it got stolen. I loved that thing to death! It was only $1.5k and ran like a dream! Over 300k miles on it haha.


Assuming your phone bill does not include payments for a financed phone, and you don’t use at lot of Data, consider switching to Google Fi. It’s $20 per months plus $10 per GB used so it can get expensive when you use a lot of data.


My brother uses a ton of data, around 80gb just listening to music :(


The oldest or the middle one?


My suggestions: 1. Sell your car. I have a monthly income more than twice yours and have a car payment that is $250 including insurance. 2. Get tf out of whatever pots and pans thing that is. I bought all my stuff of facebook marketplace for a one time payment of like $40.


I’m a financial mess, which makes me an expert on what NOT to do. First, sell the Subaru BRZ and get a used car. Kills full insurance and payment. If you have the credit and self control, get a great CC and it will buy you some time. Don’t overspend with the CC, you’ll be on here again! Like me, you have champagne dreams and tap water funds. Stop keeping up with the Jones’s and do you. A new career would be great. There are many you don’t need a degree in if you can find the right company to give you a shot. Part time job would help too. Just my $.02 on this.


Your phone bill is too high, you should find a way of lowering that. Also get rid of discord, and also I don’t see fuel on your budget, do you not drive the car you’re paying $4400 a year for the privilege of owning?


How do you not spend at least $500ish on food?


Can you add more details such as who lives in the home with you and who contributes? It may alleviate some of the stress to get a second job temporarily (weekends, nights) to pay off the pots/pans and pay faster on the car payment. How much is owed on the car? Do you have any other debt?


Your car payment is disproportionate to your income and the rest of your lifestyle. You’re paying half of what you pay for a roof over your head... for a car. An average home in my city is only around $200k still. Imagine if all of those cheap starter homes had a $100k car parked in the driveway. Would be absolutely ridiculous.


I want to know how you feed 3 people on 120 per month...that's magic. I spend 1800 a month for 4 people. Wow.


Your brother needs to get his own phone and plan. Between your car payments and phone you are spending $6372 a year...or about 30% of your income. For a phone and a car. Your phone bill costs more than FOOD. The only person that should be on your phone plan is you and said phone plan is gonna be basic. It’s a luxury item you can’t afford as the primary income producer. Your food budget shows you are on rice and beans already. If the others bitch and complain, then time for them to start getting out there mowing lawns, cleaning cars, or doing whatever they need to do legally to earn it. Transportation...not sure how close you are to work but if it’s close, then bike or scooter are gonna be the choices until you can save enough for a good $2000 car. If further, bus or carpool you contribute to. At nearly $600 a month in payments removed from the budget, you can get that saved in 2.5 months...then you can take that extra and build up your emergency fund in an account ONLY accessible by you. Hate to say it but you may end up needing to do a voluntary surrender on the car, though seeing if you can get somebody to assume payments would be ideal, with bank approval. And $85/mo...$1020/year...5% of your income...for pots and pans is *insane*. Tell them to come pick them up, go to Goodwill or search on Craigslist and you can find perfectly good pots and pans for dirt cheap or even free. Either that or tell your Mom she needs to use them to start a side hustle selling food. Good Breakfast Burritos are hard to find...just saying. You can market to co-workers and the neighborhood. Nextdoor is a good place to advertise. Remember, anytime somebody tries to sell something on monthly payments, always multiply it by 12 to get the annual cost. I’d suggest a weekend side hustle as well. I make 6 figures with mostly everything paid off and 7 figures in real estate equity and even I have several weekend side hustles doing dump runs, fixing up small motorized equipment and fixing and flipping Roomba Vacuums. I bring in an extra $500-$1500 a month. Mowing yards, Pressure Washing, Car Detailing, Property Cleanups, there are plenty of side hustles yup can make side money with. If you buy a small pickup, it can be used for all kinds of side hustle gigs.




Cut down on discord it's free the paid things don't really give you much.


Can you refinance your car for a lower rate? Some places are at 1.99% rn


You could probably cut your phone bill down by more than half by switching to Google fi. I've never paid more than $70 a month and more most of 2020 it was under $40.


Was kinda in ur situation, you gotta get rid of car payment [ way to much] buy a cheap reliable car, that you will own with no payment. Phone get a cheap prepaid for 35$ a month. Thats what i did... i had to stop with the fancy stuff... i dont know your whole situation or your life, but dont live outside of your means. Good luck


Car payment is absolutely killing you. Why do you need such a nice car? If you have equity (or about breakeven) sell it, then get a beater. What car do you have? How much you owe?


Also $166 for phone is kinda crazy, visible, google fi, xfinity, all have by the gig plans that can be far cheaper.


Are you in negative equity on your car loan? 365 is high for 1700/mo income. I make a lot more than that and pay the same. If you have the option get a cheaper vehicle. As a point a-b vehicle you shouldn't spend more then 150/mo.


There are too many responses here that are stuck with your monthly payments on that MLM scam. But I'm going to start on a congratulatory note - Thank you for not having outstanding debts in your name. I didn't read anything about substance abuse or a dysfunctional family structure. You love your mom and she's lucky to have you to help her out despite your situation. Let's get to business here. Do the list below: 1. Drop the monthly Spotify membership NOW. You keep your playlists. 2. Drop Discord premium NOW. 3. Shop for a cheaper phone bill NOW. You can do much better than $166/mo and that includes a smartphone. 4. Drop the car NOW. Depending on where you live, you don't need it. If you must have one, go cheaper and do additional hustles like Instacart, Postmates or Doordash. Otherwise, it will be a money pit sooner or later. 5. Get your head in the right space here. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and hustle. This isn't easy, but it must happen for the next step. 6. Look into getting a marketable skill. An Amazon warehouse employee has access to training and upward mobility. It takes time. Assert yourself and stop being a victim. I must ask - outside of working and feeding 3 people, what do you really do with your free time? Because, with $1.7k/month, you really only have $40 per month in discretionary spending. That doesn't even leave room for gas or anything. When you're not working, fill it with earning $ or planning to earn $. At the risk of getting yelled at on this board, I'm going to recommend that while you are working on all of the above, look into getting government assistance. This will help feed you all while you are hustling to get yourself out of this situation.


How many phone lines do you have? I have one line on US Mobile, which uses the Verizon network, I get unlimited data at up to 200Mbps and hotspot. All for a grand total of $57/month. That’s the full price I pay per month, $57. And TBH, I could drop the hotspot and go to 30GB of data and pay $36 a month. I could see you saving quite a bit on phone service. Go back to ad-supported Spotify, that’ll save you some money.


I have 4 lines atm, me, my two brothers, and my mom. It's only so damn high because my brother streams his music all day, every day. It's normally around $90-$110 for unlimited data, talk, and text but since my brother uses so many gigs, it skyrockets. So Im juts straight up going to charge him for every gig he uses past 10gs, me and my other brother barely use 2gigs, he uses 80gigs! EIGHTY.


80GB seems like quite a lot. Im a fairly heavy phone user and I never go above 12GB in a month. Then again, I’m on WiFi at home, and I don’t use ny phone much at work.


I don't know the details of your phone, car, and insurance details so I can't give you the best direct advice. I'm quite a frugal person so I'll give you what I've learned. If you're close to work (5-7 miles or if you think biking wouldn't be a nuisance) downgrade to a bike as soon as you can. Allow time to accumulate and get a cheap car with those savings for easier trips for food or traveling. Second is food and there are many ways to lower food costs. Get daily vitamins to take to help get all your vitamins and prioritize cheaper foods. Rice is the best option hands down. You can get a 10 lb bag of rice for 11$ that can last a month easily. You can get a rice cooker on Amazon for 20-25$ to make cooking/ prepping easier. Eggs for breakfast for good protein, and peanuts/pretzels as snacks for good fiber to keep hunger away. Talk to tour mom about those pans. You are working hard and barely getting by so those kind of purchases can't continue. Finally this is to put you in a situation where saving money is the priority it may make your current living situation less tolerable. however this will allow you to have more wiggle room to make that next big decision in life whether it be moving, getting a new job, college, etc.. you want the best for yourself and your family so sometimes sacrificing a little to allow a better more secure future is best. I wish you luck and good fortune in your future.


$120/month for food for 3 people seems low.


groceries and everything before it is a a necessity which adds up to around $1,550 and leaves you with $150. Do you really think subscribing to spotify and discord is worth it? I use both discord and spotify without a membership just fine. I literally use spotify around 6-7 hours a day and I'm fine without it (I use iPad and laptop so I can skip and go back songs). I don't even need to explain myself for why discord is a bad investment. That's +$240 per year. Not much but we're thinking of saving money so do what you must. the $1,500 pans you bought for your mom is also somewhat a necessity since you can't go back on it now but it really was not worth it. You need to make better choices. Cut down on spotify and discord and perhaps try getting a better job. People who work at gas stations like 7/11 get around 2k per month. It's completely unreasonable for you to be physically working full time and be earning so little. Also got to mention that you can get cell coverage for way cheaper than $166/month. My dad used to get unlimited (but has a limit then gets a bit slower) for $13/months so I'm sure there options that can get you unlimited or enough for $30-$50 (ie mint).


Thank you for this insight, discord and spotify have since been deleted, my phone bill will be getting a lot cheaper I will have my brothers chip in so I don't have to pay all of it, thinking $55 each, so it'll be like they're paying for their own service. That'll be $110 that I didn't have before! And with Discord/spotify gone, $130!


Yeah I just realized my comment came off a bit rude so sorry about that and you should still consider applying for a better job until you're a bit more financially stable. Not saying you should enter 7/11 but to set the bar, they pay around 1k every 2 weeks. Similar to your payment but working full time there is much easier than at Amazon so it's not very fair to you.


Ok get metro pcs 65 month everything unlimited try getting groceries to 100 instead of lose the discord and instead of spotify use pandora


Probably should do something about those Car payments. Sell the car buy a cheaper one with cash. Figure out a cheaper phone plan unless you got that from including new phone payments then I’d pay that phone off quicker. Get a 2nd job if possible and a 3rd job or a job that can at least pay double your take home pay. Cook at home if you can and pay off debt till you don’t have any.


What’s to say that hasn’t been said before? Quick math says your monthly income is $1700 but your total bills are $1575 (minus the first $85 listed as there wasn’t enough info) which gives you $126 for “leisure money” I’ve recently just started to grab ahold of my finances so I may not be the most informed to listen to but I’ve been in your place many times due to bad decisions. What I would recommend and has been said before is drop anything “extra” and prioritize. For example I’d cut the Spotify subscription (as you can use it freely), cut out discord. If it’s not gona skin you I’d suggest switching phone carriers. Personally I use koodo. Also based on how cheap your car insurance is I’m assuming you drive an older vehicle? If that’s the case I’d get minimal coverage. That’s what I did with my first car (92 Honda) now that I have a newer vehicle I fully insured it..but that’s something to worry about later. With your car payment I’d ask to get a cheaper rate (doesn’t hurt to ask) lastly and going back to phones I’d switch your plan to a talk/ text or just strictly text. It’s basic and it’ll suck but it’ll help maximize your earnings. I’d go through your house and sell anything you don’t use any more, I’ve noticed Facebook market place seems to be the most popular. While your on Facebook I’d suggest joining (your town) local cash jobs or finding work under the table to increase profit. Assuming your 2 other dependants don’t suffer any major i joyrides that limit work/movement I’d get them to scour the pages as well and see what they can do to help out. I’ve gone on a rant (more then I was planning to say) but if your “dependants” have skills or tickets I’d suggest utilizing those and finding jobs that matches their experience. If you have a security ticket then you should have no issue finding work. Let me know if this helps!


I drive a 2017 Subaru BRZ premium, plenty of people have suggested to trade/sell it to get my equity's worth such as yourself :). I've gotten rid of spotify/discord already :). I'm still looking to change my phone bill service/charge my brothers for their share instead of paying it almost all of it by myself. One of my brothers was working two jobs and he went mental, he's stable atm but we don't know if he'll break out again. I will certainly let you know if this helps though! Time to get to to work!


You're doing great being proactive! It's extremely beneficial to have the knowledge to make a budget at such a young age. I wish I had known to do this at your age. I am way behind along with many people. You're going to catch up with all the great advice everyone has offered you, and you're going to go far! I know all of this is going to be overwhelming, but you will feel so much better once you're no longer worrying about having less than $50 to your name at the end of the month!


tl;dr: #1 point, you really seem like you've got your head on straight and you're caring for your family which is awesome and I wish you the best. #2 focus a lot on the inherent value of your car, find the best way of maximizing the cash you can get out of it, minimize the cash that goes into the next car, learn to care for it yourself, never finance a depreciating asset for the rest of your life, and once the dust clears invest every penny you get. Really glad to see all the good advice here as well as the amount of well wishes and support, so that's awesome. I wanted to add something in particular about your car situation as I haven't seen any threads from a 'car person' yet who might appreciate your situation a little more specifically. First off; you've got good taste in cars, the BRZ is super cool. honestly the fact that your first love is old school Hondas (Acuras) is the giveaway that you're a man of quality and taste. I've owned several G1 Acura Legends including a manual coupe so I share your appreciation of the platform. You mentioned installing a kill switch, that tells me that you may know a thing or two about doing your own work on cars? If you are fairly handy and can do your own work on a car, and at least know enough about cars and know other car folks around you then this is a long term situation to save yourself a ton of cash and heartache in the long run. It will also potentially allow you to never set foot in a car dealership again, and save you from ever financing a depreciating asset again, which is the absolute #1 killer of anyone's finances (examples include car loans and financing cookware, FYI.) I'm not going to touch any of the other aspects of your situation, you're already getting solid advice there, but I think the car situation is something that could use some more attention. First off, I do not like the sound of relying on a dealership for getting rid of your BRZ, I mean at least do a minimum of getting a quote from them and then seeing what a BRZ is listing for on Craigslist and ebay, BringaTrailer.com, etc. I'm not going to give specific advice on where or how to sell your car, but this is a really important place to do the math and take your time, and do research. A few important factors are; 1) How much you owe now and in the next few months 2) How much will a dealer give you and are you obligated to buy a car from them, what cars do they have and will you just be caught in the trap of overpaying or getting more than you need, again. Remember, with the dealer the quoted value of your Subaru is only part of it. If they offer you 20k for the brz but then you overpay for a car off their lot, fees, etc. etc. you might end up with a $150 monthly payment, a crappier car, and no money in your pocket. If you play your cards straight, take your time, etc. you could sell your car for a fair price, pay off your loan yourself, buy a beater, and still have a couple grand to invest. I'm not promising anything, obviously, but it's worth doing the math. 3) what's available at the dealer versus online locally (CL, etc.) Do you have car buddies or anyone who might be able to help evaluate a car if you saw one locally you wanted to buy? 4) work out a reasonable time line for moving your Subaru. It sounds to me like time is on your side, you don't have any debt outside the car loan and you are covering that payment, so you aren't in a situation where you have to do the expeditious thing and get rid of the car immediately. That's really the only good thing about a dealership is that you could get rid of the car tomorrow. But, you're potentially leaving several thousand dollars on the table, and it would be way cooler for you to come back here in two months with a post that says "Now I have $3k and I don't know where to invest it". 5) getting good with your expectations... This is a tough one for me to type, I'm a car dude and I get it, for a lot of people the confines of your car might be the only place to get peace and be in what is truly your own space, etc. That might be the case for you, but then you said you grow your own veggies so maybe it's not quite that serious. I've seen in a few posts that your plan is to sell your BRZ at the dealer and get an Integra. In any other situation I might applaud your choice, but right now? You thought your TL was a theft magnet, have you seen what Integras (and parts) are going for online? I think it would be a good idea to really think about getting a car that is either completely uncool and cheap as shit (but reliable, obviously), or cool in a different way. Example: While restoring my 80's Land Cruiser to become a daily driver I found a mint condition 1988 Jaguar XJ6 that I bought for $3k. I replaced the steering rack on my own, that's the only maintenance that car needed for the 2 years I drove it. Again. vintage Jag. 3 grand. Different kind of cool. Imagine if I'd bought one with body damage. Alternatively, you could get a 15 year old Chevy Malibu for like peanuts and aside from being forced to drive a car that's named after Barbie's home town you're set. I won't make any other suggestions about make and model, but I'll just repeat; get out of your comfort zone here, think outside the Asian market box. And learn how to do basic shit on your car. Anyways, I don't need to finish this novel, but I really thought you might benefit from a different, more DIY-centric perspective on your car situation, seeing as that's the part of your finances that is literally 10 times more expensive than all your other monthly obligations. And if you treat it as an opportunity to pick up valuable skills in car maintenance you could end up with a life long hobby that enriches you in other ways. At any rate, good luck to you.


why are you feeding 3 people?


If I don't feed them, they don't eat, simple as that. They're my brothers, one of them is mentally unstable, the other just doesn't eat well, so I buy groceries and cook for them since they don't know how. I'm teaching them slowly.


Is your brother considered mentally disabled? If so there may be financial assistance available. Between Spotify and Discord, cancel one of them. Pick one to keep and cancel the other. You can rejoin the cancelled one once the car is paid off. And get that car paid off. If your budget is still tight in a few years when its time to replace the car, stick with something in the $10,000 - $12,000 range. You mentioned 4 phones on a family plan, can that go down to 3 phones? Ask your boss for OT or extra work. Ask your landlord if there is anything they can do on the rent after explaining that you are caring for your 2 brothers and sending money to your mother. If you are a good tenant, then the landlord may prefer to reduce the rent a few bucks rather than lose you and have an empty apartment.


He was diagnosed as crazy, disorganized thoughts. I've since cancelled both spotify and discord! I will pay off that car ASAP, I need to or at the very least trade it in for a what it's worth now and get a cheaper car! I will look into what sort of plans I can get through a different provider, some people mentioned google fi so I'm going to look into that! Currently there's no OT available, we are overstaffed and they end up sending people home early because of it. I'll check up with my land lord today!


I went through a period where my ability to pay all my bills one week to the next wasn't guaranteed. My advice is to think about life a bit more in terms of a time attack game, where each achievement buys more time. If I go to sleep at night and wake up the next day, I've earned another day to keep trying. If I get to the end of the week and have enough money to cover my expenses, I get another week to keep trying. If I get a surplus, that can go to a bill for next week, meaning I can now live two weeks at a time. Eventually I got to living a month at a time, then a quarter at a time. Now I can plan on spending extra time money on comforts and future planning like getting a degree. I might go back to only 3 months of guaranteed bill payment, but as long as I'm employed I can look further than that. If I lose my job, I can drop the extras and keep going. It isn't a fantastic life, but as long as you are living, you get to keep trying to live.


This was beautiful to read, I appreciate the kind words! Thank you!


You need to either get your income up by working another side job or dramatically decrease your cell phone bill (get a dumb flip phone that just calls) a s drop Spotify and discord. But seriously you need to work on getting up the income side as well as your shovel is pretty small.


Honestly since you're only 20 I would keep chucking along until you find a job that pays more. It's not glamorous but unless someone you're living with can get a job and help out on bills there's not much you can do. There are some work from home options that you can find. That car note is kind of high though for someone with your Budget. Can you refinance? My car note is 460 but I make in a week what you make in a month so it's easy to manage. My two cellphones cost me 90 bucks a month. I'd consider trying cheaper options like metro pcs if it's available.


I have t-mobile atm and it's a family plan at $166 for 4 lines. It's $191 total, the middle child gives me $25 to contribute. I am going to refinance my note this next month :).